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Sonos Playbar

Latest review: I have 2 Playbars in different parts of my house and i love how you can control the sound level from the App on your Phone or I-Pad. Just plug in and 4approx 2 minutes set up and away you go. I have

Yamaha YSP-2700

Latest review: Having worked at a retailer which sold these units, I knew it was what I'd buy when the sound bar we had clapped out. When it did die, I thought of perhaps seeing/hearing what else was about. Nothing

Philips Fidelio B5 HTL9100/79

Latest review: When I first bought this sound bar I was really happy with it however it hasn’t lasted well. The buttons on the remote control started to peel, and when I contacted customer service I was told tough l

Bauhn (Aldi) Soundbar

Latest review: Disappointment was my initial emotion when it came to this product. But please, give it a chance. Set up was a breeze just plugged it in and it worked. At first there was a few problems with the

Sony HT-CT800

Latest review: This Sony soundbar sounds fantastic, with heaps of bass and clear, quality audio. It has 3 HDMI inputs which is quite rare, allowing connections of Playstation and Fetch box, and still a spare for

Thomson SB-C19

Latest review: Indeed it is value for money,my friend purchased an LG soundbar for $700 Au!. But i does not sound 13 times better! The treble is crisp the mid range clear and the bass outstanding! It's compact

Sonos Beam

Latest review: A great soundbar with Alexa built in. Sound quality is excellent with clear stereo separation and deeper than expected bass. Volume levels are awesome with exceptional voice clarity. Perfect for

Yamaha YAS-107B

Latest review: Picked this up at a great price from Todds HiFi.. Turned what I thought was a pretty good sound from a Hisense 50 inch in my bar room into a sports stadium !!! Even my old dog gets fooled by the

Yamaha YAS-207

Latest review: A fantastic soundbar, setup is simple plug and play, HDMI ARC port allows the soundbar to be operated via DLNA and the TV remote, Stereo for day-to-day TV is rich and enjoyable and a vast improvement

Yamaha YSP-1600

Latest review: This Yamaha sound bar can be connected via Yamahas MusicCast app and other brands of speakers can connect as well ( unlike Samsung ). It is dearer than Samsung unit I took back to the store but the

Klipsch R-20B

Latest review: Those of you who don't know a lot about klpisch....this is one of the best American speakers brand and any "reference" series speakers are their top of the line... This sound bar is simply

Yamaha YAS-105

Latest review: I'm so glad we purchased this product which was recommended by a friend. No longer do I have to sit with the remote control in my hand turning the volume up and down when watching tv series and

Cambridge Audio TV5

Latest review: More than happy with this device. For the money, this soundbase punches above its weight. Sounds fabulous and deadset easy to setup and use.Build solid so will take the weight of the biggest TVs.

Sonos Playbase

Latest review: I’ve owned my Playbase for six months now and love the simplicity and amazing sound quality. The speaker integrates seamlessly with my TV, allowing me to use my TV remote to control the volume. The S

Sony HTCT180

Latest review: We bought this together with our OLED TV. The sound bar consist only of two pieces and is very very good for a small space. The sound quality is good without blasting the

Yamaha YAS-106

Latest review: this item is perfect for a medium size room, if you do not like very loud sound and just looking for super crisp music with every beat in your ear. The app is bit rubbish but that does not matter a


Latest review: Great sound clarity big plus for me. Recommend it for hearing impaired. Easy to use connects to TV easily and able to use both on one remote.. Very streamlined along base of

Klipsch SB120

Latest review: Can't fault it, great bass, middle & treble responses. Movies sound like the theatre!! Got a good deal at Harvey's so if you want a treat look no further than something from Klipsch!! All their gear

Sony HT-S100F

Latest review: Using this sound bar with a 4k TCL television. Sound is excellent. Its advertised as having inbuilt sub woofer, and it does. This provides some extra bass but not too much. Its easy to set up,

Samsung HW-M360

Latest review: Been using my soundbar for about a year now after upgrading from a big system and ok I didn’t look into spending too much money on this. For the price, you get what you paid for really. There are

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