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Healthstream Heavy Duty Exercise Bench

Latest review: A very smoothe movement and has the weight to maintina balance inthe machine throughout the range of motion. The pulley system is well balanced and there are no sticking points. well balanced. It

Body by Jake I.M. Rings

Latest review: Awesome focused strength work out. Good amount of cardio, Was sweating 5 minutes in. My husband is 95kg and I am 62kg and we didn't have to adjust anything to both use it. I am a triathlete and

Healthstream Basic Exercise Bench

Latest review: Great versatility with multiple adjustments and settings for incline, decline and seated positions. Strong, sturdy framework with comfortable and durable upholstery. Great step up from a standard

Healthstream Economy Exercise Bench

Latest review: This is a good entry level bench. It is not made for a tall or big person. I received this bench from a mate so it was second hand when I got it. It had always been left undercover but outside. It

Body by Jake Tower 200

Latest review: Mainly due to instructions or lack thereof. During setup it says release tab and slide into position then replace tab. There's no description of these tabs or where they are or how to release them

Force USA Heavy Duty Olympic Bench Press

Latest review: The bench is heavily built but when you look at the nylon bushes between the telescopic weight brackets. There is a lot of slack in the joint. The fabrication is also very rough and leaves slop in

Force USA Smith Machine & Bench Package

Latest review: I just bought this machine for the smithmachine, It works great but as for the lat pulldown & other pully systms they are terrible .... I normally do about 15 kg on tricep press, with this machine i

Force USA Flat / Incline / Decline Adjustable Bench

Healthstream Power Cage

Force USA Power Rack with Band Attachments