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Toyota Corolla

Hatchbacks and SedansToyota Corolla · includes 22 listings

4.4 from 341 reviews

Latest review: Performance, smooth and handled well in windy situations. Plus it's worth every single $$$ that you pay buying. Very powerful, comfortable and has low fuel consumption. I liked it that much, I bought

Kia Sportage

Midsize / Medium SUVsKia Sportage · includes 18 listings

4.4 from 190 reviews

Latest review: I have owned a Series II Platinum Turbo Diesel for 6 years, and now have 170K on the clock. Without a doubt the best car I have ever owned - I still enjoy sliding into the driver's seat. Plenty of

Suzuki Swift

HatchbacksSuzuki Swift · includes 10 listings

4.4 from 179 reviews

Latest review: My little blue Suzuki Swift has been just perfect. Small and quick, easy to maintain with lots of space, perfect for small and long trips, ideal for a small family and even work. Exceptional for

Mazda 3

Hatchbacks and SedansMazda 3 · includes 43 listings

4.2 from 466 reviews

Latest review: Purchased new in September 2019 from Maitland Mazda. Recall Issues (2) January 2020. Have now got problem with Info System turning itself off / freezing etc. Waiting on dealer to investigate with

Mitsubishi Pajero

Large / 7 Seater SUVsMitsubishi Pajero · includes 27 listings

4.3 from 224 reviews

Latest review: Good family car Drives amazing Never had any issues with it So spacious & good for towing our van & 4wding Has built in DVD player, heated seats & all these cool little extras. It's comfortable & I

Hyundai i30

HatchbacksHyundai i30 · includes 22 listings

4.2 from 325 reviews

Latest review: I liked the design and features, however the car is very tinny any minor impact results in a big damage. I find the quality of steel is not the same as in German or even most Japanese

Honda Civic

Hatchbacks and SedansHonda Civic · includes 17 listings

4.3 from 225 reviews

Latest review: It's a great car, purchased the non Turbo with the aging 1.8 engine for reliability. After reading the Honda turbo issues lately, I'm glad I did. Had this car for little more than 2 years now, with

Mazda 6

Wagons, Hatchbacks and SedansMazda 6 · includes 12 listings

4.3 from 191 reviews

Latest review: Own 2011 Mazda 6 luxury sports, bought cheap in 2017, has sat nav, Bluetooth. Great looks too. Unique headlight, added light bar too for country road driving. Outruns newer car of similar

Toyota Yaris

Hatchbacks and SedansToyota Yaris (2005-2020) · includes 11 listings

4.3 from 177 reviews

Latest review: I use my 2011 Yaris daily "Bought it quite a few years ago", and it still zips past cars on steeply inclined highways at around 110 k's whilst using 98 Octane, and thats even when I have three

Mitsubishi Lancer

Wagons, Hatchbacks and SedansMitsubishi Lancer · includes 11 listings

4.3 from 223 reviews

Latest review: Compared to its Competition, The Lancer is a great little car and very good value for money. It was still built in Japan, and the quality shows through. Great list of standard features. In other

Toyota Camry

SedansToyota Camry · includes 21 listings

4.2 from 365 reviews

Latest review: Whoever thinks on buying this car should really consider taking good comprehensive insurance with it which will provide replacement car in case of accident. I had an accident around Christmas 2019

Mazda 2

Hatchbacks and SedansMazda 2 · includes 16 listings

4.3 from 171 reviews

Latest review: Have purchased a Mazda 2 only one year old. I have broken down 3 times in 3 weeks. Have taken it to Stanmore dealership and it broke down a week later. Took it to Artarmon dealership had it

Subaru Forester

Midsize / Medium SUVsSubaru Forester · includes 18 listings

4.2 from 283 reviews

Latest review: Hoping i can change someones fortune before they buy a Subaru like i did on the guise of Japanese Engineering is fantastic and reliable. I bought my 2014 Subaru Forester XT off the show-room floor,

Hyundai Accent

Hatchbacks and SedansHyundai Accent · includes 13 listings

4.3 from 137 reviews

Latest review: My wife and I were so excited in both buying new Hyundai Accent car's. Unfortunately to our amazement both cars have developed the same audio problems after only some years. I have owned cars for

Ford Mondeo

Wagons, Hatchbacks and SedansFord Mondeo · includes 10 listings

4.4 from 110 reviews

Latest review: Great economy, power and agility, love it .145,000 from 89000 hasht missed a beat. 2litre Diesel has some surprising grunt in it. Airbags all round including rear seatbelt bags. Been through several

Mitsubishi ASX

Small / Compact SUVsMitsubishi ASX · includes 13 listings

4.2 from 188 reviews

Latest review: This is the family car. It goes everywhere we do. I love it! It is easy to drive, easy to get into. The seat rises high enough to see out of for a short person. The electric seat buttons are great as

Kia Cerato

Sports Cars, Hatchbacks and SedansKia Cerato · includes 26 listings

4.1 from 242 reviews

Latest review: Nice car, wonderful design. Dashboard is smooth. Good price. Boot is spacious. Seating is comfortable. Drive is relaxing. Android auto included. DAB is useful. Not fuel efficient. Daylight is

Kia Sorento

Large / 7 Seater SUVsKia Sorento · includes 19 listings

4.2 from 140 reviews

Latest review: Kia is doing great day by day and their new cars are good quality built with so many features and backed by 7 year warrenty. I did alot of search for 7 seaters and Choosed it over new santa fe active

Holden Commodore

Wagons and SedansHolden Commodore · includes 21 listings

4.1 from 398 reviews

Latest review: Brought my vx commodore series 2 December last year with a 198000 on the clock great car to drive runs well had to replace a few things due to last owner but my girlfriends family don't thinkt's

Mitsubishi Outlander

Midsize / Medium SUVsMitsubishi Outlander · includes 28 listings

4.1 from 252 reviews

Latest review: Very simply the electric outlander isva good buy. 1: dual fuel... electric and petrol so if you run out of fuel RACV just give you some petrol. 2. Home charging. Well your oven works on a 15 amp

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