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Absolutely Terrible. AVOID!

Legitimate claims for delayed travel and loss of fares and accomodation. They denied all of them. We were out of pocket thousands. I wouldn't have even thought there would be an issue as the claim was so straight forward. Terrible customer service. My mother also broke her ankles snowboarding and they did EVERYTHING they could to get out of paying for the surgery. They even tried to make her FLY HOME with TWO broken ankles and no one to help her. Do not use this company.

Value for Money
Customer Service

Not suitable for international drivers licence holders

I wanted to get a third party car insurance cover quote from them but what a bummer, if you hold an international licence they don't serve you! Good to know beforehand.

Insurance TypeThird Party Property Damage
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeNo

Do not use this company

Two members of my family have used this service and both had legitimate claims - one injury and one travel delay/cancellation out of our control.

They did everything they could to try and get out of the injury claim even trying to force my mum to fly back to Australia with two broken feet requiring surgery!

On our claim (separate policy) we tried to claim cancelled flights and lost hotel room due to weather and travel company cancelling on us. I thought it would be straight forward. Nope. Completely denied. DO NOT USE! Complete waste of money and hideous service.

Insurance claim madeYes

How do you people get away with this??

So here I am a MALE with a spotless driving record and no insurance claims whatsoever, yet these sexual discriminators will increase my wife's excess by $200 if I as a MALE am listed as an additional driver on her quote for car insurance? Wow!! The worst part is, the silence is deafening from the vocal minority groups who would close this business overnight, if the genders were reversed. It's almost as bad as the slogan from that other female sexist group, "Fernwood Women's Club", who advertise, "No Tom's No Harry's and definitely NO DICK'S".
Yes, my wife has shopped elsewhere!!

Insurance claim madeNo

Good value, unless you are not at fault.

I have been with them for several years and they seemed fine until this year when my car was hit by beams falling off a truck in front. Despite photos of the truck, licence plate details, Stat Dec from me AND a witness who stopped to help, they still took 13 weeks to approve the damage, gave my repairer trouble and made no effort to ID the truck owner so stung me for the excess.
Reason: you didn't block the road, stop the truck and demand the drivers details.
Don't insure with them unless you are prepared to ALWAYS take the blame and lose your no claim bonus.

Insurance claim madeYes


Was going to switch companies for savings purposes. The quote I was given was over $200 less than my current company. Then I had received a call because I had hit a Kangaroo in Sept 2012 was 5 months off there 5 year no claim they wanted to increase my policy to more than I was paying at my current company. So since they would not work with me they lost my policy plus my other 2 I was going to transfer. Very upset with the outcome of this situation.

Insurance claim madeNo

First for women the best..been with them not even a year and they fix my geyser..no excess thks firt

First for women the best.only been with them for a year i think..they put in a new geyser for me .with no excess...they are the best.been with other insurance companies for years ..and they would fix anything.and when u try and claim ..as if u the bad one .thks again first for women will recoment u to all my friends
Regards sharon.ps u the bedt

Insurance claim madeYes

A disappointing end to relationship with company

Price for insurance tended to increase disproportionately over time. Also too willing to drop our business without negotiation or consideration for the length of time we had been with them.

Insurance claim madeNo

Avoid this company!

When I began driving I signed up for full comprehensive insurance with first for women. I experienced 2 not at fault claims with this company in the early years of my driving. Both times were substantial repairs, one involved towing my car to repairers approx. 40 mins drive away. Both instances I had my car fixed and returned to me within 2 weeks. I was very happy with my repairs and the service I had received. Therefore I told everyone how great this company was, I even signed my sister up. Now after being a customer with them for 9 years, I have experienced another claim with them, and all I can say is steer well and truly clear of first for women!!!
My 2000 Subaru outback was involved in a front end accident, with most of my damage being to the passengers side headlight and guard, and my bumper becoming 90% detatched. After the insurance company telling me they would write it off they decided to fix it.
I waited 2 weeks before I tried to take advantage of the 14 day hire car on my policy. The insurance company wanted me to travel almost 2 hrs away to collect the hire car. I told them this was not possible, they then informed me a hire car was not possible. I then rang them back and asked if a hire car from a local company was possible. They had to call back to tell me that the company was on the Insurance companys list, but they didn't have any cars available, so they had then organised a car through a different local company. They also told me I would need to cover the cost of the hire car, which amounted to almost $1500. This local hire car company was ten minutes drive from my house.
I couldn't understand why this was not suggested to me by first for women, or why they did not even try to accommodate me with a hire car.
The day before I am due to return the hire car I called the repairers to make sure my car would be ready. They informed me that it wouldn't be as they had received the wrong bumper and that it wouldn't be ready for another five days.
I then had to call the insurance company to inform them that the car would not be ready and that I would require the hire car for the additional 5 days as I have children that needed to go to school etc. They eventually allowed it to be extended after I became irate.
After 5 weeks, and my phone calls to them being on the brink of hounding and abusive I finally got my car back.
I drove my car for a few days and was noticing a squeaking/whistling sound and a grinding sound. The grinding sound was only audible when turning out of my drive way or in/out of parking spots.
I took my car back to the repairers, Adams Smash Repairs. I informed them of the noises and asked if they could have a look and see what it was. The gentleman told me that it was the power steering and that it was because I had the wheel turned into full lock when turning, which I shouldn't do. I told him that I had owned the car for 8 years and that it had never done it before, and asked what could be done about it. He said he'd ring and check with the Insurance company.
The Insurance company then told me I would need to pay and take my car to Subaru for an assessment. If they found things to be wrong due to the accident then the insurance company would reimburse me the cost of the assessment, if not I would have to wear it. During this conversation I asked if the hire car money had been reimbursed to me and they informed me that it had.
So I waited almost 2 weeks and took my car to Subaru for the assessment. Subaru marked on the report that the heat shield was damaged and rubbing on the exhaust and should be repaired, the gentleman from Subaru said that it hadn't been like this for long and he could clearly see this; and that the newly replaced radiator was faulty and leaking. The Subaru mechanic bent the heat shield back into place. My car no longer made the grinding noise when turning.
During the time Subaru was assessing my car I received a letter from the insurance company stating they had reimbursed my account $44 for my cars new number plates. I rang and asked which account it had gone to as I didn't think they had my details, and the girl informed me that she wasn't sure but she would cancel it and have a cheque sent. I then asked where the $1500 for the hire car had been reimbursed to and she replied that it looked as though it hadn't been. I then asked her why I was told it had been and she said she wasn't sure, but she would ask the supervisor. She ended up calling back stating she couldn't get a hold of the supervisor but she would send a cheque for that also.
I then called the insurance company back after picking my car up from Subaru and informed them of, and sent them the assessment report.
The insurance company called me and asked if I had marked the items on the assessment myself. I said no that's how Subaru handed it to me.
The Insurance company then informed me that they would repair the radiator as they had recently replaced it and it was still under warranty, but that they would not fix the heat shield as it was located towards the back of the car and wouldn't have been damaged in the accident. They then told me that I would need to take my car back to Adam's Smash repairers to have the assessment repairs done. I informed them that I was not happy about this, as I had already been in there for them to look at the car and they told me that it was the power steering. I asked them if Subaru could do the repairs seen as the Insurance company had asked for them to do the assessment, and the insurance company replied no and that Adam's needed the chance to fix the problem.
I queried with the Insurance company why they would not fix the heat shield seen as Subaru had marked this on the assessment and they replied that they wouldn't fix it as it wasn't a result of the accident and they only fixed the radiator because it was literally disintegrated. ( I have never had any problems whatsoever with my car leaking, overheating or similar in the whole time I have owned it. It has also had regular mechanic checks with this radiator problem or similar ever being reported before).
I ended up taking my car back to Adam's for the additional radiator repairs/replacement recommended by Subaru. Upon picking my car up I am informed that they did not replace the radiator, they only replaced a hose.
I was not happy with this so I booked my car into Subaru again to have them check the hire replacement done by Adam's. Whilst the Subaru mechanic had my car up on the hoist he showed us underneath the car, and asked us what it was that Adam's were meant to have done, as none of the hoses were new or appearing replaced.
Was not happy about everything, particularly their service so asked for an internal investigation, which came back stating nothing was wrong, and no action would be taken.
So after this recent experience with first for women, and after being a customer for nine years, all I have to say is they're service is appalling, steer clear!
But honestly I now need to thank them, so thank you first for women, because if it hadn't of been for your bad service I wouldn't have changed insurance companys.
In changing insurance companys I am now saving over $300 a year on my comprehensive insurance. So thank you!!
Oh and incase anyone is wondering my new insurance company insured my car for market value which is $2500, (obviously why I have saved money, clearly my car is not worth much); whereas first for women paid over $4000 for my repairs plus $1500 for the hire car plus $100 for new number plates and the Subaru assessment.
They basically blew any profit they made off me over the years, and lost a customer.
Bet your wishing you didn't go back on your word all the time now first for women, you should've just wrote it off in the first place!
Thanks again first for women!

Insurance claim madeYes

Not worth cheaping out on

Only reason I gave these guys 2 stars is because of their customer service, which is excellent. Never cheap out on their services. Roadside assistance took 2.5 hours to get to me (not in a metro area) and then quoted me $300 for a car battery that I paid $170 for.
Secondly, they moved my 1 star rating to a 3rd star after someone attempted to break into my car, did not provide me with a car to use and took hours to get back to me. Definitely not worth their comprehensive cover. I'm switching to a reputable company next month.

Insurance claim madeYes

best customer service

whenever I had had to speak with anyone at 1st for women car insurance I have received the most outstanding customer service. Always happy people who I can understand and who are there to help its like talking to a friend. its hard to find elsewhere and is always a hassle free experience

Insurance claim madeYes


I got ill in Bali. First diagnosis was dengue fever but further tests could not confirm this.
Had hot and cold fevers, splitting headache all the time and severe pain behind my eyes.
Had no energy could not eat as food caused nausea. I was confined to bed for 5 days with my wife attending and I was not getting better. Then when the Dr wanted to put me hospital we broached getting approval to fly home but was told this would not be approved. Just stay in bed was the advice.
We opted to fly home at our expense. I immediately went to my doctor and the blood test showed I had Type2 Dengue Fever.

Our Difficulties
1. Telephone contact No matter how we tried we could not get through the reverse charge number. Nor could the hotel reception get through it. Reception eventually dialled direct and that is how we were able to speak to 1st Woman (and I pick up the tab for the call.) So forget free calls.
2. We got no direction other than find a Dr and go there. We were told 1st Woman had a service provider in Sanur However we could not find out who it was. I could have gone direct to them in the first place.
3. We didn't have facilities to copy and send documents but were constantly asked to provide copies of all documents ...... I understood this could be done when we are home in put in a claim.
4. I was contacted at the hotel I still don't know who it was, presumably one of the company doctors. The lady was hard to understand and seemed to be talking on Skype because she would drop in and out constantly. Absolutely hopeless.

One wonders the difficulties if there was a life threatening situation. Advice would probably be "Stay in bed till you due to come home"

1st Woman was quite prepared to just let me waste all my holiday confined to bed. I thought insurance was to compensate for sickness which interrupts your holiday. Silly me.

Insurance claim madeNo

RIPPED OFF !!! by 1st For Women

Have been with 1st for Women for 3 years now, thought I would just shop around as a good consumer does, to see what others are paying for Fully Comp Car Insur. Got an online Quote with exact details from Coles Online (Westfarmers Insur)... $354.00 , this is $475.00 cheaper than the $829.00 1st for Women policy, and Coles has added coverage items..Can u believe it? Requested online Quote on 1st for Women website, exact details of my current policy with them, quote was $568.00$ ($261.00 Cheaper than I am paying them on my current policy). When I originally entered my correct D.O.B and address, it wouldn't process a quote, It obviously matches details within your policy and refuses to let you see what they should be charging. It says" Please contact us to discuss your quote", I then entered a false D.O.B (same Year) and a different email and residential address (the house on the corner from us) , hey presto ! RIPPED OFF ! Oh!! Don't worry...I'll be contacting them to discuss my quote alright !, So frustrated it is Sunday !!!!

Couldn't fault them

I chose 1st for women because of price, which was very favourable. Three months later, I had my first car crash and was devastated, it was my fault and I was very worried the insurer would drag there heals in making a decision and my car would be totalled as its fairly old. I was pleasantly surprised to find neither was true, I found the customer service to be excellent; professional and understanding. The assessment of my claim was promptly approved and I'm back on the road after little over a week!
Great customer service

Household members

Be careful unless you add all members of your household on policy they are not covered even if you select all can drive big rip off just like budget direct by the way same company don't go near them be careful check pdf no more to say just be wary

Excellent to do deal with

My car was damaged in the hail storm and was classified as non-repairable. It was ready to be updated anyway and what they offered was perfect as I don't think i would've received this price if i went through all the effort and bargaining if I sold it privately, and car companies wouldn't have offered anything close to what I wanted for a trade-in. I had only wonderful, friendly customer support service from them and cheque came in the mail soon after. I also had an accident in my new car and again only wonderful service all the way.
friendly and very helpful customer service over the phone
I can't fault them at this stage - maybe lower insurance cover?

Good when you buy, shocking when you claim

Purchasing car insurance was easy, with helpful staff. However, we are currently attempting to make a not-our-fault claim. Claims staff were very rude, not helpful at all and demanded disclosure of information that wasn't required/asked for at the time of purchase. "Claims manager" allocated to us has not contacted us. Claims service is not available on weekends.
Very poor claims service. Is not worth the cheaper premium if something does go wrong.


The insurance agency is not much cheaper than some of the bigger ones that provide amazing service and are able to guide you through the process. My advice is steer clear
Only $33 to leave them
Claim process has been incredibly and unbelievably difficult. Firstly they are not open on weekends so if you have an accident on a weekend, you need to wait until 9am Monday for someone to help you (but of course call their sales line and there's someone there, not that they can help). I was told that I should get a tow truck, and it might be reimbursed - very helpful.
I still have not been called by my claim manager (nearly 2 weeks after claim), it is impossible to get a direct answer to some questions about making a claim. Some of the staff are very rude, impatient and not helpful. When my renewal last came up, my quote was actually more expensive than the exact same product that they quote on THEIR OWN website! I had to fight with them to get them to reduce it, and they made me go and find other quotes to prove that they were not competitive.

Don't even bother looking into this

Clearly 'the customer is always right' doesn't work for this mob. Even when they take a recording of what is discussed they will still swear black and blue that they are not wrong. Imagine being told your insurance will cost one thing then getting a letter saying it costs double the amount simply because they made a mistake originally.
Cheaper Insurance for women a good concept


Recommend them to any lady like me who likes to make sure they know what they're paying for. Staff are so polite. I did ask about the claims only being in business hours and they told me they had a 24hr number you can call and they will give you information on what to do if you need help at the scene then they get a claim expert to follow it up with you the next day. That's good enough for me.
SOOOO helpful. Im not an expert on insurance, far from it. I spoke to a lovely girl who was so very helpful. She spent so much time explaining how things worked to me and answered all my million questions. We spent 45 minutes on the phone going over all the details to make sure I was happy with the policy. Not like other companies who got stroppy when I started asking questions and by 15 minutes were trying to hang up on me.
At first I was surprised to find I had to pay extra for things like windscreen and hire car but thats because they give you the price with and without those things so you can decide for yourself. Most of the other companies I called just said it was included but they were still more expensive.

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