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Car Rental ServicesImoova

1.8 from 27 reviews

Latest review: I didn’t hire a car, I called to inquire about why the booking was saying it was for 6 days when it was only 5 days (11th-16th is 5 days!). The guy on the phone was so condescending and rude, I had t

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    1.4 (8)
Travel Auctions

Booking ServicesTravel Auctions

2.7 from 15 reviews

Latest review: Reservation cancellation without my knowledge, non refundable even though it was their doing not mine. Unprofessional, no holiday, lost my money for no reason. I highly recommend people go

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    2.7 (12)

Car Rental ServicesAvis

1.7 from 509 reviews

Latest review: I have a policy with an insurance company that covers the rental car. I am told I have to pay the LDW Charge and it is mandatory. This is a rip off when I already have a policy with an insurer. The

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    1.5 (110)

Booking Comparison-Only ServicesSkyscanner

3.8 from 606 reviews

Latest review: booked a flight using skyscanner, it took me to gotogate to book a flight with qatar airways. skyscanner made gotogate look great showing 4-5 stars. Flight was cancelled by qatar, gotogate requested

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    2.0 (85)
Wicked Campers

Car Rental ServicesWicked Campers

1.6 from 117 reviews

Latest review: My partner and I hired a van for ten days through Tasmania; we had no issues with the initial booking and pick up (bar being given a broken camping chair). However we have been hounding the company

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    1.2 (36)

Booking Serviceslastminute.com.au

1.3 from 320 reviews

Latest review: Do not use. AVOID. Booking a flight is easy. But if you need any customer service, forget it. We had to cancel due to Covid and were told by Last Minute, the seats were cancelled and then told we

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    1.3 (72)
Global Work & Travel
  • Award Winner 2020

Booking ServicesGlobal Work & Travel

4.8 from 627 reviews

Latest review: What started out as an interesting dream, easily turned into reality. Thanks to Ellen and her dedication and drive for me to take that final step in order to make it into reality. I definitely had a

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    4.4 (171)
Klook Travel

Travel ServicesKlook Travel

2.5 from 16 reviews

Latest review: Automatically cancelled rental car booking immediately after paying. Now must wait 10 days for refund - massive scam. Possible fraud if I cant get money back. Avoid this company. Terrible

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    2.2 (9)
Experience Oz

Booking ServicesExperience Oz

4.1 from 123 reviews

Latest review: In submitting payment an error appears that payment wasn’t completed. Tried again still same error, however my bank account was showing both payments were processed. It’s now 3 days later no booking

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    3.3 (30)
Burswood Car Rentals

Car Rental ServicesBurswood Car Rentals

3.6 from 72 reviews

Latest review: Was a regular customer they delivered the car to the wrong location , i ordered car for domestic airport they delivered car to the international airport and left me to get a taxi, i swore after they

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    3.2 (13)

Booking ServicesFlightNetwork

3.2 from 239 reviews

Latest review: We booked flights through FlightNetwork in April 2020 with Vietjet airlines which were cancelled due to Covid. We asked for a refund and told we had to go through the airline which we did. On

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    1.8 (74)

Booking ServicesBravofly

1.1 from 202 reviews

Latest review: I could not agree more with what other travel mates comment on the services of this cheating travel agent. Likewise, since the c-virus pandemic last year till now, I have tiredly tried to contact

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    1.1 (77)

Car Rental ServicesCompass

4.6 from 249 reviews

Latest review: they do not reply to emails. they do not return phone calls. If you want your car to be not fixed use compass and the rest of their sister companies. HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMAND THEM. They will leave

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    4.5 (53)
NSW TrainLink

Travel Agents & Booking ServicesNSW TrainLink

2.3 from 180 reviews

Latest review: These XPT trains are long overdue to be retired. Old, rattling and squeaking, these units should have been sold off 15 years ago. Food sold on board is double the cost is should be and the menu is so

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    2.6 (24)
Australia Cruising

Booking ServicesAustralia Cruising

2.8 from 293 reviews

Latest review: We also cancelled a P & O cruise for Easter 2020. We were going to take future credit but changed our minds and went for refund which p & o processes in 3 days on 19/1- Oz cruising still has not sent

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    1.7 (101)

Booking ServicesAPT

1.5 from 58 reviews

Latest review: Just had my expedition on Le Laperouse on the Kimberley coast cancelled, of course they have our money. Another travel agent has told me that APT has known for months that this boat and others were

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    1.4 (46)

Booking ServicesAirbnb

1.5 from 626 reviews

Latest review: The head office is absolutely disgraceful, taking money from us and never helping us. When you need to be supportive there is no one to help you. They organised a phone call session they forget

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    1.4 (284)
Webjet Exclusives

Booking ServicesWebjet Exclusives

3.2 from 397 reviews

Latest review: Booked 9 day trip to Sri Lanka via Singapore in Dec 2019 to depart May 11 2020 - then of course Covid hit and our trip was cancelled. You'll get no joy from Webjet Exclusives other than a voucher -

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    2.3 (146)
Nexus Holidays

Booking ServicesNexus Holidays

2.5 from 104 reviews

Latest review: Booked china holiday to travel in may 2020 ..yes pandamic hit but instead of refund nexus transferred us to china holiday in april 2021. Multiple unanswered emails later trying to get refund of our

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    1.8 (44)
Imagine Cruising

Booking ServicesImagine Cruising

4.0 from 462 reviews

Latest review: We booked a package with this company and the cruise was cancelled for September last year. We received a firm phone call demanding full payment or we lost our deposit and the package. this was

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    3.9 (344)
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