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Sony MDR-EX15AP EX Monitor

Latest review: I have used so many different brands of headphones and I always come back to these Sony ones. They don’t fall out of your ears like every other ones I’ve used,especially at the gym, the sound quality

Bose Soundtrue Ultra

Latest review: These Bose earphones provides one of the clearest and purest sounds I have ever heard for an earphone. The unique wingtips for the ear piece helps ensure they stay in your ear. One issue I have with

Sennheiser Urbanite XL

Latest review: Sound is great but the ear pads started falling off almost immediately and were a real pain to put back on. They have both now deteriorated and fallen to pieces after very little wear and the

Sennheiser CX 3.00

Latest review: These cost $90, i bought them because i wanted a high quality noise isolating set of earphones. They hardly isolate background noise e.g. white noise, and the quality of the audio sucks. I wasted my

Marley Smile Jamaica

Latest review: My Father came home with a pair of these earphones a while ago (found them at the airport) and I could not believe the sound quality. I also could not believe the price when I found out that they

Sennheiser PX 200 / II

Latest review: When you're spending $100+ on a pair of over ear headphones (like the AKG K553 Pros) you get a lot for your money with over-ear full size headphones, and start getting decent fitting IEMs. Not so in

Beats Pro

Latest review: These headphones are perfect for the gym, walking the dog or just relaxing at home. I used them especially on my recent holiday to europe, so easy to compact into my on board luggage and made 23 hrs

Logitech G933

Latest review: Great wireless headset for gaming and chatting with friends. The Sound quality is fantastic and I've had no issues with the mic quality. I can wear it for hours and forget its even on. My main issue

Razer Kraken Pro

Latest review: The sound is just awful, whoever thought the default equalizer should have maximum bass should be fired. The sound is not clear unless you manually configure the equalizer. Many reviews have the same


Latest review: They work fine, but sound super tinny. No sign of bass just highs with minimal mids. I purchased these thinking that they’d be better than the cheap Chinese $2.50 earbuds, but they sound very much t


Latest review: Kids for travelling, these are fantastic! My son chewed his last set of headphones lead. This pair are wireless Bluetooth. They stay charged for a 4 hour car ride and have nice clear sound! They

Liquid Ears In Ear LEI20

Latest review: There is nothing awful about this product but also nothing outstanding. I find that most earphones break within 3 months or I lose them. This product lasted about 4-7 months and I believe it was of

Philips Bass+ SHL3070

Latest review: I would like to put the review in one sentence first - Value for money and more! I bought these cans for my travel use, especially in train. The objective was to save my expensive headphones from

Audio-Technica ATH-S100iS

Latest review: These headphones have surprisingly good sound quality for the cheap price. The seal around my ears is also good and blocks out a lot of noise. The build is fairly light, which is what I wanted, but

Pioneer SE-MJ503T-W

Latest review: I got these for my father-in-law for his birthday. He tried them out and was so excited he came to show everyone else. Outside, you can hardly hear anything coming out of them. Putting them on with

Plantronics .Audio 655 DSP

Latest review: Well, I don't really need this pair of headphone. I have to buy because it is the official headphone in an exam. Luckily, it's just around $43 on eBay. All I have to do is to wait for one week.

Sennheiser GAME ONE

Latest review: I bought these headphones to listen to music loudly, to play games and to talk to my friends. It does all of these perfectly. I can listen to the music and hear things that lesser headphones cant


Latest review: I was introduced to SoundMagic about a year ago and I've fell in love with the earphones so I had to get a pair for myself. It has amazing sound quality and the treble is really distinct from the

Logitech H110

Latest review: I ordered these from DirectDeals earlier in June and they work well. Cost me under $15.00 and are of good quality. The speakers and microphone work well and being I use them with a laptop the

Sennheiser HD 650

Latest review: After trying multiple headsets these things are the best and there cost reflects in the price. These are slightly on the treble side so bass is a little subdued. The sound separation is incredible.

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