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Ahh Bra

Latest review: They call it Ahh bra, i call it no bra. I normally wear a 12B, so not large boobies but this has absolutely NO support, bit like wearing the old 80's boob tube with straps. (if your old enough to


Latest review: Overheard a staff member say to a staff member that they need councrlling for what they have to see. That is disgusting. Elderly woman need bras and I hope to god she didn’t h


Latest review: Brand - bonds boyleg. Size 12 . I’ve stopped buying bonds after I purched this style . Very ill fitting , very low fitting in the pubic region along with sitting very low under the hip bone . Poor q


Latest review: I ordered an item for my mother from Newchic on 13/4/19, and after about 3.5 weeks (on the 7/5/19 to be exact), she still had not received the item, so I decided to log onto the Newchic account to


Latest review: Very low quality product and terriable service. Do not waste your money on them! Staff member tried to blame myself for the faulty product. I saw some bad reviews before but didnt know until I

Studio Europe

Latest review: A great find for lingerie from brands I knew but also some unique ones I haven't seen before. Good prices and always a new deal every visit. Kept me informed with shipping updates when my item wasn't

Pretty Little Thing

Latest review: How annoying and unreliable you are PLT! I ordered two weeks prior through express shipping! Hoping to get the order before an event I was attending. Complete waste of time AND it wasn't even the


Latest review: very disappointed to have paid top price for a bra that had always fitted me, had washed and worn(in the machine ) and never been uncomfortable. the new version of the same bra has the same cup fit


Latest review: Purchased 4 wraps, 2 black 2 pink, crossover black top and convertible black dress, all 4 wraps and cross over top worn thin now see through at the top part of the back, consultant said don't hang

Mitch Dowd

Latest review: Absorbent cotton is crucial for Aussie boxer shorts and this brand seems to get high quality cotton right. Only brand I can wear in


Latest review: I have ordered a few products from this business. None of which were satisfactory. I bought two pairs of tights- one with pockets, one without. The pair without pockets were made quite well but for


Latest review: Firstly, who does their website? What a shocker. It has things for sale for $30, but 2 for $69? Did someone miss their maths classes? Apparently if you buy two items it will cost you more. I did

Online store

Latest review: Ordered three pairs of one piece bathers online in size 12 and they are all super small and short .. more like size 8 or a small size 10 than a 12. So short they barely covered my boobs. Products

Isabella's Passion

Latest review: Placed order in December 2018 and they have not delivered nor are they refunding - at least not at this stage. I can't seem to get their attention. My story is the same as everyone else on here. I


Latest review: Never received my order. Emails go unanswered and they sent me false tracking numbers to shut me up for a few months before I realised it was all fake and I would never receive my

Rainbow Body

Latest review: Purchased two items from this company which were not received and cannot communicate with store despite countless attempts. Have submitted a complaint to the ACCC as its seems there are countless

Pussyfoot Socks

Latest review: Pussyfoot socks I have found to be very comfortable, without restrictive bands around the top, and yet they don't fall down around your feet while you are wearing them. They come in nice bright


Latest review: I live in Adelaide and personally i think the variety of clothing that can be found here is not really outside of the "Sheep" factor, wearing a Chinese size 6. Well, I do not have a size 6 body.


Latest review: I recently ordered three shoes from chelllysun and was pleasantly surprised with how well all 3 of them fit. Although the shipping takes a while, it's all worth it.I usually have a hard time finding

Bare Necessities

Latest review: I remembered reading the motto of Hedland Bare Essentials as i walked in 'a bra that fits right should feel like you are wearing no bra at all' and i remember thinking 'what a joke'. I have always

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