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Travel Money Oz

Latest review: Got my euros from the Strathfield branch and was delighted with the great service from Natasha who, not only beat the rate I was was quoted elsewhere but the whole experience of the transaction was

ANZ Cash Packs

Latest review: Just did a quick check on the big 4 banks and Travelex for Thai baht and ANZ had the best rate. Will definately order when required. Great to have some cash on you for small things when you first

Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card

Latest review: Over a 2-week holiday covering Vietnam and Cambodia we paid about a total 23 USD (about 35 AUD) of bank fees for 4 withdrawals @ ATMs. Expect to pay about 50,000 dong per cash withdrawal in Vietnam

Qantas Cash

Latest review: Used the Qantas Cash card in South Africa and Botswana because I though it would be more cost effective than credit card fees - wrong!! Exchange rate was so poor that it cost between 4 & 7% more

ANZ Travel Card

Latest review: Experience with this card was dodgy from the start, branch advised it had to be activated call centre said it already had been, took several calls to sort that out and get it activated. But the main

Velocity Global Wallet

Latest review: I recently travelled to Bali. Withdrew 100,000 Rupiah from an ATM and their fee was 20,000 Rupiah, which equates to around $2 Australian Dollars. Happy to pay. I realise their is a difference in

Westpac Global Currency Card

Latest review: I wont be getting this card again I have lost hundreds of dollars in charges so even though the AUD is more than the NZD it made no difference as the money that should have been saved was swallowed

NAB Traveller Card

Latest review: I have used my NAB travel card on three trips to Europe. Twice ATMs apparently dispensed cash and money was withdrawn from my account. We disputed these and recouped the money in one instance with

Australia Post Load&Go Travel Card

Latest review: I have been using load and go for a while and it usually works quit well. But I find the system totally stupid If your card expires with money on it, you cant simply tranfere money between cards. I

Travelex Cash Passport

Latest review: All this company does is add fees onto each transaction. They prompt you to join however, do not give you an opportunity to read the PDS. So you do not know what you are signing up for. FEES FEES

Australia Post Everyday Mastercard

Mastercard Cash Passport

Latest review: This is the worst customer service ever. So I have this card which I have used on previous trips (Europe and NZ), and it worked OK, not super cheap but ok. I recently logged in to my account and


Latest review: Travelex is a total rip off. Their exchange rate for Fijian dollars was 1.19 when you can get 1.42 at the bank. They also charge a $87 commission charge for ripping you off. Just don't bother with

Global Exchange

Latest review: Lost over $AUD300 with changing $AUD 1070 into foreign currency - I should have paid more attention. You expect a mark up at the airport but a rate of ~2.4 when the exchange rate is ~1.7 is very

Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard

Latest review: Don’t have anything to do with the Australia Post Platinum Mastercard. I bought one recently and charged it with $200-. I bought it to buy kindle books from Amazon.com and I was doing just that. I b

Westpac Travel Money Card

Latest review: Loaded my card with Euros. Each ATM transaction blocked so no cash available. Tried to book rail tickets and card transaction blocked. Extreme difficulty in getting my call answered. Finally got

Australia Post Cash Passport

Latest review: Travel cards are supposed to safeguard against loss whilst travelling. However, if you lose this card (only one card is provided per account) a replacement takes 7 to 10 working days and you must be

Viva Energy Shell Card

Latest review: Can’t make any changes on the phone need to fill out forms and staff are hard to understand. Don’t think the call centre is in Australia. Looking for an alt

Australia Post Load & Go China