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Frontline Original

Latest review: Used frontline spot on 48 hours later still live fleas week later still live fleas. This stuff does not work at all i may as well have applied water. I used the homegard from frontline this is

Bravecto Plus for Cats

Latest review: We have had numerous issues in the past with both giving flea treatment and worming tabs to our cats. Worming tablets never stayed down and one cat always reacted badly to flea treatment often ending

Malaban Wash Concentrate

Latest review: Last use showed no signs of a bad reaction With chooks. It held the lice off for a whilE hoping to do it again before weather gets to


Latest review: I live in a bushy area and my German Shepherd gets walked every day and swims in the creek, five years ago he got a paralysis tick and I nearly lost him even though he was wearing a tick collar. I

Virbac Preventic

Latest review: This is the second time I have had a dog go down with a tick whilst wearing a preventic tick collar. I will never buy

Bayer Kiltix Dog Tick Collar

Latest review: Hi just want to add to my initial review of this product. Although it is effective, I was recently advised by my vet that the chemicals in it are from the 70s and are highly toxic pesticides which

Seresto Flea & Tick Collar Dog

Latest review: My poor boy Zeus was only 1.5 years old when he was bitten by his first tick and died from tick paralysis! He had this collar on which was supposed to prevent ticks! Unfortunately not only did it not

Fido's Fre-Itch Rinse Concentrate

Latest review: My vet recommended this product for my pet rats who were suffering from mites. Within a week their sores were healed and they weren't constantly scratching anymore. Will buy again if this reoccurs!


Latest review: Have been using this product for a couple of years on 2 dogs. I prefer this type of deterrent as I am not comfortable with the chew style tick preventers as digesting pesticide's can't be a good

Ilium Frontera Spray

Latest review: Never worked for my cat. Made him sick- vomiting, cat flu symptoms. Doesn't kill fleas. My inside only Cat still has fleas long after being sprayed thoroughly, spraying home. Tried a lot so not to

Frontline Spray

Latest review: Purchased Frontline Spray - $90 Used as instructed on label Got a paralysis tick. $155 vet bill and a dead cat. Batch number- R02402A

Total Care Pyrethrins Flea Powder

Latest review: Followed the directions exactly as on the packaging in applying this to my kitten. Not only did he completely stop eating or drinking, but began shaking uncontrollably and nearly died. Judging by the

Aristopet Mite and Mange Spray for Small Animals

Latest review: I used Aristopet Mite and Mange Spray to treat my two pet mice because they were scratching excessively, so I suspected mites or lice. They are both male and live completely separate lives with

Rufus & Coco Flea Flee

Rufus & Coco 7 Day Flea Fix


Fido's Flea Bomb

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