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2012 Polygon Premier 3.0

2012 Polygon Premier 3.0

4.8 from 4 reviews

Great online bikes deal

Assembling the bike was slightly more difficult than i expected. However, i could see instantly that it was very good quality. The gears were very smooth. Free delivery and 14 days free trial is exceptional customer service. The only thing i would prefer is a higher top gear (it is adequate but it is a mountain bike after all). Very fast delivery. I like it so much, i shall probably buy one for my wife too!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great Value

Bought mine a month or so ago from bicyclesonline. I needed to update my old "Big W special " so I could keep up with my teenage son on the local MTB trails. I did a lot of research & shopping around & this was the best value I could find. This is basically the next step up from dept store bikes & in my opinion far superior.
Assembly is easy even if you have very basic mechanical skills, if not , I believe there is a video online explaining the details. (1 point here - make sure all quick release levers are TIGHT ! Especially the front wheel !!)
I weigh 115 kg (hopefully not for much longer !) & the bike handles my weight fine although I did have a small problem with a pedal which bicyclesonline sorted very quickly.
The only thing that I may look at updating at some stage is the front suspension forks. These are great on the trails but do tend to "bottom out" / "top out" a bit over jumps & drop offs (due to my weight I expect ).
Considering the bike only cost me $400 & high end forks alone can cost well over $1000, ime not complaining! Have found some air forks on ebay for around $250 delivered so may look at some in the future.
I was surprised at how fat the tyres are & the overall quality of the bike is impressive.
Gears at first were a bit hard to work out but as they wear in they are much better (apparently common in new bikes).
Overall this is a great bike & ime glad I bought it , ive ridden it fairly hard for a month or so & its holding up nicely.

Multi Purpose

Multi purpose, from riding to the office or going for a weekend with family. It is comfortable on different surfaces and good looking for me. This bike is beyond my expectation. I recommend to you for buying this bike. Don't worry to cycling with this bike. Let go green with bicycle

A Great Bike

Bike is better than I expected. Light and responsive, and beautiful gearing makes it easy to ride in any situation. I do a little light off road riding with mainly road use and I think unless you have specialist high end requirements this bike is a great choice. Surprisingly good bike for the money.
Quality components, right down to the side stand.

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I got mine from Bicycles Online.A really good all round experience, fast delivery, and great communication

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How much is the bike?
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Is it good and is it light will it stand ruff terain?
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Its good , and light, but I dont know how rough you want to get. I use mine for light off road riding with mainly "road" use . If you really want to flog it constantly you might need more specialized equipment. But for reasonable use its great.

I am 170 kg Please help mi to purchase a mountain bike?
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The Premier 3.0 is a good basic bike. To be honest I don't know about the weight issue, but I think the Premier 3.0 will give you a good idea of where to start . I like Polygons and there is likely to be something in their range to suit you.