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Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Sunscreen Lotion

Latest review: I have been badly burned using this brand of sunscreen, despite reapplication every couple of hours or so, when others who used different brands were fine. I definitely would not recommend this

Nivea Sun Spray

Latest review: This product worked ok to protect our skin however it permanently stained our clothes. I soaked them several times in good quality stain remover however couldn’t get the stains o

Banana Boat Sport SPF 50+

Latest review: I’m a golfer and I could not work out why my trousers and shirt collars were discolouring. I discovered 12 months later that whenever my bare arms were touching my trousers the fabric would s

Banana Boat Ultra SPF 50+ Clear Spray

Latest review: Went out for the day to the zoo and applied this as soon as we arrived! Stayed at zoo for under 2 hours and my 7 month old has very badly burnt legs even though i lathered this on! Not happy with

Nivea Sun Protect SPF 30+

Latest review: Nice Product. It removes Dark Spots & Sun Burn from my Skin. After trying lot of creams this is the best so far! I would recommend it to the people who are exposed to the harmful UVA AND UVB rays of

Nivea Sun After Sun Spray

Latest review: When you have been in the sun, you will need something to help ease the pain. This does exactly that! Of course it is much more sensible to just be sun smart, but we all miss spots from time to

Nivea Light Feel Face Veil

Latest review: I bought it at Priceline for 13AUD and been using quite a while and totally satisfied since it works as it promises in the package: "ultra light-weight cream-gel formula...instantly absorbed, it

Banana Boat Ultra Defence SPF 30+

Latest review: A great product if you want a sunscreen that doesn't smell like typical sunscreen and its great if you don't like that ghostly aftermath look. However, it does leave a greasy film on the skin if not

Nivea Sun Light Feel Daily Face Veil

Latest review: Feels light, has a neutral scent, goes on and spreads easily, and actually works without having to slather on a ton. I use a 5cent piece sized drop and it covers my face as is rather runny but it can

Banana Boat Aloe Vera Lip Balm SPF 30+

Latest review: It is a great lip balm, it does what it is suppose to do protect your lips from the environment, sun damage and from drying out. I use a lot of lip balm because my lips are prone to chap and dry out,

Banana Boat Mineral Protect Sensitive / Kids

Latest review: I and my children all have extremely sensitive skin. Having done some reading about sunscreens I was horrified to discover that many of the chemical UV absorbers actually damage your skin, so I set

Nivea Sun Children's Coloured Sun Spray

Latest review: This is a fabulous sunscrern for kids and adults with sensitive skin. Looks great under makeup which is surprising given that it comes out of the bottle blue! Very gentle around the eyes too. Have

Nivea Sun Ultra Beach Protects SPF30+

Latest review: Myself and my wife applied liberally 30 mins before going into the sun. We then walked the dogs for approximately 30-45 mins without swimming or rubbing product off. That night we were both

Banana Boat EveryDay Sunscreen

Latest review: We (3 of my family) applied copious amounts of this before a 2.5 hr jet skiing trip and ended up severely burnt and at the hospital ER that night. My daughter who has the fairest skin of all, but

Nivea Sun Light Feel Everyday Sun

Latest review: I have an olive skin type. When I use sunscreen I do not burn. This sunscreen was completely ineffective and I am now red. I’m going to to send it back to the m

Banana Boat Sunscreen Oil Spray SPF 15

Latest review: My boyfriend and I both used this product once,in June , of 2011, on a cloudy day after 4:00 p.m.,in Mexico. He applied a small amount on his chest and shoulders and I applied it to my legs , arms ,

Banana Boat Daily Protect SPF 50+

Latest review: Used this with our family of 7 and everyone ended up burnt even though we continually reapplied all day. It also irritated one of my sons skin and made it feel as though he was burning before he even

Banana Boat Dry Balance Clear Spray

Latest review: This product is difficult to use. Because it’s clear you can’t see where you spray it, and it also doesn’t spread well. We both got burnt after using it once and took it back to the place of purchase

Nivea Sun Moisturising After Sun Lotion