Short Term Loans in Queensland Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville and Cairns

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Cigno Loans
4.3 from 3,641 reviews

Latest review: The service was excellent and satisfying with loan of the amount they give out also the timing is perfect they dont come late to your account or delay and it's a good profits for emergency

  • Transparency
    4.5 (2,778)
  • Customer Service
    4.5 (2,901)
  • Application Process
    4.7 (2,806)
  • Timeliness
    4.6 (2,727)
  • Award Winner 2021
4.9 from 3,243 reviews

Latest review: It’s good the Coustmer service the rate of interest also less I am really happy to get loan some of the loans are there they are taking so much interest

  • Transparency
    4.8 (2,811)
  • Customer Service
    4.9 (2,869)
  • Application Process
    4.9 (2,801)
  • Timeliness
    4.9 (2,758)
3.2 from 33 reviews

Latest review: Very rude customer service , not understanding, not satisfied customer at all they keep doing your head in all the time when you are late a bit never use them again.

  • Transparency
    3.5 (28)
  • Customer Service
    3.3 (24)
  • Application Process
    4.1 (26)
  • Timeliness
    3.6 (27)
4.6 from 1,024 reviews

Latest review: Customer service was great. Easy to follow application process. Updates on each step which was very appreciated. Overall very satisfied with the outcome and didn’t have any issues. Happy to recommend

Wallet Wizard
3.5 from 368 reviews

Latest review: Wallet wizard are a god send for when i needed help, as a first timer took a while but great results easy to apply and no hick ups repayments are affordable and can be made with ease.

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Cash Train
4.1 from 631 reviews

Latest review: Negative , was a good customer as money3 until rebadged as cash train they suck. Just utter joke now, I would NOT recommend at all. Try elsewhere and maybe you'll get treated

3.9 from 258 reviews

Latest review: Waste of time, website is complete crap. Crashes every time, I would advise anyone who has submitted their bank info to change it asap, if they cant be bothered to sot out the website they are not to

Money Plus
4.4 from 156 reviews

Latest review: Christine and the team at Moneyplus Vic Park provided a convenient hassle free loan with great customer service. Thanks for your help team and look forward to any future



 · includes 3 listings
4.5 from 1,187 reviews

Latest review: they have always been helpful and nothing has been hidden in my experience with them. this is my 3rd loan with them and i doubt it will be my last.

Cash Converters

Cash Converters

 · includes 3 listings
2.0 from 273 reviews

Latest review: I wouldn't recommend buying anything from them because they always rip people off and the staff are rude to their customers also the manager is rude and arrogant as

Nifty Personal Loans
4.5 from 226 reviews

Latest review: Very fast transaction and straight forward. Customer service staff was good in explaining things to me. Highly recommended. Requirements were clear and the payment was made very soon. I like the

Pay Express
3.9 from 7 reviews

Latest review: This company is probably one of the best short term lenders in the market they have helped me out immensely over the last 3 years their rates are reasonable they are always helpful and never had any

1.5 from 20 reviews

Latest review: So disappointed. Lost 200 points on my credit score just for them to do a credit check.. cant believe this. I only just got my credit score up really good just to be hammered down within minutes, so

Mr Loan

Mr Loan

 · includes 9 listings
5.0 from 63 reviews

Latest review: Ken was my dedicated broker when we had to refinance my home loan. He was dedicated, diligent and efficient in managing the application process from the beginning till the end. Most importantly, he

Spotter Loans
4.6 from 11 reviews

Latest review: The process is very easy, and customer service is top notch. Nicole is very thorough in reviewing my circumstances and considered my application. I felt that I am not being brushed off nor pressured

3.3 from 4 reviews

Latest review: These guys don't have the best customer service. I would suggest they provided a call centre rather than just a messaging app to get in. Also hated that every time I would provide new information, I

Sunshine Loan Centres
2.1 from 67 reviews

Latest review: excellent payment history with sunshine will not go in your favour when applying. declined me on one reversal on my account being a customer for years always paying you on-time

3.2 from 58 reviews

Latest review: Initially this service was great, however once I settled my account and asked for confirmation of this I was ignored and taken on a ride filled with excuses. I still await manager details urgently.

3.2 from 5 reviews

Latest review: They make it seem easy to apply however it is not. Their 2FA system for linking bank accounts does not work. I earn more than double what their “minimum amount” is for eligibility yet their website to

Champion Loans

Champion Loans

 · includes 4 listings
4.6 from 189 reviews

Latest review: Champion Loans make it easy to apply for a loan, everything is online and the process and outcome is fast. Rates are not high and repayments are affordable and the staff are very

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