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Tommee Tippee Fresh Food Feeder

Latest review: I absolutely love the fresh food feeder. This product makes introducing solids easy. With using the fresh food feeder it eliminates the stress of your baby choking on a big chunk as what comes out is

Boon Grass / Lawn

Latest review: I was given the Boon Grass by a friend. Highly recommend for parents especially the one who wash alot of baby bottles. I use it for everything, sippy cup/bottles, baby spoon, snack container and

Heinz Baby Basics Unbelievabowl Super Strong Suction Bowl

Latest review: Maybe I got a faulty bowl and suction piece but I attached the suction part to the high chair and connected the bowl but do you think I can now get the bowl off the suction piece. I have tried using

Bubba Blue Bamboo Range

Latest review: Found that these were not as soft as other wraps that we have for baby (particularly Aden & Anais). They're good though for covering up bassinet/pram for baby to sleep soundly. Ok for wrapping,

Wean Meister Freezer Pods

Latest review: I was given these as a baby shower gift, and they have been amazing. I am wanting to buy another set, however I haven’t been able to find anything comparable. The size of the pods, the material t

Tommee Tippee Roll 'n' Go Bib

Latest review: I will NEVER buy this bib again. After washing the correct way its covered in a sticky, oily substance. Contacted the company and they pretty much said it's time to buy a new one and it's a process

Nuby Hot Safe Feeding Spoons

Latest review: I'm using this for my son and i'm happy with that. No worries with this spoon can't hurt .This spoon is perfect in its size, shape and material, which made me happy and easy to feed him. I have this

Ikea Kalas Bowl

Latest review: Convenient for quick snacks and small meals. Bright colours, but a tip to not have curries in them as they stain the plastic if not washed straight away. No damage done minus a few scratches here

Lindam Annabel Karmel Spoon & Foon

Latest review: I really like the spoon and wish I had bought more separately without the foons. My daughter feeds herself easily with the spoon and we've never had any self-feeding problems. The foon on the other

Boon Squirt

Latest review: My daughter and I have both thoroughly enjoyed and loved using this product for a couple of reasons. Reason number one: when I am feeling lazy, I would buy the pre made squeezy packets of food or

Philips Avent Customisable Learning Spoon SCF722/00

Latest review: Yes it's soft and flexible and my baby loves to chomp on it, but I bought it for the purpose of feeding. Eventually I wanted my daughter to be able to feed herself. Problem with it is by the time she

Heinz Baby Basic Weaning Spoons

Latest review: These Heinz baby basics weaning spoons are perfect for introducing solids to your little ones diet. They do stain with some foods usually an orange colour. We have the bright pink ones so the

Infantino Squeeze Station

Latest review: The infantino Squeeze machine is really good, very useful works exactly as shown easy to use and no mess. Although i purchased it in hope that my son would use it... he is very particular about the

BabyBjorn Baby Plate and Spoon

Latest review: After using many different brands, we love the plate and cutlery by Baby Bjorn. Light and easy enough for our 8 month old to explore using cutlery. The plate is nice and deep, allowing for less

BabyBjorn Soft Bib

Latest review: OK, this bib was amazing! We got half way through dinner with my 8 month old before I realised/remembered why she didn’t have food down the sides of her high chair, which I kept checking for! The bib

Heinz Baby Basics Soft Tip First Feeding Spoons

Latest review: I really like these spoons, especially as they are like a little scraper & get EVERY last bit of food off bowl. Have used them with both my kids. Soft for mishaps of hitting bubas teeth :) 4mth spoon

Cherub Baby Fresh Food Feeder

Latest review: I bought these fresh food feeders to help me start my 6 month old son on solid foods. I can’t believe how easy and fun they are. I started by using frozen breast milk cubes which my baby just loved c

Plate Sticka

Latest review: I initially bought this to use on our Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair table. Unfortunately the Tripp Trapp high chair table is not a great surface for suction plates and bowls. However, this product

Reusable Freeze n Squeeze Ice Pop Pouches

Latest review: What better way is there to give your baby a healthy homemade treat? I used to buy the store bought ice pops because I didn’t think I had enough time to make my own. I got the starter kit as a gift a

Heinz Baby Basics Infant Formula Dispenser

Latest review: I purchased this item from toys r us and after 3 occasions of my son suffering from constipation I noticed that it was due to the powder being distributed throughout the other compartments. I

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