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Terrible customer service at this store Pascoe Street &, West St, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044

Worst customer service from a lady staff this morning(1/2/2019).not something you would wanna face on the first day of a month.
I would have given a no star if there was an option.
While i was trying to show my fuel app for redeeming an offer on my turn.staff ignored me with an attitude and said "next please" to the person behind me in the que.
I said i haven't finished and requested to redeem the voucher on my phone.
She declined my voucher redeem request and said only one voucher per person
So should i pay for fuel first,then go back and stand in the que and pay for coffee?? What the hell is happened with that staff..never again i am going to use any service from this store.

Not Leichhardt, sydney.

I've been overcharged at 711 consistently at both the Norton St location and the Crystal St location.
I never receive the 3 for $10 because I go there to break $100 and end up getting a couple things.
I paid $6 for each supposed 3 for $10 item. Unless it was misplaced under the 3 for $10 sign.
Also I pay almost $4 for a doughnut, (Krispy Kreme) and they're brick hard like they've been stored wrongly or something, are they old? What gives? Why do I pay almost $4 for doughnuts that end up disgusting me because of whatever happened to them that I only find out After it's too late and im not at the store
Also, now that I'm paying $0.15 per bag, why is it allowed to charge $0.50 for one straw? Is that due to all the drug users I'm penalised?
I'm seriously considering boycotting 711 forever if I can learn to maneuver around them. They rip you off in almost every possible way!

Also, why am I charged full price if the Slurpee machine is completely liquid instead of frozen shave-ice texture along with the extra $0.50 for a product that is sub par

Shity as customer service

I'm not going to waste my time explaining, I wasted already too much...
Bad, bad, bad experience.
Avoid this cheap people.

Does not provide “customer service”

Company policy not to provide restrooms/toilets. Poor business practice. How is that a “service station” or appropriate “customer service”? Very disappointing.

Very inappropriate staff member.

I was in the Ferntree Gully store today to buy petrol. The non-Australian staff member started off by telling me I was beautiful and asked me if the name on my necklace was my actual name. He then proceeded to ask if I was married (I am) and did I have children. He told me his name (unprompted) and said he is there all the time. He asked why he hadn't seen me there before. The whole scenario was quite creepy and inappropriate considering I have never met him before. Needless to say, I couldn't get out of there fast enough and will not go back.

Staff error in not collect for my fuel even though I gave them by debit card.

I filled my car with diesel fuel on 4th Jan at around 10am. I went inside the store, got myself a cup of coffee and proceeded to pay for the purchases. I handed my debit card to the employee and she processed it, and then handed it back my card. I assumed that she had charged the full amount. Coffee and fuel. When I was at home, I received a call from police that I had refused to pay for the fuel and should rectify it immediately. Totally surprised, I checked my account and sure enough, only $2 were debited. So I returned to the Entrance Store and paid for the fuel. I know the staff there and always buy my coffee. The employee told me that I had handed her $2 cash and then left the store. I reminded her that I did not. I paid it through my debit card. She denied this.
So I went to the police station and informed them of this but they were not interested. I then complained to the 7/11 online and their reply was that after their investigation, their manager stated that I had done the" runner" and this is their final decision. I am now seeking legal advise and will definitely follow this in the court.

Classless treatment of customers

1. Nagging people to buy confectionary instead of letting people decide for themselves
2. Demanding that people prepay for fuel (which I subsequently oblige by buying only $5 and demand a receipt whilst paying on credit card then watch their face as you fill up). Another trick I use with these rude attendents is wet a $5 note in the wash bucket and stick it to the attendent's window that way they have to go outside to take it off of the window...
3. Deliberately delay activating the pump....(which is bad for busy days because customers line up and can't get fuel as quickly).


June 2,2018. Called at 7 Eleven, Croydon Hills, Vic. and purchased fuel at a cost of $53.72. When checking bank statement, transaction appears as $83.02. After reading a poor review of this outlet, decided to deal with 7/11 Customer Service. Emailed them on August 5 and explained situation, attaching copies of transaction receipt
and bank statement. Email response asked for transaction receipt and bank statement. August 20, emailed back pointing out information has already been suupplied. To cut a saga short, rather than investigate the matter they offered a Gift Voucher for $30.00 and asked for our address to post it. This was duly supplied. It's now January 4,2019 and guess what? Still no voucher. I've noticed a plethora of 1 star ratings for this company and you can add mine to them. It's a line ball as to who is the more dodgy, the company or the franchisees. Remember when they were caught out underpaying their employees? I'm on the verge of ringing these idiots and ripping into someone. Take into account the other reviews and avoid this mob like the plague!

Complete about your respectable employee

He was very rude in front of my 9 yrs old daughter and now she is saying she ll never go to 7-11 in her life. She is very traumatised with that what happened at west pennant hill servo yesterday at 12.15 or 12.35pm when this happened over the parking of my truck which was not at all blocking the entry of station(as u can view the cctv footage) but he refused us at the counter and said infront of my daughter ,”you fuckhead man use ur brain when you park ur truck and I said to him come on man I not blocking ur driveway, b4 the situation get worst I left the store and your staff was still yelling at me, but When i. was driving off and he gently showed me the middle figure upon that I showed him as well but after that he came out of the service station and said very inappropriate word in front of my daughter to me and then I went out side I said to him to go back in side the store b4 I say something or do something but he was still yelling and later my daughter cry few time and keep saying that she doesn’t wanna go to any servo.
Staff was Indian Sikh with beard and cap
And this people r student from India who r there everyday of the week of year and they r suppose to b doing 20 hrs week

7 Eleven Rewards Card

I went online to confirm my rewards cards was activated. It was showing that it was but the points did not register for some reason. So I went into the local 7 Eleven and was telling the cashier that the points was not registering. Instead of her telling me to go online she asked me if I scanned the card online to confirm it was linked to the account. I asked her how to do that and she asked me for my card and phone and she added the card for me. The store was located at 704 North Loudoun St Winchester, VA 22601. Then she scanned my card to confirm everything was connected and indeed the card and the points connected. She also showed me how to see additional products, and the points I will save and what I would get for free after accumulating all the points. So Brooke was helpful. She was very knowledgeable about the product and after spending $30 in the store I got a free movie. I was very impressed this is the reason I only come into this 7 Eleven.

False advertising of prices

Cigarette brand advertised for $35.99.
Actual price charged for same brand $41.99.
How is this allowed? This is false advertising to customers shopping at 7-Eleven stores.

Where is my Hot Cheetos!

7-Eleven app sucks!! Have postmates delivering for them, instead of there own people. They ran my credit card for two bags of
Hot Cheetos that never got delivered. I was not given an option to choose from, and now I have to wait days to get refunded. Customer Service sucks as well, saying I'm calling South Central America time and not Texas time? Where is my refund!!!

Poor service

It should have 0 star. Extremely poor customer service experience on my life! Counter guy has shown the unpleasant face. Not welcome the customer. I refilled my car petrol and bought the drink. He treated the customer like a beggar and shouting me. Definitely, he is so awful.
I think nobody want to pay for extremely low service. If never improve the customer service, bad luck for 7-eleven business.

Rude staff

Extremely poor customer service experience on multiple occasions- when served by Asian lady!
They advertise a different price outside compared to whats on the receipt. When challenged her, she is rude. Bad experience all the time. Bought sunglasses, side broke next day, she refused to exchange.

fuel not given

I went into seven eleven Virginia on the 13 October to put $13 fuel in my car as a pree-fill but it was not working. I then tried filling the car manually and it started to work, I could not hear any fuel going in or feel it but I just thought it was the pump being new. I went in and paid for the fuel and then drove off straight away I noticed that the fuel gage was still on 1/4 of a tank and hoped it would eventually go up, but it didn't. So I filled up with $15 at BP and the gage went straight up so it was not my car. I rang up the service station and they took my details and said the manager would call me back on Monday, and needless to say the manager did not. So I then called into the store on Tuesday and of course no manager, they gave me the customer service no. to fob me off again. So of course I called the customer service people who just told me it was under review. I have now been told that there is nothing wrong with the pump so they have done nothing, as I thought they would they have just stolen my money. This is the second time this has happened to me with seven eleven. Shame, Shame, Shame

Toilet amenities

On rare occasions I have had to use the amenities in Woolaware and Wharoonga.
They were both a total disgrace. Filthy dirty and the toilets were smeared over everything. Also wet and dirty floor.
Please do something about them as totally unacceptable.

Slacks creek always great service!

I fill up here most days, and the staff are always up beat. Clean facilities highly recommended Slacks Creek branch

Poor Service, Poor Presentation

Have gone to numerous 7 - Elevens to ascertain if the trend was the norm, and unfortunately, it is. Purchase fuel from these stations, service attendants, have poor demeanor, no people skills. Ask to use their bathroom, even after purchasing over $80 worth of fuel and goods, and told the bathroom is out of order, when pointing out the other attendant just used it, was told it is for staff only.

Coffee area is disgusting and unhygienic. Donuts are old and stale.

Highly recommend you avoid 7-Eleven, Poor Overall Business and customer service.

Never Again!

its ok

luckily the app has worked for me. i have saved a bit here and there but their fuel prices are not always the best . specially in the west. customer service is thumbs down. untrained staffs.

Take down of customer

Installed app, locked in price for fuel, hubby went to fill car & attendant says price not locked in. Why would he be using the app if not locked in and had paid for it in advance.

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Does 7- Eleven do cash out when you pay for something with Eftpos?
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SureNot all the time, depends if they have the cash to do it, as they carry minimum amount of cash in case of robbery and if a shift just started they may not have the cash in the till, they are not a bank. There is an ATM in all stores.

Do you sell lr44 batteries
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But this is not the 7-11 website

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