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GME TX3350

Latest review: I was sceptical about the sound quality as it is in the handset. I purchased it, however, as I was able to hide the unit behind the dash. The audio is very good and clear. I have also installed a GME

GME TX4600

Latest review: I have used the tx4600 fitted to quadbikes for hunting and mustering and find them to be very suited to the application.Buttons on the handpiece make changing channels easy while in motion. IP67

GME TX3100

Latest review: I have had 1 for a number of years and found it to be very reliable as I have never had a problem with it. Over the years I have had numerous GME Products and have found them to be very good and

GME TX6155

Latest review: I bought 2 Brand new units yes not 1 but 2 units. 1 of the batteries were faulty and since i had 2 to communicate i wasnt able to ever use them.i bought them on ebay new from a recommended reseller

Uniden UH5000

Latest review: An Easy to USE CB Radio, simple to program with a few added features, It covers all the stations. Customisable 7 colour display with a flip screen , external speaker jack, very compact and light I


Latest review: For what comes in the kit and the performance it provides it's pretty good. If you don't like the range you can add a better aerial. The unit is designed to be portable so yes some compromises have

Uniden UH720SX

Latest review: We have owned these units now for over two years. The units are packed with features and we found the digital and tome squelch function invaluable for locking out third party traffic. Our biggest

Uniden UH515DLX-2

Latest review: I bought these radios as a test of the brand and was pleasantly surprised by their performance. I had planned to buy a pair of 5W for use in national parks etc, but these little 1.5W radios work so

Uniden UH078SX-NB

Latest review: Have 4 of these for marine communication. Good reception. Batteries are indeed crap. All 4 are now out of commission all requiring new batteries. A significant cost after 12


Latest review: TX6500S worked great for the first few months, noticed the volume getting dull as the day went on. Battery clip lasted for a couple of months then broke. Had to rely on a zip tie to keep it together,

Uniden UH710SX

Latest review: Perfect for landscaping yards, where you don't want the distance coz close to main roads and passing trucks....But more importantly if you operate loaders etc the fancier ones pick up

Uniden UH076SX

Latest review: Bought two of these radios to work onsite. Both batteries would not hold full charge. One belt clip broke. One volume knob fell off. Both tx/Rx remotes failed, with speaker fail. Good TX


Latest review: BCF had a sale on a marine radio and my previous GME worked for 8 years. Purchased in December went up the coast to where the boat is stored launched boat went to log in before we run a bar and

Uniden UH510