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Honda Civic

Latest review: I had purchased this car brand new from Honda in the UK. With only 2k on the clock I had to sell for half the price as I relocated to Australia. After 6 years here I re purchased the Honda Civic FN2

Honda CR-V

Latest review: I purchased my 4th Honda car (CR-V - AWD) in June this year. I travel long distances regularly on highways with speeds of 100 - 110kms. About a month after purchase, the safety camera was faulty

Honda Jazz

Latest review: The GPS looks cheap. Noise of the engine when accelerating from stationary position and especially when starting on a slope. I love the seat warmer. I wish they make the boot accessible by the push

Honda CB125E

Latest review: I'm just a Learner so I wanted a bike rather small, light and easy to ride and it has been perfect so far. Very easy to ride. Of course, it doesn't have a lot of power and you can mainly go up to

Honda Accord

Latest review: I am 72 yrs young' I have driven all makes and models of cars to which the Honda accord euro was the most comfortable and reliable driven. the handling is excellent . fuel economy is also

Honda CB400

Latest review: I bought my 09 CB400 Revo back in 2012 with 1500km's on it , its now got 61,000km's on it & man what a trip its been , i've done all kinds of riding from around town / weekend day runs/2 big distance

Honda HR-V

Latest review: I use my car daily and drive about 1 and a half to 2 hours per day. I commute through the city and it is serving me well. It's comfortable, I love the leather seats and the high driving position. The

Honda CRF230F

Latest review: Great bike to get around on the trails and hills. Prefect for beginners and intermediate Riders. I have been a Die Hard 2 stroke fan. But I have to admit the CRF 230 is way less maintenance more

Honda Odyssey

Latest review: My pearl white 2007 Honda Odyssey Luxury is the best car for the buyer who is looking for a people mover but don’t want the big feel and high roof of a van. Plenty of space in the 3rd row seats for k

Honda CBR500R

Latest review: cheap bike that doesn't make mistakes but isn't brilliant at anything. your jaw wont drop with excitement and the adjustable forks on the 16+ models are a bit of a joke. over all very meh. I feel as

Honda Shadow VT750C

Latest review: Its a 2001 ace great bike to ride, light enough to throw around on the bends easy to work on and honda quality. I've bobber the bike looks great and only need a day to refit all the bits I've taken

Honda CBR125R

Latest review: If you want a bike without all the frills that just gets you from A-B this is the one. As a LAM's approved bike this bike this is going to fall under the lower end of the spectrum in regards to

Honda VFR800

Latest review: Massive VFR fan still got a 88 model and 94 model both 750 tried a few more manufacture's in the sport tourer category still come back to the Honda bought a 2015 model 800 can't not fault it the

Honda City GM

Latest review: Purchased HONDA City top of range in January 2018. Prior I owned Holden Cruze not top of range. Many thing lacking in HONDA City that is considered regular in other cars. Eg. No automatic

Honda NSC110 Dio

Latest review: It's so original and practical in so many ways. It has no real starter motor, it electronically starts using magnets, which makes for silent starting. The Idel stop feature is kind of interesting

Honda Today 50

Latest review: I bought a used scooter, 2013. making 35km/L, with just $5 you fill the tank. Incredible! Best scooter ever!! Don't make that crazy noise because it's 4 strokes! I'm very have with this scooter. And

Honda Lead 100

Latest review: I bought this because I assumed it would be fast enough on 80km/h roads because it has a 100cc motor. It's top speed is 75km/h and that's with a tailwind. Pretty much anything over 60km/h is a bonus

Honda NC700SA

Latest review: Another riding instructor here, replacing another aging gs500. This bike is used 7 days a week as my main mode of transport with the occasional student learning on it too. Pros: -Extremely good

Honda CTX200

Latest review: Not happy with 2016 bushman ctx200 chinese tubes that failed in les than 200km ! Clutch slipping from new ! Rear shock leaks ! indicator rear left not working from new ! Some parts are rusting

Honda VFR1200F

Latest review: Negative press reviews done it for the VFR 1200, after owning the bike for 3 years i can say its flawless on the open road, so stable and refined even at high speeds, the finish is sublime, i

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