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Latitude 28 Degrees Global Platinum Mastercard

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  • No Annual Fee

  • No International Transaction Fees

  • No Currency Conversion Fees


  • Reviewers complain about fees when paying off the card (e.g. $0.95 BPAY fee)

  • Website and app experience seen as sub-par


CategoryNo Annual Fee Credit Cards and Frequent Flyer & Travel Credit Cards
Card TypeMastercard
BenefitsNo Foreign Transaction Fee
Minimum Credit Limit $6,000
Additional Cardholders 1
Additional Cardholder Fee $0 p.a.
Minimum Repayments2.5%
Contactless PaymentsApple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate21.99% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee3%
Late Payment Fee$30
Annual Fee$0 p.a.
Foreign Transaction Fee 0%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$0
Interest Free Period 55 days
Cash Advance Rate21.99% p.a.
Release dateAug 2006

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  • Transparency
    4.4 (1,035)
  • Customer Service
    4.3 (1,060)
  • Rates and Fees
    4.5 (1,081)
  • Rewards
    2.9 (183)
  • Online Experience
    4.3 (1,030)
  • Application Process
    4.5 (904)

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Eh, its definitely a credit card


High interest rate, they make you keep your credit limit high, and charge you a fee when you BPAY payments. It's definitely a credit card that exists. Can use for travel, but get rid of it after!

Melissa N.

Melissa N.Perth, WA

My good friend


Not the best online internet facilities - but the card itself is simple and easy to use
Perfect for international travel with no transaction fees
No annual fees at all
You don't get points etc.

Richard  L

Richard LMcKellar 2617, ACT

Almost there


Great because no fees. Used to have instant help via phone but the last time I rang I was put on a big hold and then they wanted my 16 digit number etc. so I hung up and used the chat line. I just wanted to know how to download transaction data so I could analyse my expenses. After identifying myself and giving my email and typing in my question I was told I was 1 in the Queue. Then I was told they were busy and then I was asked to state my email and to type in my question and they would get back to me sometime. ANYWAY they finally got back to me to say they DO NOT support download of transaction data.

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JanSydney, NSW

Worst experience and going to close account


I was unable to get a refund for cancelled flights and the charge back process was appalling that I now have to direct matters to FOS. The handling of the process is in breach of MasterCard scheme regulation and will be reported for investigation.


BrucePerth, WA

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Only the one Flaw


Hassle of verification


Ive found it very difficult to proceed successful transactions because of the verification system. Places like Las Vegas won't allow a second trial of the same card if declined on first go. Even after notifying the bank of my travel destination, Im still unable to make convenient transactions first go.

Perfect Simple and Single Card card I hold for about 10 years now


a true Zero Fee card, perfect for overseas travelling and shopping. I had many other credit cards over the years but this is the only one I've kept and will keep having it.


trevjenSydney Surrounds, NSW

The best credit card!


Easy to use worldwide and no extra fees. It’s easy to set up automatic payment for the end of month statement. Have even received $20credits for spending over $2000 in a month .


morogostSydney, NSW

  • 5 reviews

Such a great card!!


I have had the 28 Degrees card for many years now (pre Latitude when I think GE ran it) and I absolutely love it. No annual fee and zero international fees so I use it for all of my overseas purchases and I'm sure I have saved thousands in fees over the years.

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  • Verified customer

The best card I have encountered


great experience and acceptable anywhere but the ex former states of Russia e.g. Turkmenistan to Kazakhstan (all Stan countries) Print a receipt button or History transfer reference module could be useful and a faster transfer time would add a great plus to the card.

No Annual or International fees!


Just what I was looking for with no Annual or International fees! Only downside charged a small fee to pay account via Bpay. Hope to use soon overseas no just online!!!

Petra F.

Petra F.Giralang 2617, ACT

Great exchange rates when OS


easy too use, good customer service, especially when my card was hacked. The card was immediately cancelled and the false transactions reversed and I got a new card. Thanks Team!



  • 2 reviews

Needed for our Son in New York


My Son has been using a secondary card in New York for 6 years. As main holder I can keep abreast and control. Only problem is that the pending do not name the merchant for several days


JohnBonner 2914, ACT

Never a Problem - except in India


In India a lot of businesses don't accept foreign cards...as they are too expensive. In other places around the world I have visited it works seamlessly...and there is no currency exchange fees!


HarrySydney, NSW

It is really very convenient and easy to use overseas.


Very convenient and easy to use. I decided not to use another card after I saw how convenient and easy this card is. And also, I do not have pay interest if I pay the due amount on time.

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Susie S.

Susie S.South East Queensland, QLD

Very happy


I am happy to have my credit card . Great services. When we get to go overseas again I will definitely be using it. The interest is a bit high though.


AnonymousGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Too many declines!!!!!


It was terrible. I travel frequently (well, at least when COVID lets me) and I almost always have trouble where my card gets declined because it is "suspicious". So I am in a shop trying to pay and I can't. Some time later I have to respond to a text saying "no, it is valid". Meanwhile the card is locked and I can't do anything. This happens multiple times per trip. I have previously spoken to someone and said that I travel a lot and not everything I do is suspicious. This time, I had a lot of trouble getting through on the phone. I found someone to email and he kept pointing me at a website with COVID hardship. It's like he didn't even read what I wrote - nothing to do with COVID.

Nothing Could not be better than this GE card


Good buying tool in hand when you are traveling overseas. I used in lot of countries such as USA , France , Sweden , Canada and Spain , Fiji , India Malaysia, Germany Singapore , Thailand .


TomWSydney, NSW

Great for travel, foreign currency purchases, and everyday use.


Excellent, no exchange fees with rates very close to actual rate for that day. Never been in a situation or country where it was not accepted. I have travelled extensively through the UK and Europe.

the card is GREAT the service is 0


yes the card is great however when it comes to a simple need to contact latitude it's impossible !!
phone: or email (skype never onliine) they don't even offer "CHAT" !!

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Questions & Answers

Mark F Perth

Mark F Perthasked

Can Latitude 28° Cards be used for Travel / Holiday Trips within Australia?

2 answers
Marg K
Marg K

I have used it in Australia the same as my ANZ card paying at the supermarket even. Just pay account on time so no fees. Friend recommended it to me as best for overseas, in his opinion and he travelled extensively pre covid.

Mark F Perth
Mark F Perth

Agreed. It’s the best card for use overseas or for overseas online purchases.

Bob X.

Bob X.asked

if the monthly repayment due date of 28-degrees card is on Weekend or on holiday, will it be extended to the next business day automatically?

No answers
Bob X.

Bob X.asked

if the monthly repayment due date is on Sunday or holiday, will it be extended to the next business day automatically?

No answers

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