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Zosi 1920TVL

Latest review: Virtually worthless. Constantly going offline, hard drive crashes daily, a waste of time and money. I wish I had bought something

Swann DVR4-4575

Latest review: This is an email I sent to Swann this morning and will serve as my review. I also agree that the after sales/ support from swann (not the people I purchased off) is also poor and leaves you with the

Uniden GDVR8A42

Latest review: For a start the remote management uses Active X controls. This means the management system will not run on modern versions of IE and not under windows 10. The active X interface is extremely buggy.

Uniden GDVR4A40

Latest review: Bought new unit 5 months ago, and the hard drive has already buggered up. Making so much noise I cannot sleep at night so I have turned it off. I have tried to contact Uniden a few times, their

Uniden GNVR8580

Latest review: Purchased the GNVR8580 less than 2 years ago, suddenly stopped working. Have had many problems with cameras not working, will not be purchasing this brand again. Good quality picture but for the

Swann NVR4-7300

Latest review: I bought NVR4-7300 kit (4 camera + 1 TB recorder) kit from swann dealer and got it installed in new house. When house was powered up, the kit was turned on. The recoder showed only 1 camera out of 4

Foscam FI9928P

Latest review: I have several Foscam indoor and outdoor cameras. While the indoor cameras are reasonably good and fairly priced, I don't seem to be lucky with the outdoor cameras. The first one I had produced a lot

Panasonic KX-HN6002AZW

Latest review: You get what you pay for. This is a cheap security system, and it does an ok Job. It's not high def, so it's not very clear, but it is good enough to work out someone is in your house. The App over

Foscam FI9800P

Latest review: I have five FI9800P cameras around my house, love the clarinet and wifi connection, without warning all five cameras stopped working, they will not configure on wifi or hardwire. I am always having

Uniden GDVR8T80

Latest review: This product is ok if you just want to have the cameras running and only view them on a screen that’s directly plugged into the DVR. But if you want to see your cameras remotely, forget about it. It t

Swann DVR8-3425

Latest review: Absolutely useless, 7 out of 8 cameras are faulty, infa red night vision is useless, warranty claim is a total waste of time, DVR started beeping, hdd light flashing, have to reset manually I

Swann NVR4-7400

Latest review: Please be advised that if you are after a simple monitoring system, where you login and view what is going on, as well as some basic recording SWANN will do. However if you are after a system, that

Telstra Smart Home

Latest review: Purchased in Aug 18, couldn't set it up, rang the support number, they identified it as a broken hub. They sent a new hub straight away, but it still wouldn't work. Seemed like the attempt to set it

Arlo Q

Latest review: This device never connected. It’s should have Never been released from engineering. I tried everything. Very poor quality. It’s going back. Nice job Arl

Mobotix AllroundDual M15

Latest review: We bought 3 Mobotix M15 cameras over the last 2 years and 2 of them have been confirmed by Mobotix tech support to need repair so far. Before buying these very expensive Mobotix cameras (about $1,500

Uniden GDVR8242

Latest review: The DVR unit died shortly after the measly 12 month warranty period expired. I tried contacting Uniden to source a replacement unit, which I was grudgingly willing to pay for since I had already

Ubiquiti Unifi G3

Axis 221

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