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Ego SunSense Daily Face SPF 30+

Latest review: Been a regular user to this tinted moisturizer. The sun protection factor was good.However with the recent purchase, the formula started to peel and flaking off when I gently rubbed my face.

Sunsense Sensitive

Latest review: I researched quite a bit to find a good sunscreen and whilst having to pay a lot more for this one I wrongly decided that after reading reviews and the price tag must mean it's good. It claims it is

SunSense Sport SPF 50+

Latest review: Terrible..will never use again. My 3 children used this and all are burnt terribly. Where they didn't apply sunblock properly they didn't get burnt. Only the areas on their body that had the

Le Tan SPF 30+ Lotion

Latest review: Le Tan SPF 30+ Lotion is a fantastic sunscreen, easy to apply and gentle on the skin. I have sensitive skin and have found this sunscreen to be great to use. I really like the fact that the sunscreen

SunSense Face Milk SPF 30+

Latest review: Have been using this product for years, this is perfect. Leaves my face really well covered and look young, doesn't give me pimples. but i can't find this product any more, where can i buy it

SunSense Aftersun Cooling Spray

Latest review: SunSense Aftersun Cooling Spray is great to use to soothe and cool your sunburnt skin. I prefer this brand as it has a nice smell and is gentle on you skin. The spray rehydrates your skin and helps

Le Tan SPF 8 Lotion

Latest review: As a Summer beach regular of fairer skin type, I like using Le Tan SPF8 as it offers a good degree of UV B protection whilst allowing a safer level of sun exposure. I can gradually and safely

Le Tan SPF 30+ Toddler Milk

Latest review: my baby has very sensetive skin like myself and we tried a number of sunscreens this is one of the only ones that doesnt make him break out in a rash. the formula is fragrance free and doesnt leave a

Le Tan Iced Green Tea After Sun Mist Spray with Aloe Vera

Latest review: i have recently tryed the iced green tea sun spray but i regret to say it tastes nothing like green tea at

Le Tan Coconut Sunscreen Range

Latest review: My partner and I both experienced the worst sunburn of our lives using this sunscreen down at the coast this past weekend. We both look like we have a skin disease and have been wearing clothing to

Le Tan Zinc Sticks Trio

Latest review: Coloured zincs are a great means of sun protection, but Le Tan's range is much too flouro and overstated. Personally, if I want to achieve a more subtle look I'll mix with white zinc to achieve a

SunSense Clear Gel SPF 30+

Latest review: The only one I found that doesn't feel like grease. Just be careful near your eyes and putting it on your forehead. If you sweat and it runs into your eyes, it

Le Tan SPF 30+ Face Lotion

Latest review: I purchased this product which states "Light non-greasy containing Vitamin E, suitable for sensitive skin", thinking it would be perfect to wear as an everyday sunscreen that would not be sticky or