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Coca-Cola Coke

Latest review: You came out with new cherry zero the old cherry zero I started drinking in 2002 when I was found to be diabetic. Why did y'all change it. I went to Walmart yesterday dug to bottom case thinking it

Coca-Cola Diet Coke

Latest review: I'm a dedicated diet coke drinker but I find the new tall cans flimsy and easily crushed. Then there is the matter of the diet coke getting warm faster and it tastes watered down. Get rid of the

Coca-Cola Coke Zero

Latest review: I loved Coke Zero - always had a carton of it in the fridge and it was my favourite drink. I hate the taste of No Sugar - the aftertaste that many have commented on is horrendous. It goes flat very

Coca-Cola No Sugar

Latest review: It tastes of soda water with little flavouring, and that flavouring that is there doesn't help but makes it taste worst. Coke Zero tasted awesome so I have no idea why they replaced it with this

Lipton Drink Iced Tea Peach

Latest review: The peach iced the peach iced tea flavor that Lipton has created has very sweet and refreshing taste that i love, however i do believe a different size should be considered. There is currently a

Coca-Cola Diet Coke Caffeine Free

Latest review: This is a nice refreshing cola drink without any caffeine so it would suit anyone who wants a diet fizzy drink without the addition of caffeine. I cannot tell any difference between this and Diet

Coca-Cola Coke Light

Latest review: Coke Light is the great tasting Coke without the sugar. Its really got the same flavour and is strong just like regular Coke, so I dont feel guilty when I drink this diet drink. I like to buy this

Lipton Ice Tea Lemon

Latest review: loving the peachhhhhhhhh!!!! it so good,, my whole family adores this flavor we always have it in our fridge at home. however with such a big family a different size would be a great idea for Lipton

Sprite Lemonade

Latest review: I always stock Sprite in my house, and have it as a standalone soft drink or mix it with beer – It’s a great mixer for many drinks! Sprite has been consistent in its quality and taste even after all t

Lipton Iced Green Tea

Latest review: love this refreshing flavour of lime and mint dont find it to sweet at all I buy it all the time more than the peach and mango , the only thing is you cant buy it in all the shops and all the

Sprite Zero

Latest review: personally i prefer Schweppes as i don't like excessive sweet taste .. i don't get why they make sugar free stuff and then try to make it as sweet as melted ice cream.. sprite zero is my choice

Coca-Cola Fanta Orange

Latest review: Please stick with what you do best. Stop adding all these different flavours to coke cola. They don’t add to the flavour or are not any more refreshing. The flavour just tastes f