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Aqua Pura Fruit Splash

Latest review: Best tasting flavoured water ... Smooth tasting unlike any other.... I can only find this at Coles ... either one flavour or the other never both

Aroona Pure Spring

Latest review: My first taste told me something was wrong. I have filtered water at home and have purchased the large cheap brand spring water from the supermarkets in the past. I have also grown up in general

Pumped Lime Rush

Latest review: Makes me wanna suck it the tops so good and stuff, yeah. Cant wait to drink the suck water. Two Thumbs upMakes me wanna suck it the tops so

H2go Flavoured

Latest review: I get it that sometimes plain water can be boring, but to add these terrible chemicals and synthetic flavours that do more harm than good, what's the point. I remember doing a pH test on this and it

Aqua Pura Pure

Latest review: I bought 6 bottles from Tesco for £1.99. Because water was so cheap I decided to check the PH level. To my surprise the PH level was 5 which mean water is very acidic and bad for health. The bottle

Glaceau Vitaminwater Power-C

Latest review: This is nothing but a glorified soft drink. If you really want to be healthy, have a normal glass of water with a squeeze of orange. A lot of people don't think to read ingredients labels and I

Glaceau Vitaminwater Essential

Latest review: I bought a pomegranate flavored vitamin water yesterday, 12/27/18, opened it and it smelled strongly of chemicals. Expiration was 1/28/19. Don’t recommend AT ALL. Waste of my m

H2go Pure Spring

Latest review: Went to Torquay for a drive and bought a botle of H2go water as it was the only one the Bakery sold. Questioned the price and was told it was $4 for 600 ml bottle BS I reckon it's just water tastes

P&N Pure & Natural

Latest review: Fail on every account. Tastes like swamp water. If you want people to drink this stuff, you'll have to supply a coroner's report as well. The Dangerous Goods legislation in Australia also require you

Coles Natural Spring

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