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Bridgestone Ecopia EP100

Latest review: Bought these tyres less than a year ago for a FWD Toyota Aurion, they started of quiet nice, but after less than 10,000 kms they have started to squeel even at very very low speeds while cornering.

Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV

Latest review: I have recently put these on my Mazda CX-7 (235/65R17). For the first time I instantly noticed a remarkable difference between tyres. These things are amazing! They are quite, but stick to the road

Pirelli Dragon Sport

Latest review: Good all round tyre, dry and wet performance good, wear rate isn't to bad done 20,000km and still have maybe half tread left, using them on a NON lsd commodore and it holds grip in most conditions

Continental ContiSportContact 5

Latest review: Bought a set in 225 45 19 for Mazda 6 diesel wagon. Two tyres destroyed by woody weeds and only lasted for 20000km ( six tyres) at $370 a tyre terrible

Kumho Solus KH17

Latest review: We are about to replace the original tyres on my wife's 2012 Kia Cerato Sli, has 17 inch rims. The tyres have covered approx. 69,000kms so far, which I think is fantastic, especially after reading

Michelin Primacy LC

Latest review: Had ecopia100 before, the review is based on the comparison. Primacy LC four tyres cost about 200~300 AUD more than ecopia100. However, the quality is way better. Quiet, stable, comfortable and lower

Toyo Open Country A/T II

Latest review: Just over 15,000 kms in on a new set. Great all round a/t tyre, have not let me down. Great on price when purchasing a set. Also performs very well in the

Bridgestone Turanza ER300

Latest review: My 2016 Jazz came standard with these tyres . Good grip in wet and dry but noisy(hum) on smooth and rough road surfaces now at 22000km. Critical to check tyre pressures for optimum ride and

Falken WildPeak A/T

Latest review: I had Cooper at bf Goodrich mt ko2 Micky Thompson Atz they were very expensive grip wise not much difference land cruiser always distroy tyre even on right pressure it chews tyres. I have seen

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A

Latest review: These tyres came as OEM spec on a VF Commodore in 245/45R18. They have heaps of grip, good in wet weather (a big priority for me) and road noise is decent. I had to change the rears at 74k due to a

Toyo Nanoenergy 3

Latest review: We rotate the tyres every service and do a wheel alignment once a year. We've done over 40,000km now in 2 years and they're wearing evenly and gripping well in all conditions. Road noise is

Pirelli Cinturato P1

Latest review: They were fitted on my wifes 2018new vw passat alltrack wolfsburg we only got 20,000kms before they all wore out on the inside one down to the metal and needed replacing. Soft European tyres don,t

Michelin Latitude Cross

Latest review: I only got 20,000km out of these on my hilux. Once the tyres got down to about 30% tread they were like driving on plastic wheels. Luckily I have a limited slip diff otherwise I legitimately wouldn't

Michelin Latitude Tour HP

Latest review: Replacing Yokohamas after 42,000 kms for my XTraiil wanted a cheaper tyre But was convinced by tyre guy as I am about to go to the snow to put the Michelens on, more expensive than the Bridgestone

Toyo Open Country A/T

Latest review: I’ve had toyo 265/65R17 at2 on my pajero for nearly three years now fast approaching 80000 have never had a puncture have used on nearly every type of terrain never been a problem will definitely be b

Falken Ziex ZE914

Latest review: My ride is a Falcon G6E Turbo so a lot of torque to rears using normally which is all the time. I've had others before these but can't fault the Falken ZE214's recommended by the dealer. Quiet, vg

Hankook Dynapro HP

Latest review: I had two of these tyres fitted to the rear of my newly acquired Ford Ranger to pass roadworthy. 30,000 Kim later and they are worn out while the Bridgestone Duelers that the car came with on the

Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31

Latest review: Dont expect any more than 20k from these (i do work them hard) however for the price they are a fine performer wet and dry . Road noise is quite acceptable , dry grip is excellent and wet grip

Goodyear Cargo G26

Latest review: Mine just passed rego with 128,000km up. Mixed highway and city use. Some say they would be hardened they are so old now but the car is rarely loaded and still never loses grip. I'll stick them on my

Maxxis MT-762 Bighorn

Latest review: Had these tyres on my first np300 and they are a great tyre . On road they were a little bit noisy but not to bad for a MT. On road these tyres have been the best in mud that i have ever used . No

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