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Seresto Flea & Tick Collar Dog

Latest review: My three dogs got fleas (which they’d never had); I called customer service and “[Name Removed]” told me if the collars didn’t work, there would be more fleas. I said that that didn’t sound right; she

  • Value for Money
    1.5 (24)
  • Ease of Use
    2.8 (24)
  • Side Effects None (17), Short-term illness (5) and Long-term illness (2)
  • Application TypeTopical
  • Pet TypeDog
  • Reapplication PeriodEvery 4-6 months
  • Minimum Pet Age7 weeks
Totalcare Flea Control for Cats & Kittens

Latest review: I applied it to my 4 month kitten but she started licking so I washed it off her immediately, after 2 weeks I started seeing noticeable hair loss at the same patch even though I know I had thoroughly

  • Value for Money
    1.0 (6)
  • Ease of Use
    1.4 (5)
  • Side Effects None (1), Short-term illness (6) and Long-term illness (1)
  • Application TypeTopical
  • Pet TypeCat
  • Reapplication PeriodMonthly
  • Minimum Pet Age8 weeks
Exelpet SPOT-ON Flea Control for Cats and Kittens

Latest review: 2 cats treated on Friday both got sick 1 recovered the other passed away just minutes ago, also had no effect on fleas, never using any exelpet products ever

  • Value for Money
    1.3 (13)
  • Ease of Use
    2.1 (13)
  • Side Effects None (4), Short-term illness (8), Long-term illness (1), Personality change (2) and Death (2)
  • Application TypeTopical
  • Pet TypeCat
  • Reapplication PeriodEvery 2-3 months
  • Minimum Pet Age3 weeks
Frontline Original
1.2 from 22 reviews

Latest review: Used this product to flea 2 cats. One still has so many fleas on him the other cat has chewed off his fur and now has big sores on his back plus he is still scratching as well. Never ever would I use

Aristopet Fleas, Heartworm and Worms for Cats over 4kg

Latest review: So much easier than tablets and this is all in one unlike other treatments. It means I only have to buy one thing (and treat once which my cat prefers too) rather than a series of different

Ivermectin Sheep Drench
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I just ordered Ivermectin Sheep drench to use on my dog. I wish I had known of it before. It has made a significant improvement to his condition over-night. He had his first monthly 5 ml dose at

Pestene Lice & Mite Powder

Latest review: I was recommended this by a friend for fleas on my dog. I love this product. After trying Frontline Plus (a lemon), this has been great. This only stops adult fleas so you may need to keep applying

Virbac Preventic
3.8 from 9 reviews

Latest review: My pet goat has used this collar for years. Never had ticks or other insects probs. Easy to put on. It is not in the local stores now, has it become

Fido's Fre-Itch Rinse Concentrate

Latest review: First time user, my dogs had never had fleas before and after giving them a routine bath with dog shampoo I found a bunch of fleas. I pulled off majority of them and I went and bought this Fido flea

Rufus & Coco Flea Flee
2.8 from 4 reviews

Latest review: I have 4 cats have washed them repeatedly with this stuff , over a year have gone through 2 bottles , it generally kills a few fleas but straight after they dry there is still fleas alive and

Totalcare Flea Knockdown for Cats, Puppies and Small Dogs

Latest review: (This is for the 'Flea Knockdown' product that Purina sell in supermarkets for cats, kittens and puppies.) I have five cats so flea control is a very expensive proposition, and one is feral and

Totalcare Flea & Tick Control Plus

Totalcare Flea & Tick Control Plus

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2.0 from 1 review

Latest review: 3 days after applying the treatment, my dog was scratching the area where it was applied. He had broken out in a rash in the area and his belly was also noticeably more pink/red. He did not have any

Bravecto Plus for Cats
1.8 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Gave the treatment to my two 8 month old kittens yesterday morning, in the evening I found one of them dead. Nothing else in his day was unusual, except for this treatment. Please research this

Aristopet Mite and Mange Spray for Small Animals

Latest review: My pet Rat started to stagger and lost the strength in his legs, Collapsing completely. He then started to bleed from nose and started to gasp for breath before stopping breathing altogether.

Simparica Range
1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Gave this to my Pomeranian and she started having issues a couple of days after taking it. She was shaking as if she was scared, didn’t want to walk, eat or play at the beach. She kept trying to pass

Moxiclear For Cats Over 4kg

Latest review: I've owned cats all my adult life and used many brands of monthly flea treatment. I always purchase online, so when I needed to order more and spotted this brand along with the very "cheap" price, I

Totalcare Flea Powder for Dogs
Fido's Flea Bomb
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