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Lipton Drink Iced Tea Peach

Latest review: The peach iced the peach iced tea flavor that Lipton has created has very sweet and refreshing taste that i love, however i do believe a different size should be considered. There is currently a

Bundaberg Sarsparilla

Latest review: Hi, Love this flavour. You've released a few ginger beer variants in a thin 200ml can, can you do the same for Sarsparilla pls? Just less heavy packaging, less volume per serve. Keep up good work!

Coles Lemonade

Latest review: I like Coles Lemonade because it is cheap . Good taste and flavour. Lately the lids are not opening properly . Sometimes you have to cut around the bottom of the lid to open the bottle, They need

P & N LA Ice

Latest review: I prefer La Ice over the other brands in terms of taste and price and also package size... unfortunately like most good products.... "don't let the consumer ever ever ever ever have a good

Coca-Cola Diet Coke Caffeine Free

Latest review: This is a nice refreshing cola drink without any caffeine so it would suit anyone who wants a diet fizzy drink without the addition of caffeine. I cannot tell any difference between this and Diet

Preshafruit Cold Pressed

Latest review: I bought this juice as it was one of the only supermarket juices that did not have anything but juice and water. I love the pink lady apple juice - sweet and refreshing. I buy the large bottle for

Schweppes Solo Original

Latest review: Solo has always been a favourite lemonade drink for me because it tastes so much more like lemon unlike the other lemonade drinks like sprite and kirks which taste very sugary and

Santa Vittoria Azurra Mineral Water

Latest review: I bought this because of the bluebottle which is just gorgeous and a great marketing idea. This is great mineral water which is light and refreshing and is very easy to drink. I love the fact that it

Nestea Iced Tea Lemon Lime

Latest review: A refreshing drink that retains the tea flavour mixed with a citrus tang. Perfect on a hot day when you want something sweet but not overly. This Iced tea has a sweet taste but not overly sweet. The

Coca-Cola Coke Light

Latest review: Coke Light is the great tasting Coke without the sugar. Its really got the same flavour and is strong just like regular Coke, so I dont feel guilty when I drink this diet drink. I like to buy this

Lipton Ice Tea Lemon

Latest review: loving the peachhhhhhhhh!!!! it so good,, my whole family adores this flavor we always have it in our fridge at home. however with such a big family a different size would be a great idea for Lipton

Lift Lemon

Latest review: I love this drink. I'm usually not a big fan of lemon in drinks but this is an exception. Its loaded with sugar so thats not great, but its probably what makes the drink taste so good. I love the

Sprite Lemonade

Latest review: I always stock Sprite in my house, and have it as a standalone soft drink or mix it with beer – It’s a great mixer for many drinks! Sprite has been consistent in its quality and taste even after all t

Coles Cola

Latest review: Similar in flavour but lacks the "real" coca cola crisp experience, for almost 1/3 of the price for the same literage bottle. Happy medium for thus

San Pellegrino Chinotto

Latest review: Best drink Chinotto by far. Cola has nothing on it. Chinotto by far superior. God bless Italy. Other great flavours as

Schweppes Traditional

Latest review: Tried the traditional lime and found it to be a bit on the sweet side i would not buy it again, also retried the brown creaming soda in the litre bottle which i loved as a teen, brought back some

San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water

Latest review: I struggle to drink water, but this sparkling mineral water. So refreshing and feel its my treat to have couple bottles per day. Love the sound of the shhhh noise when turning the lid open

Kirks Creamy Soda

Latest review: I moved here from the United States, and we don't have Kirk's soda out there. I've never even heard of creaming soda before moving here, and I must say I LOVE IT!! The diet version tastes almost

Sprite Zero

Latest review: personally i prefer Schweppes as i don't like excessive sweet taste .. i don't get why they make sugar free stuff and then try to make it as sweet as melted ice cream.. sprite zero is my choice

Lipton Iced Green Tea

Latest review: I bought this because it said it is low in sugar: and I took a mouthful and spat it out straight away. It was like half a jar of sugar dissolved in water - just awful. Yes, there is no sugar in it

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