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Logitech Z623 Computer Speakers

Latest review: A great set of 2.1 speakers and sub-woofer. Excellent bass and crisp clear mid and high tones. Can't go wrong with these for the price. The way the bass operates adds a real cinematic dimension to

Bose Wave Music System

Latest review: This was my first Bose product, and based on it's performance it won't be my last. The unit comes well packaged, and is very easy to set up, only taking a few minutes until you have music pumping

Bose SoundTouch 20 / 30 Series III

Latest review: Love the sound and simplicity of the unit BUT (when I use the presets built into the Bose unit) my favourite internet station (from Russia) keeps dropping out. It works fine if I stream it via my

Bose Soundtouch 10

Latest review: Don’t waste your time, connection can be frustrating as many have already stated. For a top end product it has bottom end usability. The more updates the worst it g


Latest review: The speakers look cool and the are really loud. For the price you can’t go past them. They shake the entire house before halfway, I haven’t tried them above volume 20 and it goes up to 40!!! You are w

Bose Companion 2 Series III

Latest review: Bose don't cut corners, and so you'll be happy with these speakers. They sound strong and clear, with deep bass and crisp treble. Negatives are that they look slightly bland, and the volume knob is

Logitech Stereo Speakers Z120 Computer Speakers

Latest review: I was after a simple set of speakers for my desktop, just to be able to watch some TED clips and making some skype calls. Gotten this for $20 from target, usb powered, small, was totally expecting

Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor

Latest review: I installed these speakers around my pool area about 10 years ago. I was a little unsure about installing speakers in the landscaping with worries that the surrounding foliage would block out or

LG CM2760

Latest review: Claiming 160 watts RMS (80+80), this CD/ FM/ Bluetooth player delivers decent volume with very clear sound. The bass is fairly reasonable too, given the modest size of the speakers (300mm * 125mm *


Latest review: Although I have a few other Music Systems, this LG X-Boom Freestyler FH6 Stereo Sound System is by far the best for being super loud with great bass. Whilst is has Bluetooth which works just

Bose 251 Outdoor

Latest review: I've spent quite a while agonising over this, but I reckon the five star rating should attach exclusively to things that I can unequivocally recommend, with no reservations whatsoever. So, even

Bose Solo TV Sound System

Latest review: The Bose solo TV sound system delivers clarity on a range of audio from quietly spoken dialogue passages to intense musical scores. It is easy to set up and once you connect you will be in wonder

Bose Acoustimass 5

Latest review: I have nothing against bose, in fact I currently own 2 pairs of the bose freestyle speaker system as my height effects in my dolby atmos dts-x system. Now I had the bose am5 for a while and I

Bose 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting

Latest review: I've tested many speakers throughout the years and thought I would get my hands on the Bose 301 Series V speakers. I connected them to a denon avr 3803 which I use for stereo listening, the amplifier

Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II

Latest review: We listen to mainly jazz and classical music. It is like being at a live concert, the sound is so good. The radio tuner is good too although we do use the CD player most of the time. I was a bit

Bose Home Speaker 500

LG CM9760

LG CM4360

LG OM4560

LG CM5660