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Maxxis MT-762 Bighorn

Latest review: Had these tyres on my first np300 and they are a great tyre . On road they were a little bit noisy but not to bad for a MT. On road these tyres have been the best in mud that i have ever used . No

Kumho Road Venture MT51

Latest review: So today I’ve swapped over to some new tyres replacing my MT51s. Pros - great off road with great traction. Cons - so noisey and loud! They were great at the start but as they started to wear d

Maxxis MA-P1

Latest review: Bought a set of Maxxis from Stillwell Hyundai on my last service. I cannot recall the tyre type, this is was these ones. In general i've had the same brand on the past on other cars and they are

Nexen N'Fera SU1

Latest review: I’m currently running the Nexen SU1, but compared to the N8000 they are nowhere near as good the only thing the SU1 would win against the N8000 is wear rate apart from that the N8000 wins hands down.

Winrun R330

Latest review: Hi. 3rd day I'm running with these tyres. Extremely happy with them. Grip is great,tyre noise is hardly noticeable on the highway, and fuel consumption is down from 6.9l/100 to 6.3l/100 Best tyre

Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac

Latest review: Best choice I ever made for tyres. Required 18 inch tyres for my STX Navara and the stock ones were crap. Offered others but took advice of shop and bought their best

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

Latest review: Wear extremely well sticks to the road in wet, dry snowy conditions very good wearing tyre on a 4wd Hilux that is used for towing a large trailer all the

Michelin Primacy SUV

Latest review: Kluger was purchased as a brand new company car but now has 180,000kms. I'm fortunate enough to pick tyres of my choice when needed, rather than by price alone. Car OEM were Michelin Latitude tyres

Kumho Road Venture AT KL78

Latest review: yea not a bad set of boots when I bought me ole girl it had real rough country tyres cant remember what brand they were but shockingly noisy on a reguler road drive so i did a searching around &

Continental ContiMaxContact MC5

Latest review: My Audi was fitted with a set of 4 new Continental ContiMax MC5 about 2 years ago and I normally do only 15000 km per year. The tyres are so distorted after 1.5years that the noise on the road were

Dunlop SP Sport 01

Latest review: Dunlop Sport 01 265/45/R21 = Value for Money Pity other life requirements & needs aren't so durable. As they saying goes if its not broken don't change it. Also the best part is there $100 dollars

Bridgestone Ecopia EP300

Latest review: I find these tyres to be good in all conditions. The car travels smoothly since having these tyres put on. The last set I had on lasted in excess of 60,000km Good

Goodyear Excellence

Latest review: I tried the Goodyear tyres 205/55R16 91W for my car (2 off tyres) and have seen a great driving experience, good road grip, performance improved and a great overall driving experience. Comfort tyres

Bridgestone RE92

Latest review: This tyre used to be made in Australia. Mitsubishi Australia selected this tyre for its Magana model. It offers comfortable driving and suits reasonably well for a family car. My set lasted about

Bob Jane All Rounder

Latest review: I wasn't happy with them at all so went back to Bob Jane and with no fuss at all they swapped them all over for another brand which suits my car perfectly. While I didn't like the tyres I can't

Yokohama C.drive2 AC02

Latest review: These are really good dry and wet grip. Did around 50,000 kms on them. The braking and handling was also excellent on them. Travelled interstate a lot and got good grip on snow as well. Highly

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax

Latest review: Bought Goodyear Triplemax2 for my accord 2012 from Goodyear Autocare. I must say, the drive is extremely quite and stable now. These tyres really have a solid road grip and are soft enough to give a

Kumho Solus HS51

Latest review: Recently had a set of 4 Kumho HS51’s (215/60R16) fitted to my 2005 WL Holden Statesman. I had been running Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus and these Kumhos feel better in every way. I have already e

Toyo Open Country H/T

Latest review: I bought these tyres in 2016 to replace the Goodyear’s that were on it. Instantly felt better to drive, but that is comparing a new tyre to and old worn one. But I remember when the Goodyear’s were ne

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

Latest review: Not at all happy with these tyres that came fitted to my 125i. They have lumpy walls (not a typo) which I’m guess means the walls have failed. All 4 tyres, so not a one off pothole. And they are c

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