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Latest review: We have been with Caresuper for a about 5 years, and they used to be one of the top industry funds - No more. The returns for the last year have been below industry averages/benchmarks. In addition,


Latest review: Had been with Qsuper for well over a decade and only decided to leave because my husband and I chose to set-up a SMSF. Was happy with the solid returns and customer service throughout the years with

First State Super

Latest review: Please people be aware that when you really need your insurance you will be in for a long wait, I am 14 months in and still no decision. Documents sent to wrong insurers, requests not actioned with


Latest review: I have recently been reading the on line State Plus reviews and have been shocked by the negative tone of some reviewers as this is totally at odds with my own experience. I have been a client of

ING Living Super

Latest review: Hi i rolled my twu super over to ing super and in just 5-6yrs my super has increased 5-6% after fees and contributions taken out i also manage 35 % asx shares in my portfolio i agree with other

Colonial First State

Latest review: Balance went down and was told this was due to market fluctuations, then received a call back saying it was a fee incurred for switching to a different investment fund. No fore-warning at all when


Latest review: I was with them for 20years and granted it took a few months to get into see the specialist but as soon as all the necessary reports and paperwork wss recieved i hsd the hardship payment in my bank 3

APSS (Australia Post Superannuation Scheme)

Latest review: Lodged My Super Claim 3 weeks ago.I was sent Letter to say it was All Processed into my Bank Account.No Money Received into my Account now I have to wait for them to Investigate where it went.Everday


Latest review: Was with them for 10 years super and investments - lost $200,000 on investments and the net return on super was $0 - i.e. I put more money in then my balance when I rolled over. They are garbage


Latest review: I had set up an account at the start of a job and after 3 months super was paid in when i rang Australian super they told me i had 3 lots of fees taken out as they were managing the account. How can


Latest review: In this time of internet and "rapid responses", for me to change my account holdings from, say "Shares" to "Balanced" accounts, I have to have the change in by the 20th of the month for it to be

BT Financial Group

Latest review: I had my funds in BT since 2010. I did not realise I was on a no-growth fund. I saw a financial advisor in July and he was shocked to see that there had been no growth and no interest paid since


Latest review: After 30 plus years with this fund we have been spoken to like fools treated badly and have now cancelled all policies . what a waste of money all those

AMP Superannuation

Latest review: After many attempts to call AMP about my superannuation with them, I've given up in disgust, they do not answer the phone and do not reply to messages left. I have transferred my super to Australia


Latest review: I was called by Tasplan to advise me of options and the staff were really helpful and really listened to me and understood my needs. Highly recommend very satisfied with

OnePath Superannuation

Latest review: I rolled my super over to host plus and onepath helped themselves to an $1800.00 rollover fee. I've been robbed. This should be illegal, big companies helping themselves to our hard earned super. I


Latest review: High fees, paying Insurances I didn't know about for years! Very disappointing and 0 for resolution and response time.. sadly. I think the fees are disgusting, they are so high compared to all

ANZ Smart Choice Super

Latest review: Every couple of night losing 300$ on my super due to unit price which I honestly believe is just a scam , after 5 years my earnings is -200$ , I just warn you never try ANZ , a total dishonest and

Kinetic Super

Latest review: Several years ago I contacted kinetic and asked them to cancel my insurances because I was already covered elsewhere. Almost 3 years later I discovered they had still been taking out almost 6 dollars

Mercer Wealth Solutions

Latest review: I have been with Mercer since 2008 but have never had to deal with them personally until the last few months. They move at a snails pace when you request partial payment of your Super. You will not

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