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Solar Bright

Latest review: The weather held it up for a couple of days , but it was worth the wait up and running and my house now is like a mini power station very neat job well done to all the people who did it. Regards

RevoluSun Power

Latest review: We have been very happy with our experience with RevoluSun Power. The salesman who came to our house was very knowledgeable and helpful working a plan within our limited budget and time frames. The

Gem Energy

Latest review: Put the panels on in June they ended up in the neighbours house and could have killed someone in December. Gems answer, its never happened before just call your home insurance. Constantly on the


Latest review: We had some bad luck with bad weather during our 1st day of installation. Three men were here when the heavens opened up. They did everything possible except climb on a dangerous wet roof. Before

Solar Miner

Latest review: Fantastic service,fast and well installed. Thanks Very much for making it easy. Seriously 20 works To write this review. Spring is almost

SunOpt solar

Latest review: Replaced inverter after 10 years of operation SunOpt provided quotes and installation costs up front. Booked a time for the job which was promptly completed with no issues Sunopt setup the inverter

Clean Power Co

Latest review: Both young men were extremely polite and very sure of their facts. No question was too difficult to answer. Tim knocked on my door and was super friendly and not pushy at all. I've had some rude and


Latest review: We spent 2 days did lots of researches and checking product review of which solar company we should go, we got 5 quotes from different solar companies, SOLARWISE was the best, we got the stainless

Solar Energy Services

Latest review: Crap system. Crap service. Can't get hold of anyone plus kept ringing me for the inverter they changed over. Waste of time and

iGreen Energy

Latest review: I'm happy with the services provided by IGreen Energy. Harry Vatan was very helpful and gave prompt response with the questions I had. The installation went smoothly and the system is running

Ausind Solar

Latest review: This is the best service I can imagine!!! We bought it almost 2 years ago. Everything was great from the first meeting with Sid, We got: GREAT OFFER, GREAT VALUE, SMOOTH INSTALLATION AND FANTASTIC

SAE Group

Latest review: So disappointed with SAE Group Tweed Heads. I used Solar Quotes and SAE Group Tweed Heads was recommended to me. Solar Web (Fronius) app to monitor system was not set up. Tried to do it myself only

Solar Harness

Latest review: Since I installed the system (Jun 2017) till now, the bill is still the same, useless. For your info, the inverter is Good

REA Global

Latest review: REA offered quality workmanship, professional and personal approach to this installation. The team at REA Solar acted beyond reproach in installing my system, explaining how it works and tirelessly

Supreme Power

Latest review: From my first contact with Caroline from Supreme Power right through to the final installation, I was impressed how easy and hassle free the experience was. I'm glad after some shopping around, that

Pioneer Solar

Latest review: From the initial consultation through to installation, everything was handled professionally and to my total satisfaction. I consider Pioneer Solar to be a standout in the solar industry and I

True Value Solar

Latest review: Ordered solar panels in 2015 while the solar panels were being installed the installer drilled a hole through a water pipe I knew this because the brick started to look damp, I got a plumber to fix

Ever Power Solar

Latest review: Great deal with Quality products.Ever Power Solar delivered what was said while booking the system. Thanks to Jasper and EPS team for doing a great job. I would recommend Ever Power Solar to anyone

Energy Matters

Latest review: Good information given to me at the start and good follow up to ensure the installation happened as scheduled. After installation the setup was well described to me by the installing technicians and

Regen Power

Latest review: I did a fair bit of research before I purchased a new solar energy system. This replaced a 10 yo small capacity system. I initially though I would get 3 quotes and that would be it but the more I

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