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3M Command Hooks

115 reviews

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115 reviews
Steve M.
Steve M.Sydney, NSW

They dont work and we now have 4 broken trophies to replace at a cost over over $400

We followed the directions to the tee. We used 4kg rated hooks to hang some items that weighed less the 1.5 kg each.

They lasted about a week before one fell and took the rest out. Smashed glass everywhere and a very expensive cost to replace the trophies. One also removed the paint off the wall despite their claims that this doesn't happen.

Inna J
Inna Jsydney2 posts

Product is a Failure - adhesive failure

We used the correct 3M command hooks for the mass of the pictures (my husband is a structural engineer) and still the hooks separated causing 2 pictures to fall, glass to break and frames to split.
One side is still stuck to the wall and the other is stuck to the picture, and its no the velcro that failed but the actual adhesive bond that the velcro sticks on with
So 3M cannot blame the paint, cannot blame the surface of the picture nor can they claim it was overloaded (we have pictures showing the mass of each picture). These people are shifty, do not buy

Do not Buy

This is terrible! The command hook didn’t even hold half the weight it said it would, I hung my precious belongings on it and they fell off! Completely useless. Bad.
ValSouth East Queensland, QLD16 posts


After following the instructions to the letter my pictures fell off the wall the first night and smashed the glass and frames which cost me over a hundred dollars each, THE WORST IDEA EVER!!!
sydney93657 posts

Completely unsafe. Do not buy

I carefully chose the correct hooks. 4 out of 5 pictures fell off the wall within 1 to 8 weeks. One fell onto someone who was seated and another spread broken glass fragments everywhere when the custom frame broke. The only picture remaining on the wall is on a Velcro clip. Am afraid of removing it now given all the comments about wall damage. It's appalling that this product is in the stores. They could cause serious harm.

AlishaGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC4 posts

Terrible & 3M blamed me, then the paint & refuse to help

This product is expensive junk! I have spent hours emailing and talking and they don’t give that my 6 month old house now has ripped off paint patches on the ceiling. I am now waiting for consumer affairs to call back. Do not use this worthless junk & their customer service is customer blaming!
SniferVIC, 305942 posts

Terrible product. Broken picture frames after 4 to 6 months for sure

3M Command Hooks are terrible and do not hold frames more than 4 to 6 months. I did contacted 3M and customer service even worst and ask me million questions and giving me excuses rather improving the product. This product also a hazard as these frames can fall on people in house as well therefore please take extra care when using.

Sam l
Sam lBrisbane6 posts

Terrible terrible terrible

Tried this product despite terrible reviews and thought surely the hooks must be able to support a small light frame. Wrong! . Once attached the hook felt very secure and I left it for the prescribed time and was convinced it felt very sturdy. I hung a small invaluable frame, albeit with a glass panel, only to come into the room and find it smashed on the floor and the paint ripped off my wall!


Ripped paint off

As written by some others here, we stuck the 3M hanging strips on the wall, having carefully followed the instruction. A few weeks later, we took the hooks off the wall. Out of the 7 hooks that we took off, the tapes of 3 of them broke off and had no choice but to prise the hooks and ripped the paint off as a result. I used to buy them long time ago with no problem, but the quality is noticeably not the same and seems like 3M had compromised on quality by using different material (presumably to save cost and increase profit?). Really annoyed with this and found this site and realized I am not the only one... wished I had read this before I bought this product...

iManAU36 posts

Works as expected

I don't know what everyone is whinging about. This product does what it's supposed to do. It sticks to the surface and does not let go. If paint comes off the wall, then adhesion between paint and the material underneath was not powerful enough. Why do you keep blaming 3M? I have used these hooks to attach virtually anything to tiles, and I can tell you they hold on to the tiles like their life depends on it.



Spent a lot of money on these, does not stick and my frames have fallen and have cracked, had to buy new frames, also rips off paint on the walls.

redrich2000Sydney, NSW12 posts

Ripped paint off

I've used the hook-style 3m command products before with no problems. Have just tried the velcro style handing strips. Followed the instructions super carefully. Installed the frames, then went to peel the frame off to complete the final step and three of the four strips ripped massive chunks of paint and plaster off the wall. Absolutely avoid this product.

BecsSydney10 posts

Will never use again

When removing the hooks off the wall the tape broke and had to prise them off the wall, or the paint came off with the hook, we had a lot of patching to do.

They might work if they are there for a short time but any longer they don't come off cleanly

I will never recommend them or use them again, very disappointing.

Will D
Will DBrisbane

Pathetic waste of money

Followed instructions as advised, left the hooks for over an hour to adhere, as per instructions. Even bought isopropyl alcohol to clean the surface. I hung one of a kind cardboard prints, not very heavy at all, within an hour the hooks had left go, dog eared my prints too.


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Absolutely terrible product

I naively purchased these hooks without reading reviews. I followed the instructions supplied to the letter, I made sure that I did everything absolutely perfectly and now I'm staring at patch of bare drywall. Do not use this product if you wish to keep paint on the wall.


poor quality

Like many others followed the instructions to the letter they just would not stick on the wall of my new house dont want holes in the wall but have been left with no choice as they just do not work.

Mel W
Mel W

Terrible product

As per previous reviews this product brings the paint off the wall when removing. Unfortunately when you ring they want to blame the user and the paint job on the wall. There is no customer service and they advise you that this is a world wide product that is successful. Shame that most people don’t want to complain so they keep selling.


What a terrible product

This product is caused so much damage to our walls and when I tried to contact them about it I was told it wasn't their problem and they weren't going to do anything about it. Just an absolutely awful product and I will be sharing my experience with their hooks and customer service team with whoever I can. If I could do a negative star I would.

HbuckGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC8 posts

Do not recommend

I do not recommend these wall hooks at all. I purchased multiple sizes to hang different size and weight frames in my rental property. I followed all instructions to the letter regarding cleaning the wall as well as weighing my items to make sure they fell below the recommended weight. Three weeks later all but three have fallen off the walls. A few took paint off with them when they fell and one resulted in my daughter getting a nasty bump on her head when a frame in her play area fell on top of her.

GeoGeoSouth East Queensland, QLD10 posts

WTH have they done to this product?

Used 6 large strips (~10kg strength) to hold a 5 kg photo - thing fell down overnight. Tried the strips on other walls and they just don't stick. I've used these for years, so I'm very familiar with them. You can tell this is NOT the same quality anymore - i can peel them off too easy whereas in the past you had to use the strip method. What a piece of crap this product has turned into. Its a waste of money and its dangerous.

PhilSydney, NSW7 posts


I used Command Brand strips to mount a mirror. After spending a ridiculous amount of money on the strips, and “playing it safe” by getting the stongest strips they have that were supposed to hold over 10kg in total, the 3.5kg mirror fell and shattered barely missing my head.

Do not buy this product it is expensive and does not work!!!


Dont waste your money

Used these several times before and not sure what has changed but used them this Christmas to hang cards and 4 out of 12 brought paint off when i removed them, contacted company and after excuses they finally decided it was my fault

Wont be buying again because when the paint comes off , they don't want to know.

TC75Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC5 posts

Terrible product

New home. Hoping not to put holes in the wall have ended up with 3 broken picture frames (12x10), dents and scratches on the wall. Will not use these picture hangers again. Reverting back to using traditional hooks. i.e. has also occured in a number of relatives places using same product.


They don't work

I've tried many different types of the command products, and they don't work at all, on any of my hanging or the hooks, the weight doesn't matter. Won't recommend product


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TeeSydney3 posts

Don't use this to hang anything up!!

Pretty much false advertising!!! Said it can hold up to 7kg, but the painting fell off the wall and smashed within an hour of it on the wall...

Don't recommend this product at all.



My picture fell off the wall and damaged the plaster and smashed the print. Wont be buying this product again I'm just going to use the old fashioned method of a picture hanging hook :-(

EllyPerth, WA11 posts

Not happy

Tried to hang string of plastic beads.

Not heavy at all.

Fell off peeling my paint with it.

Brought stronger hooks.

Cleaned my wall.

Held pressure on.

Did not get the chance to wait 1 hour as they all fell down holding nothing within minutes.

Tim19 posts

Useless and dangerous

False advertising. Do not buy these,followed instructions to the letter,now have damaged walls and destroyed artworks. This product should be removed from sale. Contacted "customer help "and all they had to say was I must have not followed the instructions. I'm not an idiot.I now have to pay for repairs to the walls and irreplaceable artworks are damaged beyond repair. I don't understand how this product is allowed to be sold to the unsuspecting public.My daughter is heartbroken because all she wanted was to make the rental property we live in more homely and now she feels that somehow she is at fault but I know she followed the instructions.Again, don't waste your money, the product is expensive and does not work as claimed.

Jayshay3 posts

Do not buy these

Four times these have come off the wall and damaged paintwork in our new house despite following instructions to the letter. The first time the art work came off it landed on a beloved vase so I'm totally fed up with this product. Do not purchase them... They are a waste of money and they are expensive as the second time we put on double the amount but it still didn't work ...

SilGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC3 posts

Terrible ,useless

In building a new home,we didn't want to place any holes in the walls. So watching various home and gardens shows on T.V and them promoting the product as fantastic, we decided to buy many packets of various weights.Following the packet instruction to the T, unfortunately this product is rubbish. After six months in the middle of the night all we could hear is crashing sounds. To our horror it was a few of the hangings we had put up. The clean up was a long process as we had glass everywhere. We also lost expensive hangings we had brought overseas. l definitely would not recommend this product.



Why am I paying so much money for a product that does not work?

Lately the stickers are useless. i follow all the instructions as given yet when i tried put frames or what not it doesnt stick or even last? Im using the right weighted hooks too... your price doesnt justify anything to be honest...

wombarraIllawarra, NSW49 posts

Money in the bin!

Being suckered into using 3m Command Damage-Free Decorating Hooks. Put simply, they are USELESS and a complete waste of time, effort and money. I followed the instructions to the letter - cleaned the mounting surface with rubbing alcohol, applied pressure for 30 seconds each hook, and was hanging string (which must weigh mere grams) and sea shells as Christmas decorations. Turned around to find the entire thing on the floor with most of the decorations smashed. Threw the whole lot of them in the bin. How these things are allowed to be on the market with such a product fail and false advertising is beyond me. Extremely disappointed and annoyed

LindaNSW3 posts

Damage-Free Hanging Hooks

I used these hooks on my painted walls and followed the instructions as printed on the back of the packet. When I went to remove them they ripped a large hole in my wall. My walls were freshly painted and according to the instructions on command.com website you must wait a week at least before using them. I waited about 1 month and unfortunately my wall now has to be repaired. I also removed another picture off my wall that had been up for a few years before painting the wall and this left a terrible mess on the wall too with paint coming off on the adhesive strip. This is the reason I decided to remove the new hooks to test if they were safe to use. I now have walls to repair and will in future only use nailed in hooks.

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