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6 Pack Fitness Durus 300

6 Pack Fitness Durus 300

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6 Pack bag by 6 pack fitness

Bag is made of good quality materials and has quality workmanship. The zips aren't flimsy and the strap clips are quality as well. Included is two ice packs to keep your food cool all day. The internal shelves can be adjusted to accommodate different size.
Things that don't do it for me with this is the top accessory container doesn't come out as a container! The entire internal structure comes out so cleaning that will be a pain. The three accessory pockets it says it comes with are pretty crappy also; two are on the outside and would hold your car keys or something tiny though they aren't secure and the bigger pocket is inside and is just a net with velcro sewn into the bag's lid.
Overall it is a good product and I would recommend it.
quality workmanship
small pockets, top container doesn't clean easy

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Durus 300
Release dateMay 2012
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