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115 reviews
MaxMillerNSWSydney, NSW

They keep falling off!

My family and I have been using Command hooks for ages, however, recently my sunflowers poster, star wars poster and hat stand as well as a few small pictures have fallen down due to the fail of command hooks.  Show details
Kimberley NSWSydney, NSW

Save yourself the time and money, they don’t work at all

We bought 6 of these hooks to hold our art around the house. Followed the instructions to a T and made sure the frames were much lighter than the recommended weight limit on the hooks. After about a month they started to fall off the walls one by one. We’ve now had 4 out of 6 fall off the walls due simply to the poor quality of this product, and would not recommend anyone use these.
I’ve always been a big fan and user of command strips, but this really annoyed me, because these hooks clearly can’t do what they say they can do.  Show details
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I can never trust this brand again

Followed the instructions and weight guide perfectly. Waited more than an hour before hanging anything. Overnight the hook fell straight off the wall. Frame smashed, glass everywhere. I'm thanking my lucky stars the limited edition print I hung wasn't damaged, as it fell straight behind the couch instead of face first on the floor. I can never trust this brand again. Show details
LizWAPerth, WA8 posts

If I could give a zero I would

I also wish I had read these reviews before using the strips. Same problem as everyone else - follow the instructions to the letter, use strips with items that weigh nowhere near the max weights and they still fall down damaging themselves and the underlying furniture. Keep a mile away from this product! Show details
Simon Says
Simon SaysAU15 posts
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David2 posts


Yet another picture just fell and broke. I had replaced all pictures in the house with proper fixed hooks and I missed this one. I'm, so bloody furious at COmmand for the repeated failures off these useless hooks of all types. Show details
Absolutely disappointed
Absolutely disappointed

Horrible product - should not be on shelves

Absolutely shocking product. Followed placement and use as instructed & came home after work to find pictures had fallen along with a huge dint in my wall. So angry right now, product so faulty and I’m left with broken frames and a wall needing repair. Anyone reading this, please do not waste your money or time.  Show details
Joanne O.
Joanne O.QLDSouth East Queensland, QLD6 posts

Absolutely USELESS

I wouldn't even give this product a 1 star rating. I hung 9 pictures on the wall and followed the instructions to the letter. In fact, I used more strips than recommended for the weight of the frames. 7 fell off within 12 months. The strips were still stuck to the wall and the frame, it was the product itself that gave way and yes I did make sure they "clicked" into place. With the cost of the strips (which are frightfully expensive) plus the cost of the broken frames which fell off the wall, I have wasted literally hundreds of dollars on this project. Not at all happy and I definitely would NOT recommend command hooks under any circumstances. Rubbish product and very over-priced.
Tina O.
Tina O.NSWSydney, NSW8 posts

Good for short term only

I absolutely love them for short term. U gotta be patient and slow when taking them off and make sure your pulling is flat against the wall as possible. However for long term, the little extra strip used for pulling tears off so u have no holding strip to be able to pull it off. Then you try to remove with butter knife trying to get in between thus the wall gets damaged. I had them on for 6 months. I think 3 months would be the limit.  Show details
Product Quality
LeaVic5 posts

Absolutely rubbish!

What a waste! New house so I thought I wouldn't damage walls. I was so wrong! These not only didn't work but they ripped off wall paint :s Save your money - these are rubbish!  Show details
PM2010VICGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC3 posts

Strips don't work long term

2 years ago I used command strips to hang 3 frames. 6 months later I came home to find 2 of them on the floor - frames and glass broken. Today I heard the third frame smash onto my dresser and then bounce off onto the floor. I will never again use these strips and I don't recommend them! Show details
Emma S
Emma S3 posts

Not Damage Free!

Be warned! Even without having access weight on these hooks, the backing can rip the paint off the walls! Not recommended in rentals! Show details
janetmolloy9QLDSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Absolute waste of time and money

Have tried to hang pictures several times now with Command Strips. Despite following the instructions precisely they have not adhered for more than a few minutes on any occasion. I would not recommend these be used even for the lightest of items. In my opinion, an absolute waste of time and money.
NicACTCanberra 2600, ACT

I'll be returning the packs I didn't use

I wish I had seen these reviews sooner. I came home to a completely smashed clock because it came clean off the wall. When I touched the sticky tab on the back of the hook it wasn't even sticky anymore. I'll be returning the packs I didn't use because a hole in the wall beats a smashed clock and glass everywhere. It was so light .. I would have probably had more luck with blu tack. Show details
Jean T.
Jean T.VICGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Adhesive is not sticking at all

Item:jumbo photo hanger that can take 3.6kg.instructions followed.Photo weigh 2 kg drop after 2 hours on the wall, breaking the frame.Hanger drop off cleanly.The strips on hanger is not sticky. Show details
Pd off big time
Pd off big timeSUNSHINE58 posts

Joke - Takes paint off as well as plaster paper

I am a landlord and sick and tired of having tenants tell me this product has taken the paint and plaster paper off the wall. It then needs to be filled and repainted. Get it off the market or improve your product. False advertising.

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GarnaNSWSydney Surrounds, NSW3 posts

3m hooks are useless

They are useless all the pictures fell off the wall (followed their instruction to the letter). A complete waste of money, they do not do what they state.
Don’t buy them. Damage our pictures and some wall paint. Should have returned them. Show details
Rory O.
Rory O.QLDSouth East Queensland, QLD

Get them off the shelves. Do not buy!!!

Literally just watched a 400g picture fall off the wall. My roommate and I were about to put more pieces of his memorabilia on our new apartment walls and was gobsmacked when his light framed photo came crashing down after he used 4 heavy duties. Show details
MattVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC4 posts

3M Picture hanging hooks

After purchasing the 7.2kg 3M picture hooks, following the instructions as outlined online, these hooks have failed. The picture has fallen damaging what was underneath. No apology and no recompense from 3M.

I agree with all of the earlier comments, far cheaper to resolve a hole in a wall. Show details

markvb77AU25 posts

Waste if time, effort, and lots of money

I wish I had read the reviews here before I spent a small fortune to hang numerous frames around my home. I followed the instructions religiously and yet after a few short months each one comes crashing down, often damaging the frame and furniture in the process. Avoid these like the plague, they are a waste of money and will actually cost you more when you have to replace broken picture frames all the time. Show details
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DBDQLDCentral Queensland, QLD4 posts

Happened again

The one picture hanging in the house that I hadn't already replaced with nail and brass hooks (ones that don't give up after three years) just fell down and broke the frame. Show details
Chris d.
Chris d.

3m Hooks defective - do not risk it!

I hung a beautiful antique painting 2 days ago with a 7.2kg hook. The painting was no more than 1.5kg. We sized up, thinking it was safe. We were so very wrong. Two days later, the painting came crashing down is now ruined thanks to these hooks. I’m beside myself and there’s absolutely nothing I can do because of the clauses in their Terms & Conditions.

Please do not use these hooks for anything at all. It’s cheaper to fix a hole from a nail. Show details

MarcelleNew South Wales7 posts

Waste of effort and money

I purchased 3M Command Large Picture Strips to hang a beautiful new picture. According to the manufacturer, using all four sets of strips in the package are capable of supporting 7.2 kgs. This was more than enough to hang a 5kg picture.
I followed the hanging guidelines exactly and within two days the picture dropped off the wall smashing to the floor breaking the frame and the glass.
The company takes no liability for damage to goods as a result of using its product.
Absolute rubbish product. Show details
PaulSQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD122 posts

Worthless. Don't waste your money and don't risk your art

These things used to be good several years ago; now they just don't work. I used hooks supposed to hold 900gms each, they couldn't even hold their own weight. They fell off before I could hang anything on them. Lucky I didn't lose or break something. Don't use at any cost. Show details
DannyNSWSydney, NSW

Terrible!!! don't hold anything!!

I lost a mirror and a picture frame thinking that they were as before but they not!! having a closer look this motherfuc... from 3M in their warranty and liability section state that "They are not responsible for any damage" how they sell something that doesn't work? can consumer affair guys can stop these guys?

If so please do!! DON'T but this junk!!! Show details

Shelly M.
Shelly M.NSWSydney, NSW


I’ve been using 3MM hooks for over a decade and they have been amazing, I never had a problem.
I moved into a new place about 12mths ago and all of my pictures over the past 4 months have been falling off the walls. And these aren’t heavy pieces, they are all lightweight frames and ornaments. At first I thought it was a dodgy batch, but after purchasing multiple times they are all the same. Weak!
They have clearly changed the adhesive and I’ve had many irreplaceable things smash and break.
Bring back the old hooks!! Show details

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BrookeQueensland8 posts


Terrible! I've had 2 separate pictures fall within 1 month of hanging them. I followed the recommended weight guide for hanging and they still failed. Considering myself lucky they weren't stuck on the wall long enough to rip the paint off, althought they've damaged my frames. Would not recommend. Avoid at all costs. Show details
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Sean B.
Sean B.

Complete Junk

As advertised they come off cleanly, usually during the middle of the night. Every picture I bought for my new house is broken because of this garbage and I used double the amount of strips recommended. My suggestion is get a hook and hang a picture the way god intended plus you will save a heap on these overpriced and underperforming strips. Show details
Bass Tabaza
Bass Tabaza

Do not buy them

Do not buy them , I had a very bad experience with this waste of many and frame damaging product . The company should be compensating every body ends up with a broken frame

Used to be great, now they are terrible

I’ve been using 3MM hooks for over a decade and they have been amazing, I never had a problem.
I moved into a new place about 8mths ago and all of my pictures have been falling off the walls. And these aren’t heavy pieces, they are all lightweight frames and ornaments. At first I thought it was a dodgy batch, but after purchasing multiple times they are all the same. Weak!
They have clearly changed the adhesive and I’ve had many irreplaceable things smash and break.
Bring back the old hooks!! Show details
GinnyTVICCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC13 posts

Dangerous Hooks Fall Off the Wall!

The 3M wall hooks in various sizes from the tiniest ones to the giant heavy duty ones have started falling off the wall with lots of damage to wall and destroying frames. Show details
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BruceQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD15 posts

3M Command Damage-Free Hanging

These hooks are supposed to " Holds Strongly - Remove Cleanly" according to the packaging. While they might come off relatively cleaning with only a minor residue left on the wall they sure as hell don't hold strongly. They fail after a very short time with only the slightest weight holding - about the only thing that they could hold without damage would be a feather ! Will never buy again and would not recommend to anyone. Show details
Nat M.
Nat M.QLDSouth East Queensland, QLD

Change back to the old strips!!!!

Ever since 3M changed the strips for the small hooks I've had nothing but trouble. Before they changed to the clear strips I've had things hanging for years - now I'm lucky if I get them to stick for a month. I've had several things break because these strips just don't hold - most disappointed. Show details
JaseMelbourne4 posts

Avoid at all costs. These are rubbish and fall off walls

Avoid at all costs. These are rubbish and fall off walls.
Then they tell you their wall hooks aren't for hanging photos.
They must be for hanging the imaginary fairies in the company's head.

Do not waste your money Show details

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Andrew F.
Andrew F.SAMetropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts

3m command strips DO NOT WORK

I went off these command strips for a few years after I had a number of them fail and broke a few picture frames. But after having so many other people tell me they are great I decided to give them another go. Maybe I had a bad batch? Maybe theyve improved? Maybe I didnt follow instructions properly?

This time I followed the instructions perfectly. Cleaned the wall first, allowed to dry, allowed command strips time to adhere properly, weighed all my items before hanging to make sure they were under. All 8 hooks failed within 2 weeks. One canvas only weighed 70 grams, yet the hook still failed. They really need to issue a recall on this product as they simply do not work. Show details

David W.
David W.QLDSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Worst product needs be lawsuit against this company

Fell of the wall within two days just rubbish. Don't buy it will only cost you more money to fix what ever it lands on plus the frame. Biggest let down Show details

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CommunerQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD58 posts

Only for Temporary Hanging

This product uses a chemical bond for hanging, which is good only for temporary use. Chemical bonds break down over time, and your pictures WILL fall. Best to use mechanical hanging if you don't want to worry about future failures. Show details
Wing butler
Wing butlerWAPerth, WA

Should be recalled

Fell off wall hitting a speaker and damaging, dammaged picture and tore the paint off the wall. Followed all installation directions. This is a flawed product. Shame on bunnings. Awful. Show details
McgmelbourneAU23 posts


Don’t believe the negative reviews, these products are fantastic. I started using them over 15 years ago. I have moved many times, painted or reorganised prints and not once have I caused any wall damage. My sister removed one once, and didn’t do it properly, and damaged the wall. If you do it as instructed, it works properly every time. In response to things falling off walls... I have often used 2 or 3 hooks for larger canvases and prints just to be sure. I once had some small prints fall off, but cleaned the walls with alcohol wipes and had no more issues. Highly recommend them. At the moment I have about 20 artworks being held up with these hooks and I also use some of the storage items like the broom holders. Show details
alex83AU2 posts

Complete waste of money - BEWARE!

Purchased Command hooks for a rental apartment as only permitted to use. Since installing based on correct weight bearing, I have had multiple instances of product failure as well as associated damage to product resultant from falling off the wall. There is a suggestion on the packaging not to use with irreplaceable items - I now know why.
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