Best Otek Australia Video Cameras

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Otek DVH 7B2
4.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Small, handy device to have lying around anywhere (it's waterproof) and ready to shoot. Great for movie shots you would have not bothered if you needed to pull out a fancy cam. I use it mainly for

Otek DVH5B1
4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: While I was hoping for the best (being 1080p HD) from my new v-camera unfortunately it was not as good as it sounded. Yes it provided a good picture, and it was a little hard to hear anyone speak

Otek DVH5F0
3.5 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Good morning my friend I need you helping That I bought ready 02 your otek 1080p high-definition video camera ( DVH-5FO and DVH-A85 by online and I had itself in last 3 days. When I open all of

Otek DVX 5F9
3.0 from 1 review

Latest review: It started with me being fairly impressed, but as time went by I found more & more reason to be unhappy. It has very limited features, can't be used and charged at the same time, needs a lot of

Otek WaterSportz DCS

Otek WaterSportz DCS

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1.0 from 3 reviews

Latest review: I found the same problem - blurry pics when used in dry environment, and can't get into the Settings (Screwdriver) menu. Tried multiple settings but couldn't get a nice sharp pic. Could have bought

Otek DVR-5C8
1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I didn't expect much for the price, but with what the camera offered I thought it would do the job I required it for. I have a 3 megapixels camera that has better picture quality most videos come