Travel Money in Australian Capital Territory Canberra–Queanbeyan

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Travel Money Oz

Latest review: In July 19 spent 10 days in Kuala Lampur and Borneo. Card was not declined at all and was easy to manage throughout. Have used it for several previous trips and am still learning how best to use

ANZ Cash Packs

Latest review: Just did a quick check on the big 4 banks and Travelex for Thai baht and ANZ had the best rate. Will definately order when required. Great to have some cash on you for small things when you first

Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card

Latest review: My travel card expired and the money which was left on the card went to unclaimed money. I don't understand why the bank would not have tried to transfer it to the account it was linked to or contact

Qantas Cash

Latest review: Nothing but trouble with the Qantas Cash Card. Limited ATM's o/s you can use. Changed my PIN and it did not register although when I did it it said it had been changed. Was o/s and did not have my

ANZ Travel Card

Latest review: This is the second time Ive used this card while traveling in the USA. The first time it worked fine. Didn’t really notice any problems. But then I wasn this booking any hotels or anything. When I g

Velocity Global Wallet

Latest review: To be fair, we've used this card as our mainstay debit card for years and have enjoyed the Velocity points (they used to be higher value, not now). But 2 things of note which disappoint me with basic

Westpac Global Currency Card

Latest review: The app doesn't work. Couldn't access my account via any device without activating my card each time with new password each time. I am so frustrated and angry that I was sold such a dud. Westpac

NAB Traveller Card

Latest review: I have used my NAB travel card on three trips to Europe. Twice ATMs apparently dispensed cash and money was withdrawn from my account. We disputed these and recouped the money in one instance with

Australia Post Load&Go Travel Card

Latest review: I have been using load and go for a while and it usually works quit well. But I find the system totally stupid If your card expires with money on it, you cant simply tranfere money between cards. I

Travelex Cash Passport

Latest review: I used the Travelex card while in Greece which uses euros and I had only euros loaded onto the card. I noticed that some merchant machines would ask whether I would like to pay in AUD or EUR. I

Mastercard Cash Passport

Latest review: Will not help you via email if you are overseas. There is no free call number so you need to ring +44 which is costly so generally not worth it. Not a good


Latest review: Travelex is a total rip off. Their exchange rate for Fijian dollars was 1.19 when you can get 1.42 at the bank. They also charge a $87 commission charge for ripping you off. Just don't bother with

Australia Post Everyday Mastercard

Global Exchange

Latest review: I was travelling with my family to Bali in July 2019 and exchanged $AU500 for Indonesia Rupiah, I received 3.6 million IDR by using my 15% off discount voucher. When I arrived at Bali airport and

Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard

Latest review: Don’t have anything to do with the Australia Post Platinum Mastercard. I bought one recently and charged it with $200-. I bought it to buy kindle books from Amazon.com and I was doing just that. I b

Australia Post Cash Passport

Latest review: Travel cards are supposed to safeguard against loss whilst travelling. However, if you lose this card (only one card is provided per account) a replacement takes 7 to 10 working days and you must be

Westpac Travel Money Card

Latest review: Loaded my card with Euros. Each ATM transaction blocked so no cash available. Tried to book rail tickets and card transaction blocked. Extreme difficulty in getting my call answered. Finally got

Viva Energy Shell Card

Latest review: Can’t make any changes on the phone need to fill out forms and staff are hard to understand. Don’t think the call centre is in Australia. Looking for an alt

Australia Post Load & Go China