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BMW 3 Series

Latest review: I bought my 2002 BMW 318i with low km in 2017 because another driver at work liked BMWs. I saw this one on eBay at auction about $2k and went to see it. Having seen it I got soft for maybe the first

BMW 5 Series

Latest review: It's a trusted vehicle that I use mostly on my way to and from work and occasionally on weekends, and it's also very useful. I use it a lot of times, at least 80 miles a time, use it for a long

Volvo V60

Latest review: We're very pleased with our Volvo V60. The performance is great, it looks fabulous, and is very comfortable. It took us a few weeks to fully understand the entertainment system as there was no

Mercedes-Benz E-Class E200

Latest review: Just got a second hand w212 E200 with AMG pack.Must say its sumply awesome.It parks itself,the cruise control is fast and intuitive.I travel 240 kms per week on highway fuel consumption is awesome

Audi RS4

Latest review: Audi RS 4 is a supercar in a sedans clothing. The thumping 4.2 litre V8 engine needs to be heard to be believed - it is both wild and welcomingly resounding with the windows down. With the windows

Audi S4

Latest review: Audi S4 Avant,this is an extremely practical and sporty car. Understated but so much to like about this car. My previous car was the S5 convertable but difficult to carry the bike and kayak. The

Skoda Superb

Latest review: If you like Volkswagen Passats, then Skoda Superb is a smarter choice. The same parts, same chassis with a different badge, some cleaver design for much less money. This means you can kit out the

Skoda Fabia

Latest review: I am amazed by my wagon with the sports pack. It has a fabulous pick up for a small car. Never hesitates even tho it is set to turn off the engine when stationary. Corners magnificently very stable

Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300

Latest review: I’m not really a car person or enthusiast but after having this Mercedes Benz C300 for 10 months I so into this car. Everything about it is just class, performance and safety. I’ve done almost 30,

Ford Mondeo

Latest review: I purchased this car in February 2018. It had 22,000KM on it, and was 14 months old. When I purchased it everything was tight, no noises, no squeals, no complaints! Fast forward 14 months and it's

Mitsubishi Lancer

Latest review: That's right folks, this car is pushing on 15 years old and has NEVER broken down (except for a few times when I accidentally left the lights on). I don't know what they made this thing out of,

Mazda 6

Latest review: Bought secondhand 2 years ago with 80k on clock and a full service history. Country car, used for daily commuting. No unsealed roads. Now done 110k and every service has needed non service

Toyota Prius V ZVW40

Latest review: I drive the 2014 Prius V more than a year: Pros: - great fuel consumption (5-6L/100km, always power mode) - reliable. no minor fault - heavy car feel stable for passengers Cons: - sluggish and

Volkswagen Passat
  • Transmission: Dual-Clutch (DCT)
  • Drive Type: Four Wheel Drive (4WD)
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Wheels: 18" Alloy or 19" Alloy
  • ANCAP Safety Rating: 5 stars
  • Doors: 5
  • Seats: 5
  • Fuel Consumption: 5.6 L/100km
  • Engine: 4 Cylinder 2.0L
  • Country of Manufacture: Germany

Skoda Octavia

Latest review: Have had my 2008 performance RS petrol Octavia since 2011 with hassle free driving. Always done servicing on time. Only repairs were the electric coils being replaced as I noticed the engine was

Holden Commodore

Latest review: Love this car. Best value car for the $. Economical .9 to 10 liters per 100 KLM around town. 6.4 to 7.5 highway driving. Perfect mechanically. Always serviced at Holden dealership. Powerful and

Subaru Levorg

Latest review: I have found the Levorg STi Sport (not a real STi) that I picked up last week to be a complete and refined vehicle. It seems those complaining did not take one for a proper test drive as all these

Mercedes-Benz E-Class E220

Latest review: I bought a new E220d coupe earlier this year on the basis of the clams by MB that it is the most'intelligent' car in the market. This may or may not be correct. What is clear is that ithe technology

Volkswagen Golf

Latest review: My wife and I bought a used mk7 Golf GTI with 134,000 km on it! (manual). It still looks, feels and drives like a new car. Our family with 2 kids are very tall and we find this a fantastic, and

Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200

Latest review: I bought c200 sedan in 2015 - a supposedly reliable car. My endless negative experinces suggest otherwise. For me, buying a Mercedes has been one of the most disheartening experiences, from the time

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