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Entertainment Book

Booking ServicesEntertainment Book

1.4 from 191 reviews

Latest review: This is extremely user unfriendly- it is clunky and difficult to search general ideas for discounts you may be interested in. As others have indicated, please bring back the ease of navigation and

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    1.7 (93)
Australia Post Everyday Mastercard

Transaction Accounts / Debit CardsAustralia Post Everyday Mastercard

1.4 from 272 reviews

Latest review: I strongly advise avoiding purchasing any of the Aus Post Gift Card/Mastercards if you were considering it. I purchased two of the Mastercards for my team to use and they consistently lock not

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    1.7 (158)

Booking ServicesTripadeal

3.3 from 1,257 reviews

Latest review: I booked to go to the "Stans" in 2020, unfortunately the potential pandemic had me accept a credit and rebooked for 2021. Unfortunately 2021 travel off the agenda and refund provided - happy

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    2.9 (633)

Booking ServicesAmazingCo

4.3 from 76 reviews

Latest review: Our group of four had a wonderful time. The clues were fun the area beautiful and the food was awesome. We drove most of it and got lost a couple of times which made it hilarious. We popped into many

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    4.5 (66)
Car Next Door

Car Rental ServicesCar Next Door · includes 2 listings

3.6 from 1,713 reviews

Latest review: Had an issue with one of their cars. I needed assistance so decided to call them at 9pm on a Wednesday night. 40 minutes later and no one answered. On a Wednesday night at 9PM.

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    3.2 (599)
Alpha Car Hire

Car Rental ServicesAlpha Car Hire

4.5 from 2,489 reviews

Latest review: Staff were so helpful and friendly. We were late heading home and they went out of their way to calm us and get us to the airport. Thank you we would def use

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    4.7 (874)

Domestic AirlinesREX

2.3 from 138 reviews

Latest review: This regarding fees and charges, I booked the wrong way instead of MEL-SYD-MEL booked SYD-MEL-SYD same dates. Once I found the error, called 131713 and informed the same within 48 hours of purchasing

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    2.9 (30)
Luxury Escapes

Booking ServicesLuxury Escapes

4.1 from 2,913 reviews

Latest review: Due to illness I requested a credit on one of my many bookings . Mikaela was incredibly helpful and efficient and organised a cancellation with no fuss at all. I recommend LE to all my friends after

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    3.9 (1,647)

Booking ServicesAgoda

1.7 from 1,206 reviews

Latest review: I made a booking to stay the night in Dunsborough so I could attend a wedding. Realised when I got there that I'd booked for the wrong date, ended up having to stay in a hostel room with my friend.

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    1.4 (440)

Booking ServicesStayz

1.4 from 991 reviews

Latest review: Our accomodation with #9541392 was cancelled the day before. No reason given, or apology. Sent an email asking Stayz and property owner why it was cancelled- never got a reply. Very poor service. We

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    1.2 (192)
Apex Car Rentals

Car Rental ServicesApex Car Rentals

3.3 from 374 reviews

Latest review: I booked a car for 10 days and saved $400 compared to the big name rental agencies for same type of car with same insurance, even with my auto club discount. (Car hire is VERY expensive in Tasmania -

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    2.5 (46)
Discover Australia Holidays

Booking ServicesDiscover Australia Holidays

1.6 from 186 reviews

Latest review: Just returned from Uluru and Alice Springs ,fabulous content and trips but let down by very bad accommodation in Alice Springs ,shabby room ,no proper breakfast and no help from booking company when

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    1.5 (38)

Booking ServicesWebjet.com.au

1.3 from 1,400 reviews

Latest review: Difficult to make contact with customer service. Put in an urgent flight change request. I contacted them after not hearing from them after 18 hours. Took 2 hours to sort

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    1.4 (358)

Booking ServiceseDreams

2.6 from 2,083 reviews

Latest review: Helping my Spanish friend who purchased a ticket from Melbourne to Queenstown, NZ through eDreams. He was unable to board his May 2nd flight because immigration issues on May 5th. AirNZ indicated

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    2.5 (803)
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Car Rental ServicesRight2Drive

4.8 from 1,569 reviews

With Right2Drive’s easy booking process and friendly customer service, booking a hire car has never been so easy.

  • Impressive customer service

  • Easy booking process

  • No branch in Canberra

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    4.8 (432)
Flight Centre

Booking ServicesFlight Centre

1.6 from 2,324 reviews

Latest review: I booked my jet star flight from Melb-Sydney in November. Flight (expecting to rake off on Dec25, 2020) was cancelled due to coronavirus lockdown of states borders. Jetstar already refunded all

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    1.5 (710)

Booking ServicesMytrip.com

1.1 from 151 reviews

Latest review: I have sent several email about my refund for a trip in February of this year. I have still not been refunded. This is poor and disgusting service. Never book on mytrip ever

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    1.1 (130)
Club Wyndham South Pacific

Travel ServicesClub Wyndham South Pacific

4.2 from 688 reviews

Latest review: Magical stay, highly recommended, will definitely be back. Loved the electric bikes we hired and our room had a fantastic ocean view with a large main balcony, complete with tables and chairs, and

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    4.3 (415)

Booking ServicesTraveldream

4.6 from 167 reviews

Latest review: We were very happy to finally visit Norfolk Island, a beautiful oasis in the Pacific. All prearranged tours were well organised and, although there was one clash, the tour organisers were very

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    4.0 (51)

Domestic Airlines and International AirlinesJetstar · includes 2 listings

1.5 from 3,239 reviews

Latest review: My daughter booked the flight from Newcastle so I could see her in Brisbane given she hadn't been able to come up due to continual lockdowns. She booked the flight and we have booked to go up

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    1.4 (675)
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