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HAAN Multi Purpose Floor Steamer SI-A70

Latest review: I was after a steam mop which did not leave excess water on the floor, this model is not only easy to use, it cleans well and leaves only minimal water which quickly

Homemaker Steam Mop STM-501

Latest review: I purchased this after buying and returning two shark mops. Hands down the best and it's a quarter of the price. I've had mine for around 2 years. Never had a problem I have large white tiled floors

Euroflex Vapour Floor Steamer EZ1

Latest review: It is excellent steam mop with 130 degree hot. This is my third steam mop. Last one was Vax. It is required to fill up water second time at time of moping because of large house. It take about 900 ml

Bissell Vac & Steam 1132F

Latest review: Well I've had mine for 3 years and is the best appliance i have come across for polished wood floors but the key to getting good results is to change the pad regularly ,my floor area is about 60sqm

Euroflex Vapour Ultra Dry Floor SC1Z1

Latest review: When it worked it cleaned the floors really well but after 10 months it stopped steaming out the bottom. For such an expensive product I expected it to last a lot longer. The water tank is hard to

Smart Living Steam Mop

Latest review: I give it a 2 stars because of how long it lasts before you need to replace the unit. I have bought 2 of them through the home shows in Edmonton and so has my son bought 2 . I really liked the way it

Hoover Steamy Wonder 3630

Latest review: I have had this mop for 2 years. I didn’t have an issue with it until it caught on fire this morning. Flames came out of where the electrical cord feeds into the back of the machine. Thank goodness m

Vax Duo Master Steam Cleaner VSTDUO1600

Latest review: I only fill tank once per use. Floors are spotless after cleaning. Pads last for ages - dont think I have replaced for a few years. Cord length could be a bit

Danoz H2O Mop X5

Latest review: I like this steam mop I have small dogs who stay in the laundry so can clean the floor quickly daily. However you only get one soft attachable steam mop pad. The box in big w with another pad is

Kogan 5-in-1 KAMOP51STMA

Latest review: I was really impressed with this steam mop it was the first thing I’ve brought from Kogan and so far so good! Surprised it came with a one year w

Bissell Steam Mop Select

Latest review: Three in a ROW have failed the same way, steam out of the side and just a small amount out through the base where it should be coming out. Distilled water only. We have used this product successfully

Hoover Heritage 5630

Latest review: I agree with the previous person, your thumb gets incredibly sore from pressing the steam button constantly. I had a Bissell and it is a much better design. The 5630 design re the bottom hook for the

Philips AquaTrio Pro FC7088/01

Latest review: Pros: if you have floors that only get dusty or a little dirty then the AquaTrio may be okay for you as it does leave tiles beautifully shiny & quite dry. Cons: the rollers do not remove stubborn

Bissell Healthy Home Steam Mop Max 1957F

Latest review: We exchanged our first B Steam Mop fr another but found we had exactly the same problems as previous, water leaking lack of steam, followed all the instructions but zilch at such an inflated cost,

Euroflex Vapour SC1D1

Latest review: I have just laid a new floor and someone suggested a steam mop. Why had I not bought one before now? I hated mopping. Now I love cleaning my floor. I did my research and this mop has been faultless.

HAAN Multiforce Pro SS-A25

Latest review: I purchased the Haan SS-A25 steam mop approx 7 months ago. I wanted to ensure the mop worked before writing a review. I have a large tiled area and this mop with it's vibrating feature makes the job

HAAN Slim & Light Pro SI-A45

Latest review: We haven't had our Haan for long but it has been fantastic for the time we have had it. Some of things we love about this steam mop includes it ability to stand on its own when the cord is unfurled,

Hoover Dual Steam Plus

Latest review: Makes cleaning my porcelain tiles a breeze! They are left dry and steak free with minimal effort. Light yet sturdy design. I was seriously going to replace my tiles prior to buying ths mop. Key to

Vax VX36

Latest review: VX36 steam mop purchased in 30/10/2016 from Good Guys Penrith Has now stopped pumping out detergent required when using the steam mop on the floor tiles. I find the product to be very fragile as it

Kogan 13-in-1 KAMOP131STMA

Latest review: At NZ$99 the price point is good. I got the first one replaced because it left just too much water on the ground - within seconds of using it. The second one isn't much better but until I can find a

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