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East Coast Car Rentals
  • Award Winner 2018

Car Hire ServicesEast Coast Car Rentals

4.6 from 5,587 reviews

Latest review: I am so angry! Just a note to let people know: Do not get close to “East Coast Car Rentals”, they cheat their customers. They are cheap, but take much more from your credit card, without your per

  • Transparency
    2.3 (26)
China Southern Airlines

International AirlinesChina Southern Airlines

4.7 from 4,349 reviews

Latest review: I have purchased two tickets for my parents on 30 DEC 2019 . Ticket departure date was on 18th FEB 2020 from sydney to Kathmandu. Due to COVID 19 flights has been cancelled and i asked for my refund

  • Transparency
    4.1 (56)

Booking Comparison-Only ServicesBYOjet

3.1 from 2,534 reviews

Latest review: Greetings to anyone who is reading my words and have been lucky by not doing any business with this extremely irresponsible company..... I bought my ticket from BYOJET in February 2020 (document

  • Transparency
    1.9 (391)
Flight Centre

Booking ServicesFlight Centre

1.6 from 2,164 reviews

Latest review: Keep making excuses for not refunding me over $12,000. Made me check with my own bank and blaming them. My bank has never received anything. Flight Centre apologise for their office error but do

  • Transparency
    1.5 (573)
Alpha Car Hire

Car Hire ServicesAlpha Car Hire

4.4 from 2,093 reviews

Latest review: If I could give no stars I would. Everything was fine whilst I had a vehicle with them and made perfect repayments for almost 3 years, but as soon as I needed to hand the vehicle back in and end my

  • Transparency
    4.6 (503)
Luxury Escapes

Booking ServicesLuxury Escapes

4.0 from 2,014 reviews

Latest review: My experience with Luxury Escapes has been frustrating and disappointing. I booked 2 rooms at a hotel in the Maldives back in early February, for travel in Nov (#M8J5RH & #M0XOBO). Then COVID-19

  • Transparency
    3.6 (898)

Booking ServiceseDreams

2.6 from 1,799 reviews

Latest review: I' m booked and hope for a voucher for future travel but I needed to be patient due to COVID19. Very difficult to make changes on your website. Small Change

  • Transparency
    2.5 (588)
Acorn Rentals
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Physical Shops and Car Hire ServicesAcorn Rentals

4.9 from 1,758 reviews

Latest review: The service was excellent, we got met at the Airport, well explained in detail the terms and conditions, the vehicle was used for business and pleasure, very well presented and a really nice vehicle

  • Transparency
    4.9 (274)
Aunt Betty

Booking ServicesAunt Betty

2.5 from 1,573 reviews

Latest review: Hello, I am so frustrated with Aunt Betty, they do not accept emails, nor attending calls. I tried to call several times, at different times and no one is answering the phone, no one! Aunt Betty

  • Transparency
    1.9 (729)
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Car Hire ServicesRight2Drive

4.8 from 1,491 reviews

Latest review: They were excellent in response time and service. The only downside was I could not keep the car. :) As a not I am not receiving any incentive making this review. I am doing this because I was in a

  • Transparency
    4.8 (369)
Atlas Car & Truck Rental

Car Hire ServicesAtlas Car & Truck Rental

3.7 from 1,466 reviews

Latest review: Atlas charged me $50 for a Victorian road toll paid through linkt. I never received my refund from Atlas even after several email requests. I would still like to receive my

  • Transparency
    3.2 (152)

Booking ServicesBooking.com

1.6 from 1,465 reviews

Latest review: What a joke, firstly booking.com despite the policy applicable during COVID-19 doesn't willing to do anything on your behalf and would rather refer you directly to Italian accommodation to bag for

  • Transparency
    1.4 (407)
STA Travel

Booking ServicesSTA Travel

4.0 from 1,446 reviews

Latest review: Every STA travel agent should strive to handle every interaction with as much empathy, attention and dedication as Victoria. She went above and beyond in helping me find a

  • Transparency
    4.4 (603)

Booking ServicesExpedia

1.5 from 1,445 reviews

Latest review: Expedia promised a refund from the hotel I booked in Melbourne. Told me to be patient due to the coronavirus. So I waited one,two,three,four five months and the same I received the same answer every

  • Transparency
    1.6 (220)

Booking ServicesWebjet.com.au

1.3 from 1,270 reviews

Latest review: Webjet sold tickets for Virgin Australia flights that had been cancelled months earlier. We purchased a ticket for our daughter to fly from Launceston to Sydney when COVID restrictions had been

  • Transparency
    1.4 (248)

Car Hire ServicesEuropcar

1.3 from 1,267 reviews

Latest review: I am struggling to find a hire car company that doesn't screw me around at the start of my holidays. I had a recent issue with Europcar (booked through Argus Car Rental) in Jan/Feb 2020 when I

  • Transparency
    1.2 (192)

Booking ServicesBestjet.com

1.6 from 1,251 reviews

Latest review: As per headline, the flight times were wrong and we were not notified. This resulted in us almost missing our flight from UK to Australia, having to run to check-in with a 3yr old and heaps of

  • Transparency
    2.0 (2)
Car Next Door Car Renter

Car Hire ServicesCar Next Door Car Renter

4.0 from 1,187 reviews

Latest review: The first few times I used CND had an issue with uploading photos, and they will send you a few reminders, but in reality if there is a glitch with the site or you are in a spot of not great

  • Transparency
    3.5 (357)

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Travel Online
  • Award Winner 2019
  • 2018

Booking ServicesTravel Online

4.7 from 1,146 reviews

Latest review: Distraught, frustrated, disappointed!! This company are full of contradictory information, every single time I email them I get a different response. Was told we could only obtain a credit, then

  • Transparency
    4.4 (159)

Booking ServicesTripadeal

3.4 from 1,114 reviews

Latest review: My elderly Aunt with health issues is very worried about whether Tripadeal will refund the costs of her trip to India which was cancelled because of covid 19. If she only receives a credit, she does

  • Transparency
    2.9 (507)
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