Philips Wired Headphones

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Philips Bass+ SHL3070

Latest review: I would like to put the review in one sentence first - Value for money and more! I bought these cans for my travel use, especially in train. The objective was to save my expensive headphones from

Philips SHP9500S

Latest review: Purchased these on eBay (hard to find elsewhere) for around $100AU and they were a complete steal. Most comfortable headphones I've ever owned and sound comparable to much more expensive open back

Philips A5PROI/00

Latest review: These are not your average celebrity endorsed headphones. These are professional grade headphones designed by acclaimed DJ Armen Van Buuran. Sound quality is superbly balanced. Can be used for

Philips Fidelio

Latest review: Had for over a year use almost every day for long stretches. Great sounding headphones. I'm not an audiophile but have had around 5 good quality headphones and these are the best. Fairly sturdy

Philips SHP2600TV/10

Latest review: I use these headphones to plug into the TV. Very comfortable and the sound quality is good. I didn't want to spend too much on a wireless set as I don't use this very often, so the price and quality

Philips Ultra Lightweight SBCHL140/98

Latest review: I had been looking for ages for Walkman type over ar headphones because I really dislike in ear ones but I dont want to commute with giant full sized ones either. These are just the ticket! great

Philips SHL3065

Latest review: Got these for my son - great value and good sound quality. They have travelled with him on a school camp and coped with the rigorous life of an 11 year old. I certainly recommend them. The only

Philips PMSHK200PK

Latest review: I bought these for my 5 yr old for a recent overseas trip and was very happy with them. Pros: they fit her well and were comfortable so she sat and watched movies for ages (win!), they have a volume

Philips SHE3855SG

Latest review: My partner forgot his headphones so picked up the cheapest option while we were at the airport. He didn't expect much of these because of the price point, but they are surprisingly good! As long as

Philips SHL385NC/00

Latest review: I bought these thinking I'd have a comparable replacement set of headphones after a set of AKG brand headphones I've had for 3+ years were broken. Having paid this much I would expect far superior

Philips SHE3855

Philips Fidelio L1