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319 reviews
Kam K.
Kam K.Victoria3 posts

The worst application platform ever

It doesn’t save your information even we just filled it up for other applications 5 days ago.
Please find a better website developer to redo this, this is another level of frustration.
Arjun K.
Arjun K.Sydney, NSW

The worst real estate app ever made

This is a nightmare to use. Frrls like you are going through a punishment for a crime you never committed. This should be banned .
Thomas C.
Thomas C.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts

This Should Be Illegal

Products like 2Apply should be made illegal. They're exploitative, time consuming and make the entire process worse over all. Forget the background check which is a scam, forcing people to provide years and year of rental history, payslips etc is just a pain the neck.

Why must we suffer?

We are not convinced that this isn't a scam with the excessive amount of personal information requried (even for a rental application). Hours of work that recommends payment for background checks. My password was denied and my application DELETED. HOURS OF GODDAMN WORK FOR AN APPLICATION. GONE! We have a complicated arrangement for 4 tenants and talking to someone and working something out would be great but instead, this vile trash is all that we have to use. We will be missing out on our rental opportunity because this hot garbage was put in place instead of a paper application. Screw My Life.
Sam Y.
Sam Y.

Trash platform! Govornment should ban it

Data thieve. Ask for too many info that irrelavent to the application. Can force you to use their paid checks
Eliza G.
Eliza G.
Justin G
Justin GSydney, NSW7 posts

Why force checks on all applications when you havent been selected or narrowed down. Terrible!

Twice Ive applied through this platform and in each case we werent even going to be considered by landlord. It doesnt matter though because as soon as you apply it sends out all the reference checks and irritates the people constantly having to do these. Firstly, why cant you save the responses and secondly why not do this after being selected or narrowed down.

The platform also loses information like my wifes details and my phone number. Then when it asks questions about a job from a few years ago one of them is something like "do you see any reason why this person might lose their job", when Ive left the company.

The RealEstate one is so much better.

gypsydancer_mPerth, WA

Pay to check yourself

I had to do this twice now. What choice do I have but to pay if I want to be considered and the real estate tells you this is the only way to apply.

Dogsh*t data thieves

Dogsh*t service. Data thieves.
The amount of information they request is criminally excessive. About the only thing left for them to request is your dental records. Stick to applying through real estate only. See reddit reviews of this company selling your information.
K G from Perth
K G from PerthPerth, WA


Crashes constantly l. Says I have successfully submitted when not.
peeper creeper n.
peeper creeper n.

Probably run by frauds

Ew no never again no no no no no no
Quality-CheckSydney, NSW8 posts

Illegally harvesting your data

I’m looking forward to when a whistleblower exposes just enough to get this legal operation financially penalised and the owners thrown in jail.
Every time your data interacts with their system yes EVERY TIME whether you are approved or not for a property they collect and store your data and then sell that to numerous companies that ask for it like debt collecting companies.
This is totally illegal and they are NOT allowed to do this.
Unfortunately in Australia we have no rights so this will continue until someone stands up and does something about it.
Protector of the tenants
Protector of the tenantsGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC2 posts
Protector of the tenants
Protector of the tenants  

If you are reading this, please file a complaint with the accc (go to their website).They will send you a questionnaire. Please fill it out and return it. If enough ppl complain, it will get flagged and they will look into.


If I could give 0 stars I would

This company is an absolute joke and should not be in business. You have to answer and supply so much personal information and documents and then they send out links to our references, employer and emergency contact to fill out every time we apply for a new rental. This disturbs our references and employers to which don’t have time to stop and refill out a form with the exact same information numerous times and causes frustration for them.
When you try to ask a simple question through support they can’t seem to be able to answer your direct question no matter what way you word it. It’s not rocket science.

BOYCOTT 2Apply - it's a trainwreck

I have tried to use 2Apply but it failed in many ways 1) Poor design 2) Functionality doesn't work properly as if it hasn't been tested 3) Too slow, we waste hours 4) They spam our references 5) Major privacy concerns. My advice is to BOYCOTT this site and email your application direct with the agent.
Minh Le T.
Minh Le T.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC
  Fair Incentive

0 star

this is the worst platform for real estate rental. super inaccurate when you filled in the information. you can fill in whatever you want in the website then it will print out a different information on the summar (pdf) file .
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AlexPerth9 posts
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Sean Blakket
Sean BlakketVictoria

Most Pathetic Website I ever used

Ask 1000 questions and Disturb the referees, and employer each time you apply for a house. The corporate world does not have time like this. If you do not pay for the Background check application does not go through which clearly Violates the Rights and the Law.
NSSydney, NSW16 posts
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad AliCentral West, NSW8 posts

It is just USELESS and a futile exercise ever

The app is just terrible and useless. Mostly asking for irrelevent informations.
LiamGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Absolutely terrible

The ask for a refrence from emergency contact, they are weird and condecendong toward current landlord/re. Unclear privacy policy, too many demands. Ask to nominate movein date, then pressure to select a closer date.
J. Carr
J. CarrEyre Peninsula, SA8 posts

Too many questions

2apply makes applying for a rental over complicated. The sms form they send out to your references has too many questions. I wish real estate agents wouldn’t use 2apply.
Subash3 posts


Stupidest website. Show multiple accounts under the same email. Cannot complete the application properly. People are dealing with stress to fina a new place to live and this guys managed to double that stress.
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John Proctor
John Proctor

Hands down the most pathetic website to exist

Website requires all sorts of unnecessary information to apply for a basic human right to have shelter over your head. Tries to extort you to perform a background check to make your application 'stand out' - what utter nonsense. If you need a background check I'll go get a proper police check not some nonsense by a third party company who is literally selling my information to a plethora of personal information tracking websites.
Gabriel O.
Gabriel O.South East Queensland, QLD3 posts
RMcSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Ridiculous and Buggy

Just spent hours filling out and uploading the required info because it kept logging me out (without warning) and when I did log back in, half of the info was gone! Eventually, I got the real estate agent to resend the link. This time the info required was different... And this time I completed the details BUT it wouldn't upload my documents (which I was able to do previously). So now I have a 92% completed form which I can't save or submit because I can't upload my documents! So frustrating! BTW, I may have lost a rental property because of this dud app/website!
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Sage T
Sage T2 posts


Why is it asking so many questions? Why is it asking us for so many references? For each application they will spam your references (even emergency contacts), which is ridiculous. Please shut down this platform ASAP. It's making everything way more complicated and annoying.
Sumana T.
Sumana T.

2Apply scammer, data breacher

This 2Apply site needs to be shut down. They are the biggest scammer data hoarding thief in the universe. They do not need to spam my professional references and emergency contact every time I apply. They collect unnecessary personal details that need not be used to rent a property. Where is the action from Australian confidentiality and privacy law for personal data breaching? Optus Medibank data breach is enough to learn from it. I do not want my identity stolen or getting a fake loan imposed on me by scammers.
Helen2 posts

This app should be illegal

Can't belive how much information they need plus how intrusive it is to my references to have to respond instantly when I apply for house - If I apply for 20 places and choose to do that at night my references get a automated text - this is very annoying for them!! Just save their first reference. How is it legal that as a tenant we have to provide so much and we hear nothing about the landlords references? Plus the way they push to get you to pay 'to stand out from the crowd' really does seem illegal. Oh and the app crashes all the time - rant over bad app but what are the alternatives?


Easily the worst rental application site. Putting aside the mountain of personal information they require, the website constantly crashes and you end up loosing your progress. Absolutely disgraceful this is allowed/forcing people to use this.
2apply is the worst.
2apply is the worst.

Dogsh*t website

2apply is easily the worst rental application site. The amount of personal information it requests is absurd, including over 100 points of ID. They ask you to provide payslips to prove your employment, but then spam your employment reference for confirmation ON EVERY SINGLE APPLICATION. The site routinely doesn’t properly save any changes you make on it. On top of all that it asks for payment at the end of your profile otherwise you will be ranked lower than applicants who do. Absolute scam and should be shut down.

Absolutely disgusting breach of privacy

I can't fathom that this is even legal. I had a Federal government security clearance recently that was less intrusive.
Asks for former and past managers, personal references, payslips, bank statement, current 'landlords' etc.. and it contacts all references automatically.

One day Australia might get privacy laws similar to Europe and put these disgusting data-hording scumbags out of business.
If you see an agent using this service, just move on. This may surprise 2Apply, but not every person who rents is some degenerate criminal.

The only good thing is that most real-estate listings say on the property description if they use that service. Makes it easy to know you shouldn't apply for it.

meg x.
meg x.7 posts

I hate 2apply

Why is this application procedure still being used? It was a nightmare years ago when I used it, and it STILL IS. Disgraceful

Sign your life away

Applying for rental properties especially through this process is the worst and most frustration thing in the world. The amount of information they require is a joke. And you don't get to know anything about the land-lords. They treat you like your your buying a citizenship for $500 weekly house. Any applications though this website I'm not even going to bother applying for the house.
The process needs to be reinfected. And this app needs a massive work over. You click the next section and you have to go scrolling for it.
Brisbane Tenant
Brisbane TenantSydney, NSW8 posts

On line information is always a worry

Why is my personal information so important in a sea of applications and yours on a website 2Apply, who ever they are, should not be holding my birth certificate for instance. And all my other prof and ID. Spells danger. The most ridiculous thing is previous employers and! They've been contacted. The questions are stupid! But the more stupid is the agents who release the questions from their end from the imposing tedious process. Rent crisis in Brisbane, with asking for information from my "work related" referees? Come on Brissy, pull your socks up, you got too much time on your hands. Unnecessary
JenniferSouth East Queensland, QLD7 posts

Time not well spent

Having now to use this app for applications is a total meaningless task. I thought when I saved my son as the other applicant it would "save". WRONG. Everytime I have to do the whole process over and over again. Have applied for multiple houses and only 2 have contacted my employer and references. One reference told me that the real estate wanted to know if i do have cats. Odd question to ask if i have listed that i do. If I provide current payslips why do they need to contact my workplace to verify that I work there. I am a carer for one of my sons and list that I am....so why does a real estate need to question me about this. Too much personal information not need on this app.
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chris c.
chris c.

Absolutely trash. Every application you make they just flood you with automated emails

Absolutely trash. Every application you make they just flood you with automated emails. Your references get flooded with automated emails to fill out a reference, even though it's with an agent they have already provided with 20 references. Why because the system is shocking. If you make a mistake in the occupants section it will generate duplicate accounts for those occupants. It's buggy, it's slow, the fact it's been assumed as the standard in Australia is wrong.
JoeSouth East Queensland, QLD

Totally Scam

They asked to much unecessary information about employments, account details and references which raised a red flag that my information and personal data is going to be use for other purposes.
Have had an experience about this type of fake rental application when someone contacted my employer pretented to be me and request to receive my salary in a different account.
Pay attention and raise alert of this scam.
Victoria C.
Victoria C.South East Queensland, QLD
Amelia C.
Amelia C.

the worst application out there

this is such an invasive process. asks for double the amount of references and identification then what other application forms do and it takes forever to get through! now imagine you’re applying for multiple places, your references are getting asked about you over and over again it’s ridiculous.
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