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Amazing service from Brock
Quick fast and straight forward, Brock handled all my questions and was able to get us in a new vehicle within the week.

Top service could not recommend more highly.

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HI Nathan. Thanks for the review about Brock and your experience with 360 Finance. We are happy to hear we provided you with a quick and easy finance solution. We will be sure to pass your feedback to Brock.


No fuss very very very quick!!!

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Thanks Darryl - I am guessing we were quick :-) Glad we could assist you.

Super fast and super helpful

360 finance contacted us immediately after applying online and had approval the next day . They called throughout the whole process to keep us updated and we could call anytime and they always answered to ask any questions . We can not fault the experience . thank you 360 finance

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Thanks Melissa for taking the time to provide feedback to us on your experience. Glad we could assist you :-)

Outstanding Service from Simona Letu and 360 Finance

My dealing with 360 Finance was great especially with Simona Letu. Process was quick, easy and got me the best deal available. Will definitely use 360 Finance again.

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Thanks Jason for the feedback about Simona. We are glad we found your best rate finance solution. We will pass your feedback to Simona.

Load of lying crap!

Applied for a personal loan and it was approved. I then decided to think about it for a while (1 month). They agreed kept my info and I called them after a month. I had exact same income, details, nothing had changed. All of a sudden it’s no longer approved and declined! I asked why was it approved 1 month ago and now not?? The consultant said “I don’t know mate”. Disgraceful, unprofessional company. Never again.

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HI Deb. Thank you for your review. We have been trying to make contact with you regarding your feedback however, due to the basic information of Product Review profiles, we have been unsuccessful so far. Could you please contact our Customer Service Manager on 1300 361 360. We are keen to discuss your particular circumstances and application and address any changes internally where required.

Liars - False Claims - Done use them

I was asked for so much documentation it was ridiculous, and after every document I gave I was told my car finance was approved pending receipt of the document. This happened about 6 times! She couldn’t give me the rate or any information until ALL documents were received apparently even though she knew my current credit status etc. then when I pressed it she told me but said I should be lucky I’m even getting that. She was very rude about it! Then after I submitted the final (apparently) document that she confirmed would finalise my approval, she didn’t even call me back to tell me or explain it but I just received a generic declined emailed.

I was so angry about his as I had been told the whole way through that I was approved approved approved. Thanks for the waste of time!!!!

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HI Alana, Thank you for your review and sorry to hear about your experience. We have reviewed your feedback with your Finance Specialist to understand your particular application and your feedback. Out of respect for privacy, we can not discuss your personal circumstances in a public forum but are happy to discuss your experience offline if you are able to make contact with us via info@360finance.com.au Attention: Customer Service Manager. We work with 20+ lenders to find a solution that will best suit for our customers based on their circumstances, budget, credit history and the asset they are purchasing. Our Finance Specialists assess and compare all the lenders criteria, rates and solutions for our customers and reducing multiple entries to customer credit files. During this process, additional documentation may be required for different lenders to achieve an approval for you. Once again - we are happy to discuss your file offline if you are able to contact us via email or by phoning 1300 361 360.

Thank you so much!

Reading all the bad reviews made me very angry. My experience applying for a car loan was nothing short of fantastic and I got a very good deal as well!
360 finance offered great interest rates if you have good credit history (your rates will increase if your credit history is less than ideal). Their extensive network of financial institutions made shopping for the best rate easy as.
Applying for finance was so easy, professional and convenient.

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Thank you for the review HSJ. Glad we could assist you :-)

Quick and best rate in Aust for a motorbike

Great service from a really helpful guy by the name of Stephen Swann. Super fast and best rate in Aus for a motorbike loan. Highly recommend.

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Thanks Harley for your review :-) We will pass this on to Stephen.

Dont even deserve single star - Absolutely Pathetic

Dont know how their business survives. I sent them requested documents 8 days ago and heard nothing back. Today I emailed them and they replied asking for same docs.

They called me 5 to 6 times for initially.... But once I spoke and sent docs, never heard a word from them.

Never ever 360 FINANCE.

Absolutely unprofessional attitude

Wanted all documents prior to providing any interest rates or repayment figures. Shared way too much detail with potential seller of the vehicle In was looking to purchasing. Actually said on phone we don't put figures in writing but only do it verbally. Would recommend giving this mob a wide berth. Very aggressive and found a arrogant in their demeanour. Would not answer my questions on loan fees, rates exit fees etc.

Avoid at all costs.

Absolutely useless.. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Absolutely pathetic
These people took all my personal details, and my wife's TWO weeks ago

I had already been approved with another company for $8000 finance on my own but was told to add my wife to the application so 360 could get more from a different lender as she works part time

FIrst they claimed they did not get documentation i sent them
Then after resending it they made me sign a mandate to cancel the $8000 i have been approved for so they could get another loan

I signed the mandate, got rid of the other $8000 approval and sat and waited.. Now, today, i get an email from them saying me and my wife had been approved for.. $8000...... Between us WITH THE SAME LENDER AS THE LOAN I GAVE UP !!!!!!!

So in a nutshell i gave up an 8k loan i got approved for on my own to get messed around for 2 weeks, only to be offered another 8k loan..this time, in reality, 4k for me and 4k for my wife.. WITH THE SAME LENDER Whats even worse is that, right up until yesterday the consultant was giving me the impression we would get near the amount we were asking for, and definitely more than 8k but, all of a sudden yesterday that view became "well i dont think you will get more than 8k"

What actually happened (ill bet good money on it) is that my consultant simply made me cancel one loan, then approach the same lender without doing ANYTHING else but try to get the loan switched so she could get her commision

Seriously why would i give up 8k of approved finance in my own name to get 8k of approved finance between 2 people? In effect i have been approved for HALF the loan i had originally been approved for with THE SAME lender!!!!!

Why would i give up an 8k loan OVER A WEEK AGO if i knew i only would be getting another 8k loan with the SAME LENDER

Why waste my time for TWO weeks spouting utter rubbish to me? This company is beyond a joke.. making me give up a loan only to get offered a loan for half the amount with THE SAME LENDER stinks of only caring about he broker fee....Two weeks of my life i will never get back.

I feel like i have been lied and cheated to. Very dishonest people

None Better, fast, efficient and friendly

Great service, I've used them 4 times and have never had a problem, I'd recommend them to anyone.
1 phone call, answer a few questions and get an answer the next morning, 4 applications and 4 approvals, totalling $210k

Don't bother making an online enquiry

Sent an online enquiry to obtain a quote for car finance. Their website stated they would contact us by phone first, then by email within 24 hours. It's been 3 days now & still nothing. Don't waste your time with these muppets.

Not Happy

I made an inquiry into borrow for the first time to purchase a car last year in December, they placed the wrong amount on the inquiry which I have find out and they admitted it was their mistake. I asked them to correct it, to have them come back at me and say it can not be corrected, when Veda said it can, via the financial company. I really dislike anyone passing the buck, do your job properly in the first place and you would not have a problem. I was the victim of ID fraud to why my credit was not approved, it has been corrected now by Veda and I was told today by a staff member from 360 Financial (Latitude Auto Financial Services) that I had fraud on my file, I said yes by someone else not me... People in these type of position need to have customer service and manners after the fact not just when they are getting dollar for you and their commissions.. Not happy.

Don't bother with them

Saw their ad on the net, filled in details and they called. Was put off straight away by the hard sell, guy was trying way too hard. And would not quote any figures, way too vague and then wanted all documentation as part of the "process" before any numbers could be given. Then went straight to rude when I informed him that another broker had supplied me with ball park numbers straight away.
Lol!!! I declined their services, of course

Giving them business is wasting their time. Move on don't waste your time with these idiots

According to their slogan "We can beat anything but according to them you are wasting their time".
Spend 16 mins on a call giving them personal information and then you get told that you are wasting their time.
There is no sense in how to treat customers.
My Customer Experience with them was appalling.
A customer trying to give you business is never a waste of your time !!!!

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HI Grek, Sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience at 360 Finance. This is definitely not how we want our customers to feel (that you are wasting our time). We try to get the best finance rate for our customers circumstances and loan requirements. This is based on a number of lending criteria, asset type, loan type, credit history etc. If you could please get in contact with me via 360marketing@360finance.com.au, with more details, I am happy to discuss this with you and also your 360 Finance consultant further.

Do not use under any circumstances - BEWARE

Would not use or recommend to anyone. Ensure you ask about all their fees, charges, loan exit fee charges for paying the loan out early and the interest rate prior to anything. The fees add up to hundreds and possibly over a thousand dollars just for a basic car loan for a person with a good credit history.
Do your self a favour go direct to the bank or lender, do not use this company ever...

They call it 360 finance...because all you get is the run around

Advertised rates are crap...promise you the world and all you get is an atlas, Don't waste your time with these clowns.

Ask what their fee is, I was told $900+ !!!

Beware they are very quick to process your application and once approved they told me the lender however even at that point they could not let me know the interest rate of the loan. Alarm bells started ringing when they told me that their fee was $900 plus to set up the loan plus the lenders fee. At this point they were very forceful in obtaining the tax invoice for the new car purchase however we didn't get that far as I was quick to decline their offer seeing as they could not disclose the interest rate of the loan at that stage! Be careful.

Outstanding service

These guys really know their stuff. Repayments were lower than my own bank could offer, and I've been with that bank for more than 20 years. Even the dealership couldn't come close to the repayment. Would definitely recommend 5 stars

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Questions & Answers

You have taken £90 out of my account without my permission...And I don't even live in Australia and i haven't applied for any kind of loan PLEASE ADVISE WHY THIS HAS HAPPENED? ?
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Dear Alan, Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, these transactions have not been instigated by this business. We are a legitimate finance broking business, licensed by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission & are a subsidiary of one of Australia’s largest public companies. We do not direct debit accounts either in Australia and certainly not international accounts. We have seen a dramatic increase in emails related to this recently. Please contact your bank to put a trace on this payment to find where it has originated & to notify that it is fraudulent. We apologise that we cannot be more helpful at this time. Please see below links for companies that we have found in the UK that might be the ones charging you; https://companycheck.co.uk/company/09477517/FINANCE-360-LIMITED/summary http://www.fca.org.uk/news/warnings/360-financial-limited-clone Kind regards,