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Renault Koleos

Latest review: hello my comp. read out has stopped working ie distance to next refuel,fuel used etc any ideas and all the other function Also auto gear box has singing noise but only occasionally.It sounds like a

Audi A3

Latest review: Purchased an Audi A3 a month ago after selling our older Audi A4. Audi has come along way and the A3 is a match for the A4. Wonderful comforts as we have the comfort pack and it is a pure delight.

Renault Clio

Latest review: I've owned this car for 3 years since purchasing it new in 2016. This is the 3rd Renault I've owned and it is the least quirky of all of them by far. It's almost mainstream actually, but far less

Audi A4

Latest review: Audi A4 has an operational issue (according to unhelpful Audi Customer care) that you are going to hate and that is it is the Squeaky steering wheel. After taking to authorised repair centre finally

Renault Trafic

Latest review: I bought a new trafic LWB twin turbo. It's fast and comfortable but that's where it ends. It has 17000km on it and has had a new clutch, new gear lever cables, new harmonic balancer, oil sprayed all

Audi Q3

Latest review: I have my own workshop and I specialize in Servicing ,Aircon and Tyres. Last week an audi Q3 TFSI 2 LT Turbo came in.The car was pretty much like new only having done 63000kms.The customer complained

Audi Q7

Latest review: Bought my Q7 in May 2016. Have had 15 Holden Caprice over 20 years, & never any major problem. Went Audi thinking to go European & more expensive you would be better off. What a mistake !! Needs an

Audi Q5

Latest review: Using as a daily commute the vehicle is very intuitive and build quality is awesome. Being a tech-head as well as a car fanatic I have found the technical superiority over other makes astounding.

Renault Captur J87

Latest review: I have had my Renault for 3 years. It is very comfortable to drive. You feel like hour stepping up into it. The only issue I have with it is the section around the windscreen are a little too

Audi A5

Latest review: After taking delivery of my new A5 Sportback a month ago I must say I am amazed at how really good this car is - especially compared to my outgoing 2015 Mercedes C250 AMG line. I got the A5 45

Renault Kangoo

Latest review: Hi there, I like to write about an ABS issue on my 2016 Renault Kangoo.... Its eye opening in regards to custoumer care by Renault on Warranty issues. In Jan 2018 my car developed an ABS fault. ABS,

Renault Master

Latest review: I have had an ongoing gearbox problem since the warranty period. Now it's out of warranty Renault is refusing to repair it! I have pointed out that I have been dealing with this problem for three

HSV Gen-F Maloo

Latest review: I took delivery of my 2015 Gen F HSV Maloo R8 on 5th September 2015. My previous car was a 2007 Toyota Corolla Levin ZR, so it was quite an upgrade in power and performance to a beast like the Maloo

Chevrolet Camaro

Latest review: Just purchased & drove home to Tasmania from Sydney. Settling into the groove of the car after the first 300 km , I was more impressed no rattles or strange noises considering the car was fully

Audi RS4

Latest review: Audi RS 4 is a supercar in a sedans clothing. The thumping 4.2 litre V8 engine needs to be heard to be believed - it is both wild and welcomingly resounding with the windows down. With the windows

Audi S4

Latest review: Audi S4 Avant,this is an extremely practical and sporty car. Understated but so much to like about this car. My previous car was the S5 convertable but difficult to carry the bike and kayak. The

HSV Clubsport

Latest review: Expensive to run, all show no go, Have never ever owned a Holden did get this at a good price for what I hear they are worth so lucky there I guess, still have it, but looking around, went through

Audi TT

Latest review: Plenty of space for everyday use once you’ve folded the rear seats. Have carried a mountain bike (front wheel off) in there and a 2,1m painting with the front passenger seat folded too! Never tried f

Audi A8

Latest review: I went from a manual v8 Audi S4 into this and it has been the most beautiful and reliable Audi to own and drive. I have only had a few little niggles over the journey. I have two car seats in the

Audi Q2