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For businesses who simply want to respond to reviews.

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For small to medium businesses who want to better manage their reputation and develop a review strategy.

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For large businesses who have multiple products or services and require custom integrations.

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Engage Your Customers
Respond to Reviews Publicly respond to reviews as an official brand representative.
Respond to Questions Publicly respond to questions as an official brand representative.
Email Notifications Receive alerts for all customer submissions.
Review Mediation Provide your customers with the option to resolve issues privately.
Private Messaging Communicate privately with your customers.
Team Management Create teams to manage specific listings.
Multiple Users Invite others to help manage your brand.
Live Chat Box Add a live chat box to your listing on (currently only Zendesk supported)
Listing Showcase Showcase your product or service with an image gallery uploaded by you
Pinned Review Choose one review to the pinned to the top of your listing page
Build Your Reviews
Review Invitation Tool Invite your customers to write a review. Send unlimited amount of invitations.
Write Review Links
Write Review Cards Attach this card to your invoices, product packaging, or simply give it to customers.
Automatic Post Purchase Invitation50 per monthunlimitedunlimited
Match your branding and customize your emails
Market Your Reviews
Comprehensive Widget Display reviews and questions on your website.
Inline Rating Widget Display ratings on your product and category pages.
SEO Rating Snippet Used by Google and other search engines to show the star ratings in their search results at their discretion.
Reviews Carousel Widget Highlight best or most recent reviews in a beautiful responsive carousel.
Reviews Horizontal Widget Highlight best or most recent reviews front and centre on the full-width of your page.
Reviews Vertical Widget Highlight best or most recent reviews inside a small space, a sidebar for example.
Sticky Rating Widget Display your rating in a sticky badge at the bottom of your page.
Ratings Badges Showcase ratings on your website and emails.
Facebook Integration Showcase reviews on your Facebook page.
Social Media Creative Showcase outstanding reviews by generating images and share them on your social media platforms.
Match your branding and customize your widgets
Drive Traffic
Google Seller Ratings Display ratings in your Google Ads.
Google Product Ratings Display ratings in Google Shopping.
Rich Snippets
Direct Link to Your Website
Ad Free Link
Content Submission Track consumer submissions over time.
Traffic Track page views and time on page.
User Behaviour
Comprehensive Report
Review Invitations
ProductReview Ads
Monthly Reports Receive content submission reports in your inbox.
Export Data
Export Review Body
e-commerce Platform Integrations
Magento 2
Client-side Adhoc integrationcoming sooncoming sooncoming soon
Server-side Adhoc integrationcoming sooncoming sooncoming soon
Content Flagging
Email/Online Support5 business days1 business day4 hours
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* Please note that the free trial only applies to first time subscribers. It doesn’t apply if you have been on any plans including the Starter plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a listing, do I need to pay to respond to reviews?

No, you can sign up to our Starter plan and respond to reviews for free.

Can I still subscribe if my business doesn't provide services in Australia?

No, at the moment ProductReview only lists businesses that service the Australian market.

What payment methods do you support?

We provide two main payment options: credit card and wire transfer. For wire transfers the minimum subscription length is 12 months.

I want to advertise on your site but I don’t have a listing, what should I do?

We recommend creating a listing and growing your reviews using our Brand Management Platform as the first step.

What happens to my listing if I unsubscribe from the Brand Management Platform?

The listing will remain on ProductReview along with its review content and your responses. However, you will no longer be able to access the Brand Management Platform features to manage your review strategy.

Where can I read the terms & conditions for the Brand Management Platform?

Terms & conditions for the Brand Management Platform.

I need help, what do I do?

Contact us.