Volta Vacuum Cleaners

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Volta U3407
Latest review: Bought to replace a cheap philips vacuum I had for 20 years and stopped working .i loved that vacuum , was so light and picked up well . Tried several vacuum Cleaner’s but either seemed way over p

Volta Equipt Pet Plus UEQ6520T
Latest review: To say IT SUCKS would be wrong...it's pathetic compared to the shark vacuum I bought off the TV shop a number of years ago. This vac is a heavy thing to lug around and it makes a dreadful noise

Volta Forte U1851
Latest review: I have just read the reviews and getting the same trouble as other reviews I thought it was something I was doing wrong I went to the expense of changing the filters emptying the barrel I wouldn't

Volta Lite II U1850
Latest review: This vacuum cleaner has no suction & the barrel fills up after vacuuming about 3 sq metres and you have to concentrate on the same section for a while as it does not pick up anything on the floor.

Volta CompactGo U1220
Latest review: This is a small vacuum cleaner with a giant heart. disposable as well as reusable bags can be bought. I like to carry my lightweight machine while vacuuming to ensure immediate response. This allows

Volta Aeroperformer UAP9930
Latest review: Works well on tile floors with only half power setting required. If it's on full power it sucks itself down on the floor, that's how powerful it is. I would expect that it also works very well on

Volta UVE4120FL
Latest review: Got mine about 3 months ago from JB Hi-Fi & couldn't be happier. I had a VOX vacuum which let me down. In the meantime before I bought "Tra-Volta" I was using a broom and the amount of dust that I

Volta MobiOne UMO1540
Latest review: No trouble w/ tipping over as of yet, I have only had it ONE day. It overheats, I turned it off for a little bit then started again and it overheated again. It took 3 tries to vacuum my bedroom over

Volta CompactGo U1233
Latest review: Crap vacuum don't even bother to waster your money. Stops working after 20 to 25 days. Suction is terrible, doesn’t even pick small particles. I got replacement after it stopped working after month

Volta Easy Go UEG6500