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Slow cookers are easy to use and convenient appliances that you can set and forget - add your ingredients in the morning and come home to a flavourful meal with a richness of depth that only food cooked slowly over a long period of time can have. Not all slow cookers are built the same, so how do you find the best slow cooker for you?


The most important aspect to consider when choosing a slow cooker is size. Here's a rough guide to the size you'll need depending on your household - of course if you prefer to cook larger meals at once and have leftovers for the rest of the week, choose a slow cooker with a larger capacity.


1 - 2 people: 3 - 4 L
3 - 5 people: 4.5 - 6 L
5+ people: add 1 L per person

There are several other features that you may want to consider including:

Dishwasher Safe Parts For your convenience, you may prefer a slow cooker that has parts you can put in the dishwasher
Cooking Bowl Material If you have health concerns or a personal preference for a particular type of material the cooking bowl is made from, you can choose from several different options, such as Ceramic or Stainless steel
Searing Function If you prefer the taste and texture of seared food, this is a handy feature to have.

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Zip Elegance 312

Zip Elegance 312

2.5 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Poison fumes coming off brand new zip 3.5l slow cooker so lucky it didn't trigger an asthma attack I'm so disgusted that the company can sell a product that is so dangerous. I have got a stinking

Price (RRP) $159.99

  • Capacity6.5L
  • Power280 W