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4CYTE Canine

4CYTE Canine

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Great product which showed signs or working within weeks!

My little Chihuahua cross has been diagnosed with a luxating Patella and began limping occasionally as of christmas day last year. I decided to have it checked out despite the fact that is was only a very occasional occurance and among other things such as an injection, the vey recommended 4cyte and it has worked wonders! My little man has gone from being quite depressed, sore and unable to jump on the couch anymore to being a happy, lively dog. At 9 years old the reality is that he is getting older but 4cyte has definately changed his life for the better! I definately recommend spending the money and giving it a go!!

Purchased .

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageSenior
Side Effects No

Awesome product BUT BUY FROM YOUR VET !

Amazing product I used on my 7 yr old border collie who has arthritis and has been on medication daily and injections monthly .
He now only has the injections in winter and has this every day
Natural product just add to the food
BEware BUY from your vet !
Company guarantees your dog will eat if (money back) but ONLY if you buy from the vet , they also have loyalty program through vet !
Love this has changed my dogs life he is so much more active and so much less pain

Purchased .

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects No

Not for my dog Mikey

I bought a packet of 4CYTE for my dog Mikey to relive joint pain in his hind leg i did see improvement for about 1 week after he was on it but there i started to noticed a really disturbing reaction to it Mikey was kind of shivering at night and chattered his teeth while asleep which i have never seen him do i was so scared so i took him off the pellets and he went back to sleeping normally but started to limp again i thought maybe it was a coincidence so i put him back on them last turseday and now his nearly crippled with pain his front legs shakes and he can hardly walk i don't know what is going on but i am throwing the product in the bin and hopefully i can get Mikey back to being happy instead of wanted to sleep all day and having to help up to go for walks or get up onto his bed he was not that bad before i started using 4cyte it may bring relief for other doggies that is good but not my Mikey :(

4CYTE Canine

Had tried other arthritis products in the past & was a little sceptical in trying 4CYTE Canine, however, having 2 giant breed dogs in an older age group (9 yrs) who suffer some arthritis, I was open to trying this product.
So VERY pleasingly, I began to see much improvement in just 2 weeks. I could rave on but can only suggest strongly to give 4CYTE a try for any pet suffering arthritic conditions. I am extremely happy & so are my dogs now.


My shih tzu has IVDD and tries to run, wrestle etc with her sisters....after being on 4cyte Canine Joint Support Supplement for two weeks, she is now running and joining in with them. Not sure if it is a co-incidence or effective treatment, but I feel it is the latter. We are thrilled and would recommend this product happily

Amazing for my dog’s joint issues!

My small dog had surgery for a torn cruciate and afterwards I tried a number of different joint supplements. This is the only one that’s made an incredible difference and my dog now had no limping or lameness at all in her leg and is running and playing like a puppy. I bought a big tub of the Equine formula as it works out cheaper and the 4Cyte folks even sent me out a special scoop to ensure correct dosage. I never write reviews but I am incredibly impressed with this product. My dog will stay on it for the rest of her life to stay healthy and active.

For questions about Equine vs Canine 4Cyte...

We’ve put our 8 year old Bull Mastiff X on 4Cyte at the vet’s recommendation - more as a preventative. Our dog gets stiff and sore after a big run. I researched whether you can use the Equine version for dogs (the Equine version is a bit cheaper) and you definitely can. I emailed Interpath (the company that makes 4Cyte) about whether it is safe to use Equine 4Cyte on dogs, and this was their response:

Yes you can 4CYTE Equine for dogs, the only differences are flavour (the Canine is chicken, the Equine is raspberry), and a slight difference in ratios. This means to achieve the right ratio feeding Equine you need to add one bead per canine scoop. So if you normally feed 4 canine scoops a day, you would increase the dose by 4 beads per day.

Hope this helps everyone!

Love this

Hi have had our 12 year old dog on this and just in 3 days we noticed a different in him would recommend this to any one. I have also told my friend to get this for there dog. 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Time will tell

I've had my 2 dogs on this product for about 6 months. The dogs don't have arthritis or joint issues that I'm aware of so I don't have any inspiring testimonials to share. I've put on them on this product as my vet recommended it as a preventative measure against degeneration. In the past I had a cat that was very badly affected by arthritis so I want to help my dogs as much as I can. The product is annoying to dispense and it's very expensive. The last place I bought the 4CYTE from was Petceutics.

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*All questions about dosage, health & reactions to this product need to be addressed with a vet. I will not attempt to answer these questions

Great results in a short time

Our 13 year old ridgeback was not having a great time. She was struggling with the stairs and our steep yard. We started her on 4cyte 10 days ago and can already see results. She is out and about in the yard and has become playful again. Absolute life saver for her, better than we could have hoped. I am now taking the human version!

My 9 yr old lab hasn't looked back

My 9 yr old lab has a compressed disc in his neck and also developing pain in his hips. He was already on pain relief for his neck but since starting on 4cyte I am starting to see the clown in him come back, jumping and being more fluid when on walked. Love this product

Dogface is sooo much better

Luce's hip was causing him a bit of pain (puppy growth spurt - he's quite a big dog)so i researched and came across this product. One of the main reasons i chose this is it has an analgesic effect as well. It works brilliantly! He can go for a walk now without limping and he's moving around with no problems at all. I thoroughly recommend it!

Changed our lives!!

This has transformed the life of my beautiful 13yr Mastiff x Ridgeback Snoopy!
Shortly after bringing him home from the Pound in 2009 I noticed some swelling in his front left leg. After an inspection by our Vet it was revealed that his leg had been pinned at some stage. Short courses of Carprofen in those early years generally helped however age started to catch up a couple of years ago. Snoop started to avoid moving very much at all. Because of the lack of movement he gained a lot of weight which really did not help the situation. My Vet said he could have the Carprofen everyday which I did for a while. He seemed a bit happier but was still avoiding a lot of movement. Anyway after a significant price rise of his tablets at the Vet I was trying to find a cheaper place to source them from. I found a company called Petceutics @ North Ryde who do pet prescriptions quite cheap but I still needed to get that prescription from my Vet. While I was on the Petceutics website I saw 4cyte. It had great reviews so I figured I may as well give it a go while waiting for my prescription. GUESS WHAT? ? Haven't needed that prescription since. I was thrilled with the results in the first couple of days but since starting about six months ago Snoops going from strength to strength. He actually jumps off his bed so fast sometimes I nearly cry. He's still a bit hobbly but I really didn't think I see him so happy & active again! This is a fantastic product. I can't recommend it more highly. Truly amazing! !

My dog saviour

Within less than a week on this supplement, my 11 + yo standard schnauzer is no longer limping. Doctor at Vet recommended injections. So fortunate other schnauzer owners recommend this product to us.

Perfect for my 14 Year Old Lab

Oscar's on 3 monthly cartrophen but could hardly walk or get up after 2 months. Vet recommended 4Cyte and I was skeptical at first but no longer. He is now easily making it through the 3 month Cartrophen cycle. Oscar's 14, 40Kg and has had one knee reconstruction. All in all, I could not have hoped for better results.

Results within 2 weeks

I have a kelpieX who suffered a broken growth plate at approximately 9mths. She dealt with operation and convalescence as only a working dog can!!! At age 3&1/2yrs she has now been diagnosed with arthritis in that leg. A 1/2hr walk was enough for her to lift her sore paw but any longer than 3 or 4 minutes of stick/ball fetching left her noticably limping.
She has been on Equine 4cyte for 2 weeks with noticeable improvement. A 1 hr walk is no problem (for her!) And a 10 minute session of ball shows no limping or even paw lifting (although i dont allow her to chase until the ball has come to a stop so that she can plan accordingly).
There is apparently a difference in the formulation of of the equine vs canine version which appears to favour the canine version as a more concentrated form. My vet purchases the bulk equine form and repackages (so i wont mention names!). While it is still not cheap (about $100au for about 250gm) at a regular rate this should last 12 mth! She is currently on a double dose (standard 1 month intro to the programme) so it will be interesting to see results after reduction in dosage in 2 wks time.
For a working dog to be diagnosed with arthritis at such a young age should be a death sentence and I'm tearing up at the thought. Before making that decision please give this product a go. My own hackles go up at product promotion of any sort but if it can help out one of our 4paw friends then i can only apologise.
If results deteriorate after initial high dose or over time I'll post here.

Dog's movement and flexibility much improved

4Cyte is advertised as a supplement for canine joint health. Having read very favourable reviews (mainly from the US) I decided to try it, starting in December 2015. My 12 year old blue-heeler had been looking and acting like an old dog. Within a month she was showing more flexibility, less pain, a greater willingness to walk and chase balls. Now (late July 2016) the benefits continue. This product is not cheap: a 100g course which will last 2 months for a medium-sized dog will set you back $55+. And you need to keep it going. But it certainly appears to be extending my dog's active life.

Questions & Answers

My dog has been on 4cyte for a month and I have notice that since she has been on it she seems to be a lot more nervous. She jumps and shivers and shakes at thing that never affected her before. Has anyone else had any problems like this.
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I didn’t notice this Stacey , I would call the company or your vet . It’s got a money back guarantee and they are really good with questions. I hope you baby is feeling better soon

Can you take 4cyte and Antinol at the same time or is this just a double dose of the same thing?
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My vet only yesterday, suggested using both on our senior.

My dog who never has the runs has had the runs today after me giving her her first and second loading dose. Could it be connected?
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I have not experiences that problem with my dogs, so would suggest give a half dose for the first few weeks & contact 4CYTE to see if they can give you any further advice. Good Luck

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