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China Southern Airlines

International AirlinesChina Southern Airlines

4.7 from 4,352 reviews

Latest review: I have tried to change the flight to Sydney. At the beginning the guy answered my phone was great and everything went through quite smooth. The first agent promised me you dont need to paid any tax

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    3.9 (59)

Domestic Airlines and International AirlinesJetstar · includes 2 listings

1.5 from 3,066 reviews

Latest review: I'm frustrated by the experience I've just had with a Jetstar representative. I understand that they are trying to do their jobs to the best of their ability but their management and finance team

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    1.4 (530)

Booking Comparison-Only ServicesBYOjet

3.1 from 2,551 reviews

Latest review: On 27th July 2020 I requested a full refund for 3 x business class tickets to Vienna via the BYOJet website. I received a response within hours saying I would be charged $250 per ticket cancellation

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    1.9 (407)
Luxury Escapes

Booking ServicesLuxury Escapes

4.0 from 2,504 reviews

Latest review: A Big Thank you Raph for your speedy and helpful assistance with cancelling our trip and arranging our refund. In such turbulent and unknown times, it's great to deal with a company that cares about

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    3.7 (1,316)
Flight Centre

Booking ServicesFlight Centre

1.6 from 2,229 reviews

Latest review: I have never seen a company treat customers so badly. Six months after our trip was cancelled and we are still waiting for a refund. Shocking how bad they

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    1.5 (631)
Alpha Car Hire

Car Hire ServicesAlpha Car Hire

4.4 from 2,178 reviews

Latest review: Excellent service all round nothing was to much to ask, the pricing was excellent, car was great. Location was good highly recommend will be defiantly re hire through alpha

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    4.6 (578)

Booking ServiceseDreams

2.6 from 1,831 reviews

Latest review: Terrible company Cancelled my flight 3 weeks before I was due to travel (this experience was prior to COVID so not related to flight restrictions, just a re routing issue) Claimed I had no right for

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    2.5 (614)
Acorn Rentals
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Physical Shops and Car Hire ServicesAcorn Rentals

4.9 from 1,793 reviews

Latest review: What an amazing service just when I needed it and it relieved alot of stress. I could not believe that it wouldn't cost me a cent! Luckily the guy that reversed into my car (when I wasn't in it)

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    4.9 (306)
Tiger Airways

Domestic Airlines and International AirlinesTiger Airways · includes 2 listings

1.7 from 1,769 reviews

Latest review: We are a family of 6 that included 3 adults and 3 kids travelling from Brisbane to Melbourne. The family included two of my nephew and niece who flew on tigerair from Syndey-Brisbane 3 days ago. We

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    1.5 (118)
Aunt Betty

Booking ServicesAunt Betty

2.5 from 1,619 reviews

Latest review: We asked for a refund several times, we even got an email back saying they processing our request, and then another automated email saying anyone with cancelled flight would automatically be refunded

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    1.9 (772)
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Car Hire ServicesRight2Drive

4.8 from 1,515 reviews

Latest review: What a great service. The loan car was delivered to my home the morning I called. When my car was repaired I contacted Right to drive so they could collect the loan car from the workshop where my car

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    4.8 (390)

Booking ServicesBooking.com

1.5 from 1,507 reviews

Latest review: Booked a bed and breakfast on booking.Com got the hotel confirmation through from the hotel. No breakfast included. Hotel advised this rate was room only. Provided booking.com with evidence of

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    1.4 (442)
Car Next Door

Car Hire ServicesCar Next Door · includes 2 listings

3.8 from 1,480 reviews

Latest review: Hey, I used this van to help my friend move on Friday the 25th of September to Saturday the 26th 4pm. As I mentioned in my feedback to you on Saturday I am really unhappy as I’ve really been ripped o

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    3.4 (425)

Booking ServicesExpedia

1.5 from 1,473 reviews

Latest review: This is a sample of my correspondence with Expedia Australia: I would like to remind you that Expedia (Qantas) accepted and confirmed our booking on the 9th July 2020 in writing. At your request we

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    1.5 (245)
Atlas Car & Truck Rental

Car Hire ServicesAtlas Car & Truck Rental

3.7 from 1,468 reviews

Latest review: i regularly rent car for my bushiness and this is the worst rental company. a liitle bumper bar accident hit by someone else, i paid access fee to return back later on, its been nearly 2 years

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    3.2 (153)
STA Travel

Booking ServicesSTA Travel

4.0 from 1,458 reviews

Latest review: I booked a trip for August 2020, and because of Covid, was cancelled and stored in credit, but now theyre filing for insolvency!I have over $5000 stored in their

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    4.4 (613)
P&O Cruises

CruisesP&O Cruises · includes 11 listings

3.0 from 1,402 reviews

Latest review: Following P & O cancelling our cruise on 16 March 2020 we were advised that we would receive a full refund. After numerous calls to them we have still have not received any refund. It's now over

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    2.2 (71)

Domestic Airlines and International AirlinesQantas · includes 2 listings

2.0 from 1,384 reviews

Latest review: I got a flight credit of around 10.000 dollars. I recently bought a ticket of $1.300. Qantas changed the flight time and day a couple of times and I decided to get a voucher with the money back.

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    1.6 (237)

Booking ServicesWebjet.com.au

1.3 from 1,299 reviews

Latest review: Book Direct! Out sourcing to another country can lead to miscommunication or due to faulty reception on phone line, difficult to hear or understand the customer service representative. If something

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    1.4 (275)

Car Hire ServicesEuropcar

1.3 from 1,281 reviews

Latest review: Booked a rental moving van weeks before. Get a phone call on Saturday at 10.30am to tell me that they don't have a van available. Strategically all other companies close at 11am Saturday's so left us

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    1.2 (206)
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