Australia Post Travel Services in New South Wales Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong

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Australia Post Load&Go Travel Card

Travel Money CardsAustralia Post Load&Go Travel Card

1.4 from 660 reviews

Latest review: Scam. This card is useless. No one will let you take money out. Complete disaster. Didmnt work anywhere and the telephone consultant admitted it. Would have been better off with

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    2.8 (4)
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Australia Post Everyday Mastercard

Transaction Accounts / Debit CardsAustralia Post Everyday Mastercard

1.3 from 245 reviews

Latest review: Could not use the card with a number of eCommerce stores which was not what I expected when I got it, as it could be used "wherever MC was accepted". Not true. But that was nothing compared to trying

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    1.6 (146)
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Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard

Travel Money CardsAustralia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard

1.1 from 20 reviews

Latest review: After finding out this card can't be used as a debit card with many vendors, I wasted $100 up the wall trying to top up the card. Thanks for

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    1.3 (12)
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Australia Post Cash Passport

Travel Money CardsAustralia Post Cash Passport

2.0 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Have tried reloading money via my phone app didn't work, then I went via desktop page - didn't work. Terrible. It's not the o/s travel card just domestic. On the app I input details and then can't

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    5.0 (1)
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Australia Post Load & Go China

Travel Money CardsAustralia Post Load & Go China

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