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Australian Luggage Co Ultra Light Range

Latest review: We bought 2 large and 2 cabin size american tourister, which came to a fair amount of money, the first time we went touring Queensland for a month, i noticed after it had been in and out the car the

Black Wolf Globerunner II

Latest review: I got recommend to get this bag, so went out of my way to get one and since purchase I have flown twice and found the zip in the corner has become unstitched. Black wolfs response about a bag that

Trunki Gruffalo

Latest review: This will break in no time. And company does't honour the warranty. even though they offer 5 years Guarantee. They will make many excuses to avoid having to fix the

Jettblack Jetsetter Blue Series 3

Latest review: I purchased My Luggage cases online I have been on many personal and business trips around the world. They are perfect Light, sturdy and with plenty of space, they look great I love my travel

Antler Cyberlite II

Latest review: Now that I have mastered the lock system I love my suitcase. The colour stands out on the carousel. I suggest a cover as the surface marks easily. Love the four wheels as it is easy to

Paklite Altitude

Latest review: Used this luggage a couple of times without trouble. Quite light and holds a lot. Unfortunately after the 3rd trip the material in the zippered compartment which separates each side came apart. It's

Black Wolf Grand Tour

Latest review: Took my brand new Grand Tour backpack on a 3 month tour of Europe. I would actually have preferred my good old suitcase. It was hard to manouvre, the handle would not stay in the half way position

Paklite Cyborg

Latest review: I saved Flybuys points for several years and decided to treat my husband and I each to new suitcases. We chose the large Cyborg. The first one had a wheel almost snapped off on it's second use on a

Tosca Grange

Latest review: I bought this Bag with Capacity of 30kg to travel overseas from bags to go. I was sold this product as better than Samsonite or Antler as I have both of these so thought to try a different one. I had

Samsonite Octolite

Latest review: It was bought from Myer and the handle was broken after the first use. Myer helped me to send it back to Samsonite for repairing but they wanted to charge me for the repair even it's still under

Samsonite Duranxt Lite

Latest review: I bought this as a set of three. The 55cm is still holding up reasonably well and gets the most use but, like the other reviewer, I quickly became aware that the wheels on the two larger suitcases

Delsey Belmont

Latest review: Bought a Helium Shadow 3.0 when I was in Macy Seattle in Sept 2016 which has a 10 year warranty to the product. Now the seems to the zip of the bag is coming off and the bag can't zip up and tangles

Antler Titus

Latest review: Bag lasted 3 months and Antler told me to take it back to the place I purchased 2 months earlier so much for an International warranty. International means France? When in

Milano Slimline Luggage 3 Piece set

Latest review: The wheel just came off after it's 2nd use and seller not replying in regards to getting a replacement wheel. Horrible trip home on public transport with only 3 of the 4

Paklite Astral

Latest review: The Paklite suitcase I purchased is a poor quality product, which did not withstand normal use. Anyone who is considering buying a Paklite product should be aware of the fact that company does not

Paklite Featherweight

Latest review: After our first trip with this suitcase the wheels broke, ended up having to drag, push and carry 23kg of dead weight a couple of km's from the hotel to the train station. My biggest mistake was to

Samsonite Cosmolite FL

Latest review: Very disappointed that this otherwise excellent 2yo suitcase cracked (irreparably) on its second overseas trip. Despite no external evidence of impact or mishandling (other than the fatal crack in

Victorinox Spectra 2.0

Latest review: This bag looks good and has all the features of the latest hard case bags. The wheels are good also as it handles like its on a string on a smooth airport floor. After the first trip I purchased

Paklite Wave

Latest review: Purchased the paklite wave from David Jones, excited to have such a beautiful looking suitcase. The suitcase lasted one flight to Europe and the whole corner base was completely smashed, we then

Tosca X-Traveller

Latest review: This product is not durable, the polypropylene outer shell cracked at the bottom of the suitcase on both sides after only one overseas trip. The company boasts that the product is world class quality

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