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Dyson V8
Bin Capacity: 0.54 L
HEPA Filter: Yes

Dyson V6
Bin Capacity: 0.4 L
HEPA Filter: Yes

Dyson V7
Bin Capacity: 0.54 L
HEPA Filter: No

Dyson Cyclone V10
Bin Capacity: 0.76 L
HEPA Filter: Yes

Dyson DC58 Animal

Latest review: I love this little Dyson! It’s perfect for cleaning the car, or giving a quick whip around small spaces. The battery life is excellent and charges quite quickly also. There are a range of n

Electrolux Ultraflex
Bin Capacity: 1.7 L
HEPA Filter: Yes

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball
HEPA Filter: No

Dyson DC50

Latest review: I use this on all floors, I have two cats and the spinning brush thing works great picking up hair off couch tops and carpet/wood floors. I feel this vacuum lacks suction power compared to other

Dyson Big Ball Origin

Electrolux UltraSilencer
HEPA Filter: Yes

Electrolux Ergorapido 2 in 1

Latest review: Makes a lot of noise. Very little dirt cleaning capacity. Will only pick up from bare floors relatively well. On carpet it gets a bit more. However, there are a half dozen devices on the market

Electrolux Rapido

Latest review: Purchased this vacuum yesterday (23/2/19), as I wanted a cordless vacuum to use for cleaning my car. After being on charge overnight, the battery died after only 10min (on the lowest suction level),

Dyson Small Ball

Latest review: My old vacuum was not picking up all the dog hair. Having 2 border collies I needed something more powerful. I brought the Dyson pet ball vacuum and was blown away with the results! I had no idea how

Electrolux SilentPerformer
HEPA Filter: Yes

Dyson Ball Animal DC65

Latest review: Used on tiles and low pile carpet. Suction was ok on tiles but never reached the pre sale hype for picking up dog hair (Staffy breed - fine short hair). Some parts didn't function periodically even

Electrolux Purei9 PI91-5SGM

Latest review: This vacuum cleans well for a robot vac, it can save you a heap of time. The only downfall with me personally is it can't find home when its low on battery and struggles to find its charging station

Electrolux Ease C4 Animal (EC41-4ANIM)
Bin Capacity: 1.1 L
HEPA Filter: Yes