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Car Hire ServicesGoGet

3.9 from 1,090 reviews

Latest review: I've been using their service for more than a year, and at the beginning, it was great until they start causing problem especially after me closing my account. They still haunt me and my money. I

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    4.1 (331)
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Travel Money Oz

Travel Money CardsTravel Money Oz

3.9 from 524 reviews

Latest review: You’re taking a gamble with this product because the moment something goes wrong all you’re left with is automated machines and text bots. No way to email, no way to speak to an actual person and no w

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    4.1 (277)
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Ace Rental Cars

Car Hire ServicesAce Rental Cars

3.9 from 323 reviews

Latest review: fantastic customer service from ace rentals Sydney Airport. With great information about tolls to finding me at the airport when they discovered I had left my phone behind when returning the car.

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    3.1 (41)
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Artog Travel Insurance Comparison

Booking Comparison-Only ServicesArtog Travel Insurance Comparison

4.6 from 43 reviews

Latest review: Came across this company when looking for travel insurance, a good selection was offered when I searched for an annual policy, however when I followed through with the quotes, the Insurance company

Ultiqa Lifestyle

Booking ServicesUltiqa Lifestyle

3.9 from 353 reviews

Latest review: While on a holiday on the gold coast, we were approached by these guys at Dreamworld and "won" a 5 day holiday to Fiji. The good old scratchy scam. They said we just have to sit through a 90 minute

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    4.0 (80)
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Booking Comparison-Only ServicesSkyscanner

3.8 from 601 reviews

Latest review: Let me start by saying that i have been using Skyscanner for years, but for the first time i needed assistance from their customer service and it is shocking how bad they are. I booked flights from

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    2.0 (80)
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Atlas Car & Truck Rental

Car Hire ServicesAtlas Car & Truck Rental

3.7 from 1,468 reviews

Latest review: i regularly rent car for my bushiness and this is the worst rental company. a liitle bumper bar accident hit by someone else, i paid access fee to return back later on, its been nearly 2 years

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    3.2 (153)
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Booking Comparison-Only ServicesiFly

3.9 from 128 reviews

Latest review: I highly rate iFly. They have been nothing but supportive, helpful and super quick to respond. No hassle refunds for tickets bought to UK - unable to travel due to COVID. I will be using iFly for

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    4.1 (101)
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Camperman Australia

Car Hire ServicesCamperman Australia

3.7 from 218 reviews

Latest review: We started our holiday with family in December and had arranged to pick up a camper from Camperman in Sydney on January 3rd ,2020 to have it for 2 months to travel and see other family scattered

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    3.9 (54)
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Cruise About

Booking ServicesCruise About

3.9 from 106 reviews

Latest review: Booked an Alaskan cruise and land tour. Then noticed on the Princess web site that the agent had not registered our middle names. We couldn't change this on the web site as we hadn't made the

RedSpot Car Rentals

Car Hire ServicesRedSpot Car Rentals

3.6 from 995 reviews

Latest review: Treated poorly At the desk when I advised I had taken excess cover insurance through the booking agent. On return of the vehicle I received a $0 invoice noting correct kms travelled and confirming

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    2.5 (13)
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Online Shops and Physical ShopsMXstore · includes 2 listings

3.9 from 86 reviews

Latest review: Been shipped the wrong part. MXStore was quick to create a RMA but failed to send me the courier labels for return. Three follow up emails later with no

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    3.9 (31)
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Booking ServicesCruiseAway

3.7 from 168 reviews

Latest review: They claim refund due to covid cancellations would be as soon as they received money back from suppliers. I have written confirmation that my refunds all been received on 7th December. Still not

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    1.7 (26)
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Classic Holidays

Booking ServicesClassic Holidays

3.6 from 651 reviews

Latest review: We joined Classic about 7 1/2 years ago for a period of 15 years. We were very skeptical at first of timeshare, but decided to take the plunge and it has been absolutely the best decision. Classic

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    3.9 (101)
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Direct Flights

Booking ServicesDirect Flights

3.5 from 835 reviews

Latest review: Nearly a year after cancelling my flight due to illness I've received my refund. Despite the length of time, they have been very pleasant and helpful to deal with. I would re-book with them when

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    3.4 (260)
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Australian Escapes

Booking ServicesAustralian Escapes

4.2 from 43 reviews

Latest review: There were no hidden costs with this holiday and it was easy to make changes such as an upgrade to an outside cabin for the cruise and to arrange later hotel checkouts when convenient. Free time in

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    4.5 (15)
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Imagine Holidays

Booking ServicesImagine Holidays

4.6 from 27 reviews

Latest review: The customer service provided by Becky was second to none. She was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and professional. She managed to get my Mother a refund on her cruise which was cancelled due to

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    4.3 (20)
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Car Hire ServicesCarhood · includes 2 listings

3.4 from 689 reviews

Latest review: Arrived at Melbourne and called for the bus. The car was fine - only didn't have some wiper fluid in it - but drove fine with no issues. Had a nice trip and had no concerns - really a great concept

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    2.8 (107)
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Booking ServicesTripadeal

3.3 from 1,208 reviews

Latest review: We paid in full a trip for two to Maldives in December 2019, now all this time later we are still waiting for our money back or a reasonable option. We said we would take the same trip at a later

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    2.9 (595)
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Surfers Rent A Car

Car Hire ServicesSurfers Rent A Car

5.0 from 18 reviews

Latest review: Highly recommend Surfers Rent a Car. We booked an Outlander for 9 days and it performed flawlessly. Clearly it was very well maintained. Interior was immaculate. The communication from Daniel was

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