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Toyota Corolla

Latest review: After replacing my VW Polo and getting into this car how happy am I , have done about 76000 kms and has not lei me down , travel to Brisbane every day from the Gold Coast,car is serviced by Toyota

Toyota Kluger

Latest review: I own a 2009 Toyota kluger which we love, this car is on the road 7 days a week, beautiful car to drive plenty of power , down side is that they are not designed to tow caravans. We own a 17 ft

Toyota Camry

Latest review: i brought a 2001 v6 camry 12 years ago changed the timing belt at 150.00 now has 400,000 klm on it never a ploblem the belt has done 220klm still running cost more than the cars worth to change the

Toyota Yaris

Latest review: good sporty ride single wiper cleans screen better than the normal 2 wiper combo has good power range well matched 4 speed auto good finish all over 3 year service special with Toyota makes it one

Toyota RAV4

Latest review: I was pleasantly surprised by this little Dinky Toy(ota). It is extremely pleasant to drive although it has a lot of road noise. It handles well, goes off road well and even has central diff lock. I

Toyota Prius

Latest review: Since the 1950th Citroen DS, there was not much of a serious design change in personal vehicles until the Toyota Prius was designed with some updates and successfully sold worldwide. After my beloved

Toyota Prado

Latest review: We replaced our old 90 Series (1999) Prado with the new J150 Prado just after my first attempt to retire. There is just the 2 of us - wife and hubby. I like the body and suspension but really

Toyota Tarago

Latest review: An ex fleet vehicle with low odometer reading for its age. Has very light steering for a people mover and moves well through the gears in city driving. Don't know much about the technical aspects of

Toyota LandCruiser 200

Latest review: You really pay for what you get with these cars. Fairly expensive so you get the best possible ride with it. Very comfortable even with standard suspension. Great car straight of the factory

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

Latest review: I’ve akways owned a cruiser Ute and do just bought my new one , the cost is extortion but can’t being myself to drive anything else. Upon arrival I found they’re no longer three seater, oh well I’ll j

Toyota HiLux

Latest review: Done 55k,serviced on time by myself,never had any problems. I drive my hilux every day, usually 10 kms to work and back,no dpf issues ever. In saying that i do use the correct dpf oil at services and

Toyota 86 ZN6

Latest review: Bought this car as a toy in 2012. Does everything a classic sports car should. You won't win every drag at the lights but you'll have the biggest smile on your face when you get out. Had some

Toyota HiAce

Latest review: I live in a hiace commuter which I have converted into a campervan which has gone without a hitch over the last 240,000km. I have friends who have driven more than 1million km in their 90'e hiaces

Toyota Prius C NHP10

Latest review: If you want a relaxing, easy to park, ecomomical and no fuss car this is it. The outstanding feature is how quiet it is in stop start traffic which is where this car is most at home. Mechanically

Toyota Fortuner GUN156R

Latest review: Its been 1.5 years and 24,000 kms since purchasing this vehicle. Reliability wise, I doubt I can find anything better. The Good: 1. Spacious 3rd row and sliding 2nd row makes for a comfortable ride

Toyota C-HR NGX10R / NGX50R

Latest review: After driving a Ford Fiesta for ten years, my wife and I were in the market for a replacement vehicle. While the Fiesta had been reliable and well suited my wife, we both agreed that it was severely

Toyota Prius V ZVW40

Latest review: We chose the Prius V as our daily family car as we live in the city and the majority of our trips are very short. Despite this the Prius v gets 5.5L/100km on average since we bought it! This car is